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Specifically the first two. New Vegas also welcome. No bethestrash.


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Skyrim master race


Is it just me, or are the games after NV more shitty than the other?


three isnt half bad. its just the game gets more dumbed down four onward


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New vegas is just a really good 3 expansion


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>1 and 2
great games
absolute fucking ass. stupid piece of shit
just a really good 3 expansion
try teaching DnD to a blind autistic with 3 fingers on each hand and then make them DM a game


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New Vegas is probably my favorite game. Currently planning on starting my first Fallout 2 playthrough. Got any hints? I already have downloaded the unofficial patch ( https://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/fallout-2-restoration-project-2-3-3-unofficial-expansion.202265/ )

See that mountain? You can go jump from top of it.
Oblivion and Morrowind are simply better games (lol Bethesda and Toddy have been dumbing the games down since Daggerfall) BUT it's true that Skyrim has a lot of mods (i.e. Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Undeath) that are better in terms of quality (or less "rough around the edges", I guess) than the mods from Morrowind/Oblivion era.


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I've been playing fallout 2 lately I dont know if I'll complete it but I'm at the part where I'm at vault city now>>100


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>1 and 2
Great RPGs with a western post-apocalyptic setting but unplayable for zoomers and late millennials
>BoS and Tactics
>3 and NV
Baste and Redpilled
Cringe and Bluepilled
Not even an RPG so its hard to classify it as a fallout game other than it bearing the fallout name and using 4 assets

Gif related is you playing fallout in 2019 btw


I love that image


I torrented new vegas a couple weeks ago, it's the first fallout I've ever played. I'm loving it, I've never been much of a gamer (not enough time not enough money) but I know a thing or two about worldbuilding and it's really solid from that perspective. It's very immersive. I love both cowboy and post-apocalyptic aesthetics, as well as the American southwest.
I like how the gameplay is a mix of action and rpg strategy, it's well suited for my tastes. It is not a button-mashing fudgefest or a "card game with animations." The world is big but dense, I never find myself saying "this is boring there's nothing here" or "this is claustrophobic."
As I said I'm not much of a gamer at all, I have no idea if new vegas gameplay is dated from a modern perspective, but from my innocent and unbiased perusal as a scrub among casuals it's a great time. I wish I go on quicksave massacres in real life, too.
I'm doing some research into the series now and rather disappointed to find NV stands more or less alone in the series when it comes to these things. I doubt I'll play other fallouts simply because I've spent around 60 hours on a single NV game and if the others are comparable I just don't have enough time.


Have you lads ever read the Fallout Bible?


Are you playing on hardcore mode?


No, but I've been debating giving the game another go on hardcore. I'd like to try an energy weapon or unarmed build, since I haven't really touched those.


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Man, i love Fallout 1's aesthetics.


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even the cgi bits are neat


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Holy shit i never knew this
Have the strong urge to do a space marine build


Hardcore mode is actually easy to manage. it didnt even reach to a point where i got sick even after hours of doing stuff. Ammo weight isn't bad honestly, Doctors bags dont work for shit though, just some minor hp for damaged limbs.


ncr are a bunch of niggers
if you think about it, bringing back the old world values is really cool overall, like say the 1950's or whatever but the way ncr does it is dumb. its basically liberal muh feelings modern day america with infighting and empty promises. the soldiers are just like the ones in modern day society that are thrown into hell with shit gear and weapons and treated like chess pieces. they can't protect a town from powder gangers (probably because they have special deals with them) or save the sherrif (which i cleared on level 2 hardcore mode in hard difficulty with a shit 9mm with little ammo fuck you ncr not in your jurisdiction my ass) and they let deathclaw valley go to shit and get infested. cool ranger armor but i'm not siding with them and i'm guessing if i where to talk to more ncr people especially those higher in the ranks i'll learn that they assasinate their own people they dont like. (morrowind mages guild levels of chaos) just a guess tho and i'll have to do a few quests for them to learn more about their innerworkings.


I'd say the same thing about the legion only if i knew how they defined degenerates and slavery, i wouldn't give a fuck if it was people that where far down the rabbit hole like murder or pedo shit


The honest heart DLC is pretty neat
Sucks that they killed off a bunch of interesting characters in that ambush when it starts, would have been nkce to get to know them more. Am i dumb for just sitting there hours on end talking to everyone instead of playing the game normally? also "the burned man" is so cool, apparantly he was supposed to be in an older fallout game that never came out. So far the dlc reminds me of an old western.


for some reason people feel that in new vegas, you dont need charisma. its actually kinda important and i missed skill checks that would have not only been usefull, but also lore that i missed out on.

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