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you have 14 days until i activate my omegle bot and shill this board into normitude

get fucked
- some cunt


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oooh, yeah, you’re real scary


guys im scared, we'll get free advertisement without having to do absolutely anything, it spooks me.


make up your fucking minds


what do you mean


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how the fuck can you even care for so long, this place is so shit. i would completely forget about trying to nig the place after 14 days.


>it's so shit
how so?


anyway, yeah. its one of those fake b8 shitpost thread thingy


prime example right fucking here. half the user base doesnt even know how to reply to a post.


And what are the other issues you see?


Please do it sooner. This site is cool, but it’s just way too slow. It needs little boost.


From who?
we dont want normalfags here.
ads where already placed on a good chunck of imageboards, and the ed page was restored


not only that, but this threat op made could be fake.


the site is slow as shit when loading and theres way too many normalfaggots


Where, can you point out normalfag comments, or threads?
i think i remember a couple of normalfag memes on pol, but i think we weeded most of them out so far.


I absolutely guarantee that it's fake. How could you take this seriously?
I concur on the normalfag point, I think there's one that set his roots in here fairly recently. Raised Cain trying to get twoot to ban whatever he considered bait, i.e. any post that challenged his own views or regular shitpost


That's just autism. not normalfaggotry though. you would have to have some type of proof of normalfaggotry, like saying normie shit or memes.


I resent that greatly.
It's not autism, it's Asperger's, which is a condition held common among many normal/newfags who think they're some kind of revolutionary. An autist sits in the corner playing with legos and drawing silly little doodles. An aspie jumps up on a table and screams and turns red in the face because his mummy didn't put any cookies in his lunch or they feel that the rest of the class isn't paying enough attention to their gay little play-doh sculpture of scizor from pokemon. That behavior isn't welcome anywhere and yet I've seen it take root on the more normalized plateaus of the net with great regularity. tl;dr autists don't make a scene
Heh, do your homework next time kid.


Is that site even popular anymore?
Isn’t it mostly bots now?


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it's been 14 days
OP is, as always, a faggot


OP never delivered wut a faget lel lele


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what does god emperor twoot have to do with this


A radical solution would be to temporary close the board.
A less radical solution is to change the https port.


what board, and why


I am a retard and i meant "the website" by " the board"


this was 4 fucking months ago, shid aint gonna happen


smart idea though, good thing to do if shid goes down, also, hide the link to livechan and such

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