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Thread theme's kinda obvious, (spoopy games, weird shit, horror, ect) but it can also expand to horror elements in games you wouldnt exactly expect to see it in. Like say in pokemon red and blue, How team rocket slaughtered all the pokemon in lavander town. leaving you to even fight against a vengeful spirit. The creepy music didnt help make it any less spookyer. Or in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
There's a boss fight where you see all the the ghosts of the people you killed in game (all of them) and they even yell at you about how you killed them! Shoot a guy in the head, he'll cry out and say
>"my head!"
as he attempts to strangle you. also what's funny is if you shoot a guy in the crotch, he'll say how you "took his manhood" away from him.


Dead space
Man i love this game. It's one of the first real horror game i've ever played, i think i was 15 at the time and it was a hot october night. I was never allowed to trick or treat because satanic holiday or whatever and for some reason my parents didnt care too much about the game when i bpught it. I've been itching to play it again but i'll wait until october. The crampt, desolated hallways, the music and the sounds of the creaking ship, Everything is stuck in my mind. Playing as a janitor who had to constantly repair the ship and who had nerfed powertools as weapons really just added to the horror because you really cant defend yourself and you have to watch your back (unironically) so you dont get killed in one hit. He never spoke and i figured it was because of the shit he saw on that ship combined with the hallucinations and those voices you can barely hear over the music. The audio logs where a nice touch, it added to the feeling that you are "playing a movie" along with cut scenes being apart of the gameplay. i died several times because i thought the tentacle dragging issac was a cut scene. The game over screen is brillant because of the horror of what the necromorphs do to people, issac being brutally slaughterd at every game over screen whilst crying out in pain/fear/agony.
Cutting off the limbs was new to me and if you really try to cut elsewhere you'll just piss them off.
Haven't played dead space 2 (nor 3) yet but this just sounds horrifying https://youtube.com/watch?v=16MdwEb_EGs


The plot twist at the end was just brillant...


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Hellnight is an obscure Playstation game from 1998, one of my favorite games! In Hellnight, you're forced to traverse a huge, maze-like underground city called The Mesh while a monstrous creature stalks the player through the tunnels. You can't fight it, you have to run from it whenever it shows up. You can meet many characters throughout the game and some of them can be recruited as companions. If the creature catches up to you, it'll kill whatever companion you have and once they're dead it's permadeath. Then it kills you if you're not fast enough lol.

The game gets progressively weirder towards the end. Very recommended if you're into weird shit!


dont know why they gave it low ratings, it sound very cool.
i like how you can only run, and you have to let others fight for you.


Yes! It's very spooky. I think most critics are retarded, I guess the game was too hard for normies to get into.

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