/trash/ - Hey /b/!What do you think about nofap?>Have you tried it?>For how long?>Why did you stop?>Do you think that too much porn consumption makes us to brainless zombies?

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Hey /b/!
What do you think about nofap?
>Have you tried it?
>For how long?
>Why did you stop?
>Do you think that too much porn consumption makes us to brainless zombies?


Yes, masturbation and porn is turning society into brainless zombies.


No fuck that shit, only normalfaggots do it, Max Nut November ftw


Why the fuck would I let normalfaggot trends determine when you can and cannot masturbate.


Yes I once tried it and held myself for two and half months, ended with musterbating 14 times in three days.


I think nofap is good for me at least, but it might be different for everyone.
>masturbate 1-2 times every day
>virtually 0 short-term memory, struggle to feel emotions
>go 1 week without masturbating
>think clearly, find beauty in music and art, get angry about things


this desu


OP here!
Can confirm that happened to me today.


I tried it once and lasted less than a week.
Same reason for which I started-can't fucking fall asleep with a boner. I was addicted to this before even starting
Personally I've found that after doing something interesting/socially active I often don't have the urge to masturbate that I usually get in the evening. So I wonder if this works the other way too, like fapping making me less sociable/interested in stuff.
But if you don't notice any change when not fapping then sure who gives a shit about nonut november


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its not about when you do it fucking retard. its about showing self-discipline in a time period where its almost non-existent.


hell yeah man


everyone who posts on openchan doesn't fap

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