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"Gas the youkai, danmaku war now" edition.
When was the last time you played 2hu, anon?
Which game was it and what did you think about it?
As for myself, just beat 11 and that was one hell of a ride.
But overall-How does ZUN create all those iconic pieces of music?


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Good thread. Just beat WBaWC on normal mode 5 days ago with all of Reimu's shot types. Was pretty great. His music is indeed soulful as hell. I think it's because he focuses on making it as catchy (videogame-y) as possible.


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I can't seem to get a 1cc on any of the games.
Is there something I'm missing?
Is this normal for ppl who have only been playing 4about a few months~?
Am I just shit?

The games I've been playing are 6,7,13 and fairy wars.


Hmm, try to use all lifes and 1cc on normal, bomb everytime you are in danger, also everytime you die, you lose your bombs.
Just git gud.


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Well it's a touhou thread after all, so


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Started playing IN again last week after a long time...
In my opinion, MoF is the best game by far, with IN being second...
I've never been able to beat UFO and DDC 1cc, and have not yet played 15 16 and 17.
Hina IS best girl


I haven't played too much 2hu this year. Want to get back into it, was super fun.
I played 1-5 on PC98 emulator.

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