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ITT: Favourite rts vidya/vidya series you have ever played.
>The C&C games(including red alert.).
>Age Of Empires 2


Supreme Commander 2 is super fun, I also really enjoyed EU4, that was incredible, I still favor Supreme Commander 2 because robot. I really recommend everyone checks out Supreme Commander 2 on Steam, good shit.


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I really liked Hearts of Iron 4


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The best one I've played is Age of Mythology. It's such a good game and the soundtrack is great. The campaign is really fun to play with some awesome level design.


I used to play rts more as a kid
I think I played some age of empires 3, which I barely remember
One I played a lot, where you start from ancient greek units and develop to nukes, all in one game, is rise of nations
I also played briefly Reign: Conflict of Nations. I remember it as a pretty difficult game, but it fascinated me. The real-time aspect was daunting
Oh wait, I also played Fate of Hellas! I really liked it as a kid


I got Age of Empires 2 HD a while ago and have only just started playing it recently. It's hard to get the hang of it, but I managed to beat the moderate AI. If there are enough people here, maybe we should arrange some matches.


Stronghold HD is great.
Wish Firefly weren't so hit/miss with their games though.

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