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Slap brap your face fece with you hand and read, indeed, who the braap-writer is.

You rolled the number 654742120 (no dubs or higher)



You rolled the number 728707157 (no dubs or higher)


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ah yes, mozart indeed was a genius


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You rolled the number 542270052 (no dubs or higher)


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Get back into making the anime Asakusa.


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Ooga booga buy my sounds and close the audio files nigga bix nood


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An anime poster surfing the internet wave sees a post containing frog on unarguably the best imageboard there is. He thinks about impersonating the powerful and mighty antonyme future titan, often tutted as goddess of money and finance, Kanamoney in order to provoke the main protagonist to not get distracted by every little thing there is.
A signal of data is sent is being sent from his computer to the internet, an action possible thanks to his generous neighbours's provider, and that signal is being translated to the intended image with text. How does that manifest itself in it's end form? Little ant men work very hard in the internet provider device sending wave beams with their antenna. Electricity is used to power the device, it's transferred by tiny minions through the mines, also called as cables and wires, which's beginning is the electro-magnetic generators that work based on...

You rolled the number 114024841 (no dubs or higher)


fucking no
we dont need shit like this here


wtf is this, would you mind letting me in on it?


mods can you move this shitty (pun intended) lightning thread to /trash/


not even a lightning thread, just one retard summoning another retard to spam about something unrelated


its not even good enouth for sewers


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Listen to >>305 Asakusa. We are causing too much attention to ourselves. Let's get back into making that damn anime you wanted.


yeah that's right, fuck off


GOD DAMMIT wasted fucking trips


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>we hate normalfags guise!
>posts normalfag anime


the absolute state of 22


god dammit its nova


At less explain how it's normies anime


because it's all over the place and the people who posted it are normals


Retard, normie doesnt matter anymore we can do what we want
you dont knoe that this a blessed thread


show proof then nigger


tbh, normies to me means people who believes they are "normal" by doing popular stuff, and because of that culture, becomes the rudest group of people with the highest number of pride, and rudeness than most people I've seen. I cut normies into small groups, one with the more normal people from what I can tell of being normal, just normal people who use the internet as something extra, do school, or doing work after school, or already old that they have nothing to do, so they use the internet to do whatever that is normal, doing business stuff, projects, or just talking about anything. The second small group is what I've listed up there, of course, they have done more bad than good, so I wouldn't even call them normal people. The last is the others, one that has some messed up things in their life, causing them to be seen as not normal by normies, but when on the internet, just be the same as normies, or worse, making them to be mocked in the internet, you can say that Chis-chan is this last group, and maybe Nova.


>trying too hard to be an oldfag
As usual, lolfaggirl. Hey, did you figure it out yet?


If you're too daft to see it then I really don't know what to say except you shouldn't be here


your like one of those guys that hates gays, but is gay himself
how did you know the name of the anime you dumb cunt
you probably love it


That goes for a lot of people.


This may shock you, but it's kind of hard to not know the name of something that has been plastered on every face of the internet for the past 2 months


He's just pretending to be retarded, don't mind him


>oh yeah daddy show me more im cumming so hard to my favorite anime
you really love it dont you buddy
next thing your gonna say that you love jojo bizare adventure, which is a normie anime
just name the anime you like and lets make a list of how normie you are>>6554


Azumanga Daioh.

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