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ITT:Share your favourite vidya from the old times.
Mafia 1 is one of my favourite games from the early 2000s.
The GTA series (vc,sa) were great aswell of course


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am i the only one who knows this fucking game?
tons of people are commenting about nostalgia of this game in youtube but i talk to anyone else besides that no one knows


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my favirote game not only from the early 2000s but of all time is TES4: Oblivion. That game is an emotional rollecoster and I love playing it vanilla and modded. This might just be nostalgia but seriously, one of the few good things Todd's done.


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Come on buddy, buy skyrim 2


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buy my fucking game


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I will always cherish the time my sister and I spent on the dumb frog golf game. Ribbit King was always a game I have fond memories of.


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This was the best game compilation one could ask for.
Silver was one of my personal favorites as a kid. And I have fond memories of Outcast even though I never made it that far.


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Zoo Tycoon. Played that game for weeks on end.


>place Penguins into the Icebear area


Hell yeah, dude. Also
>build a legit zoo until you inevitably get bored
>block the exit
>hold down shift+4
Ah, the memories.


>place herbivores into the penguin exhibit
Even better.


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Postal 2 > GTA
GTA gives the illusion of freedom whilst only being a boring crime simulater, postal 2 however


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postal 2 was fucking awesome, and it's amazing how they made a dlc 12 years after the game was first launched.
i loved all the shit that it gave postal 3 lole.
postal was one of the most violent games of that time, and that reminded me of darkness 2, while it's a much newer game (2012) and it's violence levels were over the top back then.


First game i ever played was spyro the dragon,
Second was pokemon yellow.
Other games from the old times that i can remember is
Star wars battlefront 1 2 and 3
Ace combat
Nicktoons battle on volcano island
Battle for bikini bottom
spongebob:the movie game
Pirates of the Caribbean online
(I think webkinz too)
And the game
(Of course, i read the book series beforehand)
Halo 3.
Bought the game at black friday
I think i was 13 years old
Made it half way through when my mom read a reddit thread
Yes, reddit
About videogaming and school shootings and told me that if i played halo i would become violent so she threw my game in the trash.
Boo hoo cry me a river
I played edgy games like postal 2 and call of duty and it did nothing to me but whatever
Bought the game again when i was 16 and completed it. I bought halo : the master chief collection, and spyro remastered, and i soon plan to relive my glory days.Also I never played metal gear, and i plan to collect and play the series some day.


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Anyone remember playing Robotech : Invasion?


I feel so happy
after all these years i never got to complete spyro, and yesturday i booted up spyro remastered and all the memories are flooding back to me
i managed to complete a level before i ran out of time and had to got to work. i missed the music and you have an option to listen to the older music... i think i can beat the game lads, then i'll play the other two games for the first time :)


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ive been playing illusion of gaia for the snes, its a pretty based jrpg. its not turn based like other rpgs so its combat is actually tolerable unlike other games *coof* *coof* final fantasy


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Been replaying Yoshi's Island lately. One of my top SNES titles.


Original DOOM games have the fondest memories to me. I love both of them. WADs are awesome too.


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I spent a lot of time playing metropolismania when i was a kid
If you have nothing better to do, it's real easy to play this for the whole day without realising

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