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Creating Your Own Gunsync Videos [COD4]
Wed 01/03/2023 9:17:20 AM
1 year ago
No. 204
(20.64 MB 512x384 00:03:42)
It has been a while since the last Gunsync thread so I thought I should remake it on the new 22chan with an entire guide to follow in order to make your own Gunsync videos. (1.0) (DAW: Reaper)
The guide has been crafted with care and an entire pack that you can use from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that includes all of the gun sounds and gameplay footage of every mission that I recorded specifically to be used for Gunsync.
You can contribute to this thread by posting what you create using this guide or ask questions about stuff you might not understand in the guide or need help with.
Any feedback on the guide or the pack would also be appreciated.

I'm going to also include a bunch of videos in this thread that you can use as inspirations for making your own Gunsync videos starting with the best Gunsync ever made in my opinion: [Play]
Wed 01/03/2023 9:19:19 AM
1 year ago
No. 205
(20.71 MB 512x384 00:03:42)
This is a "I tried to sing" version of the first video which I thought is impossible not to include if I'm going to post the original one. [Play]
Thu 02/03/2023 1:04:48 AM
1 year ago
No. 209
Updated the torrent link for the pack there seemed to be a problem with the trackers.
Mon 13/11/2023 5:49:47 AM
7 months ago
No. 686
(61.68 MB )
Originally, I intended to create a simple, short video to encourage participation in this thread, but I guess it evolved into a bit more than that.
The original song is 「メンタルチェンソー」 (Mental Chainsaw), part of a newer Vocaloid series that features songs about everyday annoyances. Therefore, I titled this video "メンタルヴァスケスウザッ" (Mental Vasquez Uzaa (Annoying)).
In my next post, I will provide a brief explanation since it's easy to get lost without a translation, but typically, 音MAD videos are self-explanatory, and viewers understand the references and intentions without guidance.
Mon 13/11/2023 5:55:48 AM
7 months ago
No. 687
(95.64 MB )
So if you are wondering why Char from Mobile Suit Gundam is there in the background image it has to do with this legendary video posted on Nico Nico Douga: [Play] In this video, someone roleplays as Char from Mobile Suit Gundam, using Call of Duty 4 to simulate war training for Zeon recruits. He plays like a complete failure but acts like he is winning and makes a lot of references to stuff in the anime. (If you haven't seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime series I highly recommend it.)
I have also provided a translation I made just for the context of this video, but this isn't the first time Char from COD was used in a Gunsync or 音MAD (Sound MAD) here is another video using him as source material: [Play]

So at the start of the video here Char is like "I will teach you COD4!"
The Japanese mishearing at 0:07「CoDして欲しいな~!!!」(CoD shite hoshii na) means "I really want to play CoD (Call of Duty)!!!" and so basically my thought for this was that ジャクソン (Jackson) who is basically char in this context is playing COD4 on one of the computers found in the Al Assad room in the Charlie Don't Surf mission.
The Japanese mishearings found at 0:14 are 「シジミー!!」 (Shijimi!), 「勝った 」 (I won), and 「後退 」(Retreat). I also by some chance found the English mishearing at 0:16 "Next Stop Pokemon" which in the context of the video where instead of continuing on these missions Jackson gets left behind playing games such as Pokemon, Resident Evil, and Gundam which are mentioned in the video at some point which is why it says ジャクソン一方で・・・ (Meanwhile Jackson...)
The last two popular mishearings I included were at 0:27 うるっさい!(Shut up!) The full one is usually misheard as "Shut up, Clannad!" which is why in some COD4 Gunsync videos you see clips of Clannad appear. And the last one at 0:29 「もう会いたくない」(切実)(I don't want to see you anymore (Desperately))
Tue 14/11/2023 4:57:17 AM
7 months ago
No. 691
well if he painted his AK red he would have fired THREE TIMES as fast
Tue 30/01/2024 6:12:37 PM
4 months ago
No. 841
(55.56 MB 640x480 00:04:00)
(9.31 MB 00:04:04)
Some pretty old unfinished project I managed to find for "What do you mean" utilizing Counter Strike: Source as the source material. I wanted to share it since it has some really decent Gunsync mixing and I'm providing the reaper project file as well as a kind of extension of the guide so you'll know how it was made and maybe learn from it: I remember wanting to make a SFM animation with the terrorist of the second time FPS Doug appears.

The lyrics went something like this:
I'm in trouble. I got your back. Too many. Time is running out.
Okay count and wait suddenly report him down. I'm in position. Rock'n go go go. Stick together team. Alright, let's get our enemy. Follow me. You take the point. Team fall back. Taking fire. Cover me

My thoughts being troubled next to me is
A endless splash screen initializing on a local solution
Zeroing a scope with shamefully misaligned shots
I've just started on the next puzzle
Excitement, drawn with a difficult equation
The machine called human cries out

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