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The official unofficial 22chan minecraft server!
Hacked clients are allowed!
IP: 22craftNQzD.aternos.me


Awesome! What a great idea, 22chan needs places for us anons to channel our creativity!


I haven't really played Minecraft since 2012, but what other clients would be available to play on here without paying?

Excuse me if it's a stupid question or I sound "noobish".


Also version: 1.12.2.
I forgot to put it in.


why 1.12.2 and not 1.13 or 1.14?


Some Nigerian Prince on the 22Chan discord has access to over 40 accounts, I don't know how he got them. But he's handing them out like candy. Go in the Minecraft channel and ask for an account.
Should we establish some rules for the server? For example, no griefing, or if pvp is allowed?


nah its going to be anarchy.


>why 1.12.2
Because it's 1.1[2.2] or some other dumb shit


/: it down


that's the old one, new is twoot.mchost.pro

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