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I just bought bioshock the collection, and i literally have no clue whatsoever about the series, havent seen any ads or looked it up so i'm playing with a fresh set of eyes. This isn't muh personal blog thread so feel free to talk about whatever bioshock related thing. Also i really dont care about spoilers but if your worried about spoiling it especially to others or you want me to blacktext then just ask.


I chose to play bioshock infinite due to the fact that both the DLC and game is set before the previous games it'll probably set me up with some context or whatever. It's probably a mistake but i dont really care and i'm not going to back out. Holy shit this game is beautiful
i seriously love columbia and wouldn't regret living there it's just too comfy. I love how theres also a group of singers who sang beach boy covers lol even though it didnt come out yet. Im guessing the old guy is a clone or perhaps alternate universe or future version of booker since they look the same and literally sound the same. Had some fun shooting commies and racial stereotypes, i think my score was 35 for both minigames lole. also they gave you the fucking option to throw (or not) rocks at a interracial couple (which i obviously wanted to do because why not) and when i was going to throw it, i nearly got arrested for being the antichrist. (the fucking art with the african guy with fat lips and a monkey, they really went out of there way to be extreme lol) It's funny because later on you can shoot at children and black people with literally no repercussion. also i heard some lady badmouthing italians. Its such a weird and breathtaking world, the church scene is just amazing. Its weird how the founding fathers are being worshiped like jesus. booker seems mentally fucked and hes missing a daughter or something and i guessing it might be elisabeth? She has weird powers to open rifts and even opened one to 1980's paris. She's also getting experimented on by who knows and they even extracted her powers for god knows why and shes even getting protected by a giant metal bird thing (thats as far as i made it story wise) vox populi apparantly is a bunch of "commie niggers "and i'm guessing their the underclass people who plan on "overthrowing the elite". It's only mentioned then and there but i havent seen any so far and i guessing they'll show up later in the game. The america bad muh raysism is a bit overwhelming but whatever hopfully it'll get balanced out. also i have literally no clue whats going or what i'm even doing. Combat is also fun but quick since its easy to wipe out large groups of people in seconds and i'm not even playing in easy mode. I got some neat gear that boosts my stats and i balanced out my salts, sheild and health. I also try to focus on punching people and only using my magic powers and weapons when its needed to save ammo
I'm not really bitching, its pretty neat and fun so far.


Elisabeth also has a thimble for a finger but i'm not sure why they chose to highlight that.


Turns out i was right and things did balance out because the vox are BurnLootMurder but really it does remind me of the Weathermen. Killing innocent people whom they degraded to being no more then subhuman animals such as innocent children, just because they are white or born in columbia it somehow means they are spawn of the founders. reducing the utopia of columbia to rubble instead of uniting everyone.


[spoiler]It turns out fink pretty much plagurized everything by exploiting the rifts which explains the tastefully 1900's remix of music from the 80's and other details but i'm guessing it wasn't just fink[/spoiler]

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