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>>>/sewers/ or
either way
good taste



post more since you made the thread in the first place


Uhh, mods?


UUhhhh yeah?


Moved from /b/ to /mu/


Do you think hes trying to shill his youtube vidyas?
He started a thread, and said nothing. Are we gonna talk about nightcore in this thread or somthing?
Why namefag, shill, and say nothing?
Is he a newfag?
Moar questions we will never know.


probably a newfag
since he doesn't even have adblock


I feel very confuse


I (anon) declaire this thread to be about nightcore.
Is it good?
Is it bad?
Let's discuss all things nightcore.
Are you new here?


Mods are gods
If they are a w a y
They become gay.
That has been 22chan's poetry corner
thank you very much for listening in


Nightcore is if alvan and the chipmunks became goth weeaboos.

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