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Absolute Garbage threads get moved in here


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Why are leftists like this



fucking newfags shidting up the board


Don't be tha mad bro, it's all happening because of the 2nd post...
And i have decided to not spread that informational nonsense here >>>/b/4334 because I thought that someone else is going to do that shid, but it seems to me how that anon is not with us anymore.


What? informational nonsense?


I haven't informed all of you because I was considered that as a nonsense. My mistake, man :(


AIDs test


Furvirus Test.


Wow, this is literally the only good post on 22chan and it was sent to /trash/. It seems that the moderators have shid taste.


Wow, your mum is literally the only good sex on the streets and she was sent to prison. It seems that the prisoners (will) have an excellent taste (of her)


good sir, you have been rused. for my mom gay faggit


Oh, I see. Well then, I'm sorry for bothering you, and I admit defeat

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