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shidpost's goes in /sewers/, anon.


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t. otter trynna subvert our fragile ecosystem


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you're just jealous and sad that you are alone on a fridey night


Shut up Dora.


no your right it goes in


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no you belong in the trash


shut up dora


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im actually not OP


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I'm supprised no one noticed this, so i might as well elaborate.
its autistic cancer. cancer, that has been plaguing a regular pornsite for years already in this case its two nu-4cuck memes combined.
before someone would say "well, /b/, what do you think of this? then it evolved to just "well?" for the most part, its used for posting porn, but its also used to post something like, the nintendo switch.
picture of a roastie
picture of some page of a mango
no elaboration whatsoever, just posting shid and leaving.
>alone on a friday night? pathetic.
from what i remember, it started in 2015, and it hasn't stopped. sometimes its used in wizchan to piss off the virgins, but mainly its used in a regular pornsite. (oh, also its spreading like wildfire on tumblr of alk the godforsaken places) in r9k, s4s, and almost every board. diffrent vareatitions every time, but used in the same way, some times a smug animu girl, sometimes something else. in the case of this version, fucking homestuck. sometimes someone would post it, and talk about handleing lonelyness, but for the most part much like >well? nothing good ever comes of it.
now i get it i'm mr. no > fun allowed but what conversation would you expect to have from this thread?
i mean if you had a non autistic version to use as a "pic related" thing on /yu/ to talk about lonelyness, i can understand, but here there's no point. what are we going to talk about here? lonelyness? dora the explorer? virgin bad?


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to be honest, pic related is the only "Well?" i know of.
also, while we are here - Would you?


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go ask ottergang, they love .........................eating shid


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by god i'm at the scene or a crime! looks like ottergang got... analy fukin rekt
get gud fagget
*flips sunglasses on*
*cue NCIS NY theme*


i would rape and impregnate dora the explorer


edgy as fuck


mr homestuck poster is correct
t. person who is qualified to back up mr homestuck poster's claims


i want to have sex with dora the explorer and make babies with her


same except I'd take it a bit further and force my kids to watch nothing but dora the explorer until they move out

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