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Thread theme's kinda obvious, (spoopy games, weird shit, horror, ect) but it can also expand to horror elements in games you wouldnt exactly expect to see it in. Like say in pokemon red and blue, How team rocket slaughtered all the pokemon in lavander town. leaving you to even fight against a vengeful spirit. The creepy music didnt help make it any less spookyer. Or in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
There's a boss fight where you see all the the ghosts of the people you killed in game (all of them) and they even yell at you about how you killed them! Shoot a guy in the head, he'll cry out and say
>"my head!"
as he attempts to strangle you. also what's funny is if you shoot a guy in the crotch, he'll say how you "took his manhood" away from him.


Dead space
Man i love this game. It's one of the first real horror game i've ever played, i think i was 15 at the time and it was a hot october night. I was never allowed to trick or treat because satanic holiday or whatever and for some reason my parents didnt care too much about the game when i bpught it. I've been itching to play it again but i'll wait until october. The crampt, desolated hallways, the music and the sounds of the creaking ship, Everything is stuck in my mind. Playing as a janitor who had to constantly repair the ship and who had nerfed powertools as weapons really just added to the horror because you really cant defend yourself and you have to watch your back (unironically) so you dont get killed in one hit. He never spoke and i figured it was because of the shit he saw on that ship combined with the hallucinations and those voices you can barely hear over the music. The audio logs where a nice touch, it added to the feeling that you are "playing a movie" along with cut scenes being apart of the gameplay. i died several times because i thought the tentacle dragging issac was a cut scene. The game over screen is brillant because of the horror of what the necromorphs do to people, issac being brutally slaughterd at every game over screen whilst crying out in pain/fear/agony.
Cutting off the limbs was new to me and if you really try to cut elsewhere you'll just piss them off.
Haven't played dead space 2 (nor 3) yet but this just sounds horrifying https://youtube.com/watch?v=16MdwEb_EGs


The plot twist at the end was just brillant...


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Hellnight is an obscure Playstation game from 1998, one of my favorite games! In Hellnight, you're forced to traverse a huge, maze-like underground city called The Mesh while a monstrous creature stalks the player through the tunnels. You can't fight it, you have to run from it whenever it shows up. You can meet many characters throughout the game and some of them can be recruited as companions. If the creature catches up to you, it'll kill whatever companion you have and once they're dead it's permadeath. Then it kills you if you're not fast enough lol.

The game gets progressively weirder towards the end. Very recommended if you're into weird shit!


dont know why they gave it low ratings, it sound very cool.
i like how you can only run, and you have to let others fight for you.


Yes! It's very spooky. I think most critics are retarded, I guess the game was too hard for normies to get into.


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What do you guys think about the Silent Hill series?

I think the first four games are masterpieces. Even though some of them have annoying parts, like the escort part of SH4, I'm willing to look past them. I think the first four games have great atmosphere and level and monster design. The music is great. The puzzles are really cool. I love the melancholy feel the games have and how they can make that scary. A good example of this is the piano puzzle in SH1. There's something oddly beautiful about it, like it's an art piece I'm afraid to disturb. At the same time it gives me a serious case of the creeps.

I think the series took a sharp decline after SH4, when Team Silent disbanded and the games became westernized. I thought Origins was alright, I played it a long time ago so I don't remember much other than that. Homecoming was boring, felt more like an action game trying to be creepy. I liked Shattered Memories, it was the first horror game I played and it got me into the horror genre. The chase sequences were very intense.
Downpour was such a letdown, mainly because it had potential to be something really cool. It had some very cool moments, such as the Devil's Pit ride and that one Otherworld maze, but they were not enough to make up for the game as a whole. It had terrible enemy design, half-assed plot and just felt really bland. Making the player character an ex-con with an ambiguous past is an interesting idea but the game never really went anywhere with it. The choice system only came into play twice and didn't really affect gameplay. Also, fuck Korn.


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More spoopy than horror, but a pretty cool puzzler that sort of got over-shadowed by more popular DS stuff like Layton, Hotel Dusk, and 999.


Alien isolaton is honestly one of those sleeper hits. It's almost what the third movie alien should have been about, only real complaint us how difficult the game is, even on easy mode its hardly playable because of how incredible the AI for the xenomorph is. you can hear that fucker following you through the air vents in real time,Unlike the other alien movies the station your stuck in is completely wiped out, and the people you do meet get slaughtered before your own eyes. That thing adapts from every move you make, and it wont even take damage, to make matters worse if you forget an item and have to run back to retreive it, chances are you're already dead. I like how the perspective of the story isnt just from ripleys daughter, at one point you play another character who was to explore an exact repleca of the engineer's ship from the original alien movie. I remember watching the alien movie without my parents permission when i was 10 on halloween in the middle of the night and i get the same chills as i'm still playing the game. turning off all the lights, silencing all sounds and wearing hi-fi headsets is a decent way to play.




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I was one fucking day off.


Lol this is hilarious, wonder why they chose that date?


It could've been just a random date but knowing the early Silent Hill games it wouldn't surprise me if the lore was connected somehow.


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This game is pretty spoopy.


Gameplay mechanic is clever, and i like how the butterfly affect comes into play, Is it me or is there always something great about japanese PS2 games?


It honestly seems like the japs just know what they're doing (or used to at least). I've played a bit of Fatal Frame II, I'm about half way in but haven't finished it yet. It's a great game. I've been meaning to play Siren as well.


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I can't believe this thread hasn't been bumped so close to Halloween! What's the spookiest game you've played, anon? For me it's Cry of Fear, it is fucking terrifying. It's a very unfriendly game.


The issue with me is, I've already talked about all the spooky games i've played in this thread. I've watched a walkthrough without commentery for an interesting game though. Much like Alan Wake, it has a live action prequel https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWjnM4fZ4U8wLxrFXjL-95ME0QJwdz8m8
Anyway, the game is called SOMA.
So, Your an average joe, Working a pretty regular 9 to 5 job. Wake up, Work, Sleep, Repeat. One day things don't exactly go as plan and you get onto a bad car wreck. Your fine, no scratches or broken bones. Just some real bad head trama. You can't really tell thats anythings wrong but you honestly don't have too long to live. You get a call from some scientist for you to volenteer for some program he's running about scanning your brain, You do the thing and get home quickly because you feel kinda sleepy. You go to sleep then wake up. It's time to work! Everything honestly looks fine and you get out of bed, and walk out the door to leave. You expected to get some fresh air but instead you get a futuristic, yet fucked up hallway that obviously is in a state of disrepair. After exploring, things go from 0 to 100 real quick.
The whole game is a total mindfuck. From the underwater setting, To music, humanity, and making choices you don't feel comfortable with this game does well. I kinda dont want to spoil it or talk too much about it but; [spoiler]So earth is fucked, everyones dead and the people that are alive got their brain scanned and put into robots, and are currently on some secret reseach center deep under the ocean. (200 years in the future) The transfer is honestly tramatic and they don't mention or atleast pretend they are still human, and if they realise they are robots they go totally insane. The human crew/scientists got turned into monsters because of nanotech they either touched, or ate because they ran out off food and it turned them into horrible monsters[/spoiler]>>627


I've played SOMA before. I thought it was cool but didn't like it very much. My opinion is biased though because at the time I was really sick of every horror game having the run-n-hide mechanic. I will say the setting was great, very spooky and ominous. [spoiler]I was very disappointed that there was no option in the end to destroy what was left of humanity.[/spoiler]


The whole dunwich missions in fallout 3 actually was well done, i think that and having to deal with the trogs in the pitt without any weapons especially just looking at them is horrifying. Other then that fallout 3 is shit. I'm curious if new vegas will have any horror elements, will point them out when i eventually play that game. Speaking of metal gear, the mission in the devils house is just perfect, dead bodies moving and static televisions. Kojima really pulled it off and just played it quiet. even making it to that point was difficult due to how spooky it became out of nowhere, the mountains became misty and i heard and saw things moving in the background. Also there was this abandoned cabin i found which was a easter egg/spoiler for kojima's now cancled silent hill game.

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