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ITT share your most favourite vidyas/vidya you have ever played.


>hollow knight
havent finished yet but I reallly like the artstyle, the bosses are incredible and gives a good feeling of progression
>super mario 64
this game is permanently in my brain, Its just fun to move mario around
>the binding of isaac
i wasted so many hours of my life in this game, its so addicting


It was really fun. The game felt very fair: if you died, it was your fault, and not some absurd collision box. Nice music and story. It was hard, especially since I hadn't really played platformers before it, but I really enjoyed it and couldn't stop playing the bonus levels even after finishing the story. [spoiler]What was effective in making me stop was excessive lag because of my hard-drive going bananas, but that's another story [/spoiler]
>chrono trigger
Exceptional music and story/characters, plus the art surprised me for a snes game. The battle-system is nice and the difficulty was right for me

I also recently played half-life which was cool, but I wouldn't call it an all time fav


>spyro the dragon
Played the hell out of it, and after repairing the airship and traveling to the second area, i had to put my ps2 away forever R.I.P


>Katana Zero
Perfect music. Perfect graphics. Amazing story. Flawless gameplay, level design, and game flow. Best game ever.
Perfect music. Good, satisfying graphics. Orgasm inducing sound effects. Level Design is a bit cramped for the amount of movement options you have but it's great. Shooting is great. The tech is great. Moving is great. It's great


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Silent Hill is one of my favorite games. It has such a special style of horror. The general vibe is more sad than scary. Don't get me wrong, there are many terrifying moments in the game but the overall feeling is one of melancholia, you could even say depression. Every time I play it I find myself empathizing with the scenario of the game and that makes it all the more uncomfortable. And the ominous, looming scenery in some parts of the game makes it feel so hopeless. Same can be said for SH 2, 3 and 4. They're all great games.


Kinda torn between metal gear solid V and Snake eater. I like the characters, the story, the writing and camerawork that made it feel like a movie along with the over the top acting. I like the ability for you to really play the games however you want, i can kill almost everyone or even do things in a diffrent way and change the story because of it.


I like regular bioshock over infinte. Infinte feels way too pretentious. (it had its moments, but its forgettable) The bad guy NPC's kinda blur togeather and you can literally just run and gun and beat the game pretty quickly. Bioshock however is a whole diffrent beast despite being much older. Thousands of diffrent NPCs, with diffrent ways of killing them. Each has their own weakness, and some ammo and ADAM works better then others. It's an arena shooter and its actually best to pay attention to your surroundings and use things to your advantage. Oil slick? set it on fire and light all the splicers up. Splicers standing in a pool of water? shock them to death. Hack enemy turrets, or destory them and regret doing so due to you having to backtrack to that same area later. I'm reminded of arkham asylum or even dead space but on steroids.

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