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Write any random feely thoughts which don't deserve their own thread itt

Sometimes I get in a pretty bad mood, and I start to perceive everything as shitty, even things said by people I'm close with or things I would usually like. Recently I once again was in this mood and got upset when a friend of mine poked fun of a thing I liked, so I wrote a whole rant as a response. I knew the reason it annoyed me was mainly my mood but I suspected that these feelings might be something I "repressed" when in a good mood, also I thought "maybe I'm wrong, but if I don't say it this stays inside of me, on the other hand if I say it we will clear things up"
The next day after reading his response instead of feeling like we "cleared things up" I just felt like I acted like a cunt for no reason
Now this is just a new one of the regretful memories that often pop up in my mind to sting me like a needle
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that sounds right, whats sad tho is that nothing's really done to prevent it from devoping further.


There's this device that should help you, it wraps around your neck after you tie it to the highest area you can find and to make it work, you just jump and fall.


Summer is coming up in a few weeks and I've realized I want to accomplish a few things during my break from university. One immediate problem is that I usually go with the flow and make excuses when I don't accomplish something. Usually, the excuse is "I've been busy with school work" or it is "I want to relax". The second excuse isn't the worst excuse in the world, but I use it way too often. During summer I will have work, but that won't be everyday. I will write a list of what I want to do everyday. Do you have any advice anon? Is making a list a good idea?

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>be me
>want a gf
>all the women I meet have shitty personalities
>can barely interact with them without getting pissed off
>late at night
>download some "what would you look like as a girl?" photo filter app
>see what I'd look like as a girl
>oh shit, she's super cute
>instantly become infatuated
>start having dreams where I interact with her
>she's literally me
>no woman could possibly compete
>mfw I am my own waifu
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I've started meditating for 10 minutes every morning. I'm not as awkward since I started but if I miss a day I start being awkward again. Meditating has helped me feel more confident in my skin.
I also have changed my view on women. The obsessions that used to bother me is now just a fact of life to me. It's just what they do, it's immature to get mad at it so just live with it instead or better yet support it if it's not destructive. Girls like when guys pay sincere attention to their obsessions.


Having people talk about themselves is an easy way to talk to people because people are experts on themself usually. The hard part is going beyond that. Do you have any advice anon? I am not afraid of talking to people, but I have a hard time making acquaintances friends.


Here is an elaboration. I find it difficult; to find interesting people or, it is the other way around. When the person I am talking to finishes talking about their life or what they are up to, I don't know what to do after that. Maybe people who I talk to like me I; don't know that. If people like me, I have no clue how to continue the potential friendships I may have. I am paying sincere attention to people I talk to but, I don't know if they care.

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A thread to talk about how your day went. Venting, talking about future hopes/dreams, or just chatting is all okay.
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I wish I had more opportunities to work for quality of life purposes. My efforts don't really affect how much work I get. IDK how I can maximize my work hours. Also, the results of a big assignment I had last week surprised me. I got a high score and I was in shock. I thought the teacher had mixed me up with another student, but that, fortunately, was not the case. The score was extremely encouraging and comforting because I often have a feeling I am one step behind no matter how competent I act in a situation. I know this thought is unfounded, but I have said this to myself way too many times. Good experiences need to be cherished for my self-confidence.


Got an amazing haircut today and i feel great, last time my scalp got several cuts and it wasnt generally cut well. I guess it's the little things that make life great.


I could use a haircut myself. Summer is coming and, I will definitely spend more time outside. The time is coming for me to get a haircut and I can feel it because I don't feel very good, in that region. When my haircut is done, I feel more well put together and, I feel more self-confident. What happens with your hair getting cut.

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This is, dedicated to.. normalfags. This is gonna be edgy, but this is my opinion.
You're alone. You always will be. Those friends you sit with in the bar or at a restaurant don't know how you truly feel. They're only there because your mind requires them to keep you sane. Your girlfriend means nothing. The love you two share is transient and it'll be gone soon. Love, hate, sadness, happiness.. all of these were made so that your mind could be saved from itself. Your mind is powerful, use it for good. But you won't. You'll still choose to not do anything, to not think nor feel. Because thinking and feeling will require you to hurt yourself. It's fine. Continue what you're doing, continue believing that what you feel is this force of good that'll totally save you from sadness. I'm telling you this out of benevolence. I want to help you. We want to help you. But sadly, you're stuck. You're stuck here because of yourself. You sunk yourself intentionally into quicksand and now you make us dig you out. You tell us to get jobs, have fun in life, among other things. However, your ideas of "fun" and "a successful life" are degraded and do nothing for others except hurt them. We humans are social creatures, made to help each other to an extent, though we are still competitive. But you want to be selfish and make superficial connections with others who see you as a pawn.

This is not a call to nihilism, as some may think of it. This is a call to realization. Just because you're alone doesn't mean there are no outside entities that will not understand you. It just means you won't understand them. So then you read philosophy books and misunderstand them completely as telling you that you can do whatever you want, because you think that you have these philosophers to back up your hedonistic lifestyle. Remember what you did to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer? You people use philosophy not as a guide, but as a cope to continue your disgusting lifestyle.

TL;DR, get the fuck over yourselves.
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The point was never to save all of humanity, but to save ourselves individually.


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This isn't even edgy its just fact at this point, I completely agree with your opinion.
I just hate that normalfags try to say that they're better than you because they have a girlfriend or they have friends, sometimes they brag about making more money than you. In their eyes that is their version of living a "successful life" and anything that is outside of their little box is considered "bad", "strange", or "weird". I sincerely don't see the point of participating in the dick-measuring contest known as "life" and I certainly don't see the point of participating in modern day "society". If you even mention about not wanting to play this game you evidently get bashed on by normalfags that you're a selfish, deluded, insane person and that you should be on medication and be seeing someone at all times.

At the end of the day, normalfags don't care that they're living a lie, they rather stay willingly ignorant and not really think about anything too much. They would rather just have "fun" by having degenerate sex and consuming drugs until their body shuts down.
They're not better than us or anybody just because they decided to follow the rules and participate in this game like a little doggy, but they have no right to bitch or whine about it when it doesn't go their way.

>Just because you're alone doesn't mean there are no outside entities that will not understand you. It just means you won't understand them. So then you read philosophy books and misunderstand them completely as telling you that you can do whatever you want, because you think that you have these philosophers to back up your hedonistic lifestyle. Remember what you did to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer? You people use philosophy not as a guide, but as a cope to continue your disgusting lifestyle.

Blame higher education such as universities and college. They allow the normalfags to act the way they are while simultaneously bragging how much "better" they are by going to university/college to "educate" themselves rather than try to be happy by self-improvement and self-realization.


>say that they're better than you because they have a girlfriend or they have friends
Most definitely, normalfags try to one-up you to the point it is insane. Even people in our crowd does it. If you make 1000 euros or dollars off anything, someone will brag about making one more than you. It doesn't motivate anyone, rather it demotivates people.
>rules and participate in this game like a little doggy
Normalfags are deluded in a group so they believe they are right. A couple of years ago I may have been confused about this, however, I see how empty these normalfags lives are. Despite not having the best situation, they push their lifestyle on you which, angers me a lot.

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I'm very divided 22chan. I'm a first year college student and currently planning on going into biomedical engineering or physics. I want to join the CIA and the Masons, I want to study electromagnetism and its effects on the human body and furthermore, its history in the mythology and ideas of mankind as a whole. My family and family friends can get me recommended but it isn't certain I'll work as a spook. The issue is that my very lovely boyfriend doesn't want me to do either, he's very afraid of me getting hurt or roped into something I dangerous. I love him very dearly and I don't want to make him upset but the idea that there might be a great, earthshattering discovery related to the earliest days of mankind is utterly intoxicating. I've started to take online physics and calculous classes, that's how determined I am about this. What do I do? I'm not sure where to go in the future. This coming Christmas I'm speaking to my uncle about the Masons, he invited me alone out of my siblings and my cousins but at the time I didn't know what it was all about so I declined. I have his and other people's recommendation at their New England lodge, other people have eyed me as a member too. I'm just very confused. My last final was tonight and I should be celebrating, but I'm sitting here at my computer at 12:30 am when I should be asleep soundly in bed knowing I don't have any school tomorrow.
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Have you asked the uncle about the freemasons?


Did you make it out ok OP or did the CIA do some MKULTRA shit on you?


The CIA is very spooky so it is unknown what has happened to OP.

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Have you ever doubted if there is value in spending time on internet conversations with strangers?
Do you really feel like it's worthwhile?
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Because this is a place I can relate to and speak honestly without having to fear backlash. Basically here is somewhere were I don't have to walk on eggshells around retards anywhere else.


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nice dubs m8


New stuff like twoot's game is a good reason to stay, but for the most part it's the anons, i'm glad some of the really oldfags havent left and i'm going to do what i can to keep posting and keeping things active

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>60 cents in my bank account
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>got money
>live with parents I can ask to buy me shit if I need it
>have gear to do fun stuff but rarely use it
>never have enough time
>as a result never buy stuff or ask for it. What's the point anyway?


I have $890 usd in my account right now


My personal life has been difficult as of late. I want to buy some stuff to make myself feel better, but I don't have so much money. I am not sure what to do.

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I can't do this anymore. I was a NEET for a year, and it was one of the most depressing moments of my life. I tried to kill myself during that time. Then, a year later, decided to come back and try to finish high school. It didn't work either. I just couldn't bring myself to care, to socialize. Got diagnosed with autism. When I was 16-17 I tried having friends and going on dates, just to isolate myself no long after. I can't even keep up with online friends/dating. I try to be normal, I try to find things that give me a sense of fulfilment, from trying to be a normalfag to having hobbies (art, literature, anime, compsci, you name it.) I just want to go back to NEETdom and never see anyone again. Does anyone else feels as hopeless as I am now? I'm not some virgin neet who will fit in with most of imageboard culture, but I'm definitely too autistic to fit with normal, well-adjusted, people.


I've been there, anon. Hang in there. A lot of normals are self destructive and self loathing. It's not as easy as it looks, they aren't as happy as they look. Sometimes they find it refreshing to meet someone who doesn't give a shit about common social expectations. They can have a funny way of showing it, though. I think it scares them.
I don't know if that helps you feel better, but it's something I discovered a while ago.


That definitely helps, anon. Thank you. Have a good night/day.


Worse thing you can do is force things OP. Do what you enjoy and if you have The time, The ability or the mental wellness to what you want, Do it. Being a normalfag isn't too healthy due to the fast paced "gimme dat" nature of that society and forcing yourself on an imageboard for instant satisfaction of companionship or whatever void you need filled(Even though your sure you can't fit in i assume) Isnt too good either. if you NEED something, (Say, friendship) You wont get it. But slowly working at something you want although painful and slow as that may sound, Will work out.

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Happy new years everyone. Reply with your own personal new years resolution, I'll start with mine. My new years resolution is to be 100% sober all year round in 2021(I've struggled with drugs these past few years for context)
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>develop new tactics
Maybe we should have a thread to talk more about self improvement because it is a long and repetitive process that requires constant effort and thought.


How is everyone doing on their New Years' resolutions? If you have failed so far do you want to keep trying? I need to think about how things are going with me, but I will try to update you anons.


>go on noporn/nofap
That is difficult if you do not have a strategy. One approach is to have a punishment if you fail. You could either not watch or play whatever you wanted to do that day or, you could donate money to Twoot. The second option is a good thing to do no matter your circumstances, but when you lose some money you notice. Another option is when you have the feeling where you want to indulge in your vice, you could exercise until you get your urges under control.

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ITT : Recount and discuss autistic stuff you, Or other people did recently or in the past.
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One Halloween we, were trick or treating, and for whatever reason, my family was in an old lady's house. We were heading for the door and, my brother who was seven at the time discovered a gun. He assumed it was a toy gun and pointed it at my mom saying, "pew pew." My mom somehow calmly and successfully told him to put down the gun.


Do you know if it was loaded?


It is very likely. The lady used it in the case of home invaders. I don't think there would be time to load the gun when there is danger.

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anyone else meeting their gf online?
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good thing this is a old thread



OP was probably baiting but if being honest then he needs to lurk more surprised he was not vanned.


22chan is a relationship-free board and i'm still pretty happy about it and i'm glad it's both shunned and banned for normalfaggotry. i'm gonna try and hold the line here anyway just incase any newfags try and pull that shit on this board. literally normalfags do stupid shit like use imageboards and gay meme apps to date people, and not using it for it's intended purpose. like, aren't site's like this supposed to be an escape from reality? also those people like 4chan jannies who get free sex to unban e-thots, and moot who became cucked after dating that tumblr thot, it never leads to good things. then again online dates are gay because, you dont know that person, imagine talking to a woman for a month or even less and deciding "wow, im in love and i want to be her boyfriend" isnt that a bit too quick? isnt actually being friends irl, deeply knowing someone, and then being in a relationship irl better? also, having a gf is a distraction, they require love and attention among other things and therefore preventing you from getting stuff done. i swear it's just retarded, why be on an origami folding board if you are in a relationship in the first place? if i was myself, either i would hide it/not talk about it, or simpily leave. there's >>>/reddit/ if anything for those people.

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its all down hill for me now fellas,
i never graduated high school and fail everything i do, couldn't even finish my fuckin cert because i cant type faster than 15 wpm
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Did you ever want to live a normal life anon? IDK if you are just pretending to be above that or you just naturally think this way.


>Did you ever want to live a normal life anon?

i wonder that about a lot of people here and around, where i live there is alot of pressure everywhere to be successful and normal, its seems so foreign that there are places where you can just not try


The pressure may be good because having a normal and successful life makes most people happy. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to be accepted. It is an ugly truth but, it is good to know in the long run.

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ITT: we talk about anything related to psyche or the human consciousness. Not strictly related to the occult or 'spirituality' but rather a broad topic on things like dreams, mediation, lucid dreaming, deja vu, ghosts, literature on the science behind it, etc.
Really more your experience or thoughts about it rather than anything else
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How big of an anomaly do you believe this is? How often does stuff like this happen in your life? Personally it is rare my family makes pancakes, we go for waffles 9.9/10 times. When I predict what my family has it is always something that we have from time to time.


It only happened once.


Yesterday the weather matched my general mood that day but at a different part of the day I was feeling that feeling. I was feeling mentally tired that day because the previous day was exhausting. I didn't let the feelings past the previous day because their was no breaks to relax. I felt mentally tired and angry at the same time. It took a while for those feelings to pass but when I realized it had passed it started to rain. The rain reminded me of my mood because the rain comes down for while then it goes and that is similar to how a bad mood is for me. What was strange was that the rain conveniently started once my mood improved.

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cmon twooters, make ur dream waifu
thanks to the power of machine learning

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Everyone was too moe for my waste, so I picked the only non-moe character I saw after like 4 refreshes and ended up with a moe character.


File: waifu.png (261.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1612375918993.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]



File: waifu.png (256.33 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1612882760805.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

" oh you and your silly games anon, lets go get an ice cream"

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>post opinion
>"SHUT UP (insert tripfag here)"
Just fuck my shit up.
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I think they've moved away from old stuff like board-tans and even anon related oc;
now it's just the wojack family stuff and pepe.
Also i saw a post recently of a mod saying that they don't even check /qa/ for advise, help or even suggestions. Evey day they stray farther from what made 4chan nice and it's kinda sad.


Nobody lurks before posting on 4chan anymore and in high traffic boards few people even bother to call newfags out when they fuck up.
It leads to no barrier to entry at all, meaning more shit threads, more threads dying sooner etc it's just a downward spiral. Not so much a problem for some boards where people will call out newfags and know how to sage threads but for some of the faster boards it's just awful.

I've taken a break from imageboards for the past 3-4 years or so and looking in on 4chan the fucking politics in every goddamn thread is absolutely unbearable, it's stunning how different the site culture was even in 2012-2013

Although to be fair that is near enough a decade ago now


In regards to 4chan It is now a hub for """edgy""" twitter users and redditors waiting for their ban to cycle through, but to make some good out of pretty shitty situations all the bans and dumb shit that happened on 4chan that cause anons to just flat out leave or get permab& such as the /b/-day or GamerGay which lead to alternative imageboards but originally they were a one n' done type deal in regards to the /b/-day it was mainly to host raids and the like but people got bored with it. When it comes to 8chan's demise it leads to either a population boost or cause a brand new set of imageboards which causes some competition between them and just begs the question to anyone wanting to create an imageboard is "why would anyone want to come here?" Personally I did like the idea of board creation but in execution every board was more or less hit or miss. I would like here to be a little more active and I hope we can have some good times just give it some time lads.

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