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i think its a good game what do you think, anon


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i think its a little overrated, dont get me wrong its a good game the was revolutionary for its time and is incredibly fun, especially online, but it really isnt anything special today.

i find the campaigns combat loop p repetitive and boring after a while,its just move into an area, kill all the hostiles and move on to the next, which dont get me wrong is a fine system but its a weakness in older games that have been played to death by anyone with a heart beat.

The art style, story and overall atmosphere is pretty great and thats what stops it feeling too stale for me


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I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.


Personally after just finishing CE all the UNSC weapons besides the shotgun are shit.
what this guy said


God i love the music from combat evolved so much, it's quite relaxing


God i hate the flood, especially how they made them glow, just awful. Just being swarmed by waves after waves of them, the worst level was the swamp where you couldnt honestly see infront of your face and you watched in horror as the other members of the marine squad got picked off one by one...


I never could really get into Halo like a lot of people did but I still find the games to be enjoyable. I do believe the lore is actually quite fleshed out and good (idk if this is true, I just knew a dude who was absolutely obsessed with this). Regardless I have a lot of respect for the franchise.


If you ignore 4 and 5, play all the games including Halo wars, watch the animated shorts and the halo anime, and read some of the books i'd honestly say it's an amazing series with a well fleshed out lore. 4 and 5 really add gay shit that kinda muddles things up. Reach is good, but the issue is that bungie ported over the grunt skins to 4 and 5 with the same voices which doesnt make sense to already established lore (reach grunts are basically the "early versions" and what they say is alien gibbersih since no one translated the language yet) And dont get me started with WARDEN ETERNAL and the foreunner robots, the didact character is decent though so i'll give them a gold star sticker and a cookie for his potrayal.


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I know what i'm gonna play today :)


Did anyone else drive the warthog into the buildings in the Silent Cartographer? I dont know why i just always get the urge to drive the warthog in areas it doesn't belong.

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