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Off topic post. Op explain yourself.


is magia records off topic?


should have said that it's magia records m8


Are you new?


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post moar pls


Read the site rules.
Then watch/read these https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCOfRDyu1uLTmiLj7JQNJnWA
Before you make a single post, read all the threads here and lurk.
(Remember that this place is not 4chan. We have a diffrent culture.)
And for the love of god, dont shill this place, and dont make adds for this place. Dont treat this site like reddit or somthing, this is an imageboard.


Can we stop posting this for every single newfag?
The guy didn't know better, /a/ gets one post per month, i think we can let "some" shenannigans slide.
We enjoy quality but it still would be nice if could have some mindless >fun.
Even /sewers/ at this point has it's own gang culture and this thread wouldn't really fit in, so /a/ is the most appropriate place.


Have you been to imageboards before?
How old are you?


Guy needs to at least know what to do. But if you say so.
I guess let the mods deal with whatever the hell happends next.


lmao loosen your tightey whities a little, chum. This ain't Buckingham Palace.


Guy comes out of knowhere, and posts "snaa"
I want to at least try to protect this site from becoming 4chan.
Or at least prevent a trumpetcarp/drunkdragon shitshow.
At least uphold some type of quality.
How would you feel if to randos come out of the woodworks for no reason whatso ever?


How would you feel if you just wanted to cut loose and relax on a comfy imageboard but some rando started interrogating you


Hell, useually when somthing like this would happen, people would say "lurkmoar faggot" or "newfag gtfo" but
Well, nobodys saying anything.


>are you new?
people are saying this in literally every single thread that doesnt fit "22chen quality standerds".


Uh, unless im going nuts, it says on the rules
>No normies, no roasties, no redditors, no normalfags / normalfag posts, no orbiters.
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.


>no normalfags
Alright, how is OP a normalfag?
that doesn't mean obligatory.


seems to me like saying the exact same fucking thing in just about every thread would qualify as "normalfag posting."


Not really,
And not me.
I did this in two threads, this one, and some other thread.
Since there is nothing for me to contribute to this thread, theres no reason to respond anymore.


Moved from /a/ to /b/

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