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cmon twooters, make ur dream waifu
thanks to the power of machine learning

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its flandre but younger, cuter, and more innocent


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Name: Gaia
age: 4.5 billion years
embodiment of the earths ether

hobbies: creating nd housing life, alchemy, plays snes sometimes
likes: the free movement of energy within her realms, the advancement of intelligent life, demons crest on snes
dislikes: Pollution, climate change, spiders

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Sometimes I feel a bit apathetic. For the last few years I've been spending most of my free time on entertainment. I really enjoy it, find it fun and funny (thanks to the fact that I've learnt the importance of being selective)
Sometimes I want to do "projects", and entertainment can be a big distraction from that, but that's not what I wanna talk about
I feel like I don't feel much feelings. Maybe it's because of routine, with everything becoming so typical and as such unsurprising, uninteresting. But I also think that entertainment plays a role. Maybe 10-20 minute videos can rarely make me feel anything substantial. Maybe generally I don't often think thoughts and do actions that aren't superficial/trivial, so I don't get to care for something. I don't know
What about you anons?


well, you wouldn't be the first one anon these kinda feelings have affected a LOT of people these days, I like to call this time the age of apathy for that reason.
I figure it's because of the endless deluge of pointless self-gratification fucking up the wiring in people's heads and not letting them develop right.
I had just as bad as most people not too long ago but as of late I've finally begun to free myself from this fucking apathy through getting fit and healthy going out more etc, but it's damned hard and that kinda makes sense considering it's very similar as kicking an addiction.
Here's hoping you can make it out too anon.


Shit are you saying apathy is kinda like an addiction or escapism? Fuck man, that explains alot. I used to be 'hurt' or feel sorry or empathy for others when I saw them being hurt or sad, especially dogs and animals. But now to I feel nothing or just brain fog is ampfied (focus less unable to think straight). When you think of it apathy is a form of escapism trying to deny whatever is bothering you. I'll take your advice on being healthy though, thanks.
I recommend anyone coming by to watch this as it seemed to be revelant to me somewhat; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rHIvs0Q-uKI

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>be me
>want a gf
>all the women I meet have shitty personalities
>can barely interact with them without getting pissed off
>late at night
>download some "what would you look like as a girl?" photo filter app
>see what I'd look like as a girl
>oh shit, she's super cute
>instantly become infatuated
>start having dreams where I interact with her
>she's literally me
>no woman could possibly compete
>mfw I am my own waifu
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I'm either a genius or really losing my mind
>Call the friends "brickmen"
>Yuki is the best
>She is my waifu now
>Start drawing her everywhere
>I'm not great at art but her aesthetic is perfect
>She is perfect
>Real people cannot match her
>Except maybe Qizen Gao
>Yuki is the only one for me
>Realize I fell in love with a stain on a brick


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got a picture of the brick?


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Indeed I do. She's gorgeous.
Also kek

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What's your biggest wish, anon? Is it something that would completely change your life? Something material or something spiritual?
My family mentioned to me today how they haven't heard me laugh in a very long time, this hit me quite starkly. From that, I guess, what I would wish for is to be happy. Whether my wish will get fulfilled in this lifetime remains a mystery.
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>pink floyd
>other genres
excuse my autism


I want to be a good person.
That's all.

I remember a quote I saw when I was in grade school. It was a quote about happy endings. It was a female author who said "I want people to know that there is a way out."
I don't know. It stuck with me.

The world sucks, I know.. but the world is made up of people. Individuals with their own experiences. If I could reach out to individuals, i.e. anyone who listens, and not really the world as a whole, I'd be happy.
I believe in miracles.
Sorry for being peppy, it's just how I feel.


aside from the generic wish to have a bunch of men with happy windmill armbands to rule the world?
I think I would wish to have someone to truly talk to, I by my own opinion at least (the problem with psychology is one can never diagnose themselves) display basically all the traits of sociopathy, perhaps due to that I've always been a loner because I never really could learn to give a shit about pointless chatter about emotions and what some random person I don't know has been up to as of late, I can pretend but if that's all they ever talk about the facade eventually falls apart.
and because of that, I have never had a proper conversation about anything important like history philosophy, or even simple things like what one finds beautiful and why, the worst part is that I have tried in the past to befriend other loners that seem to have a spark of life in them unlike all the normie drones that you see these days but because I'm an uncanny fucker it always eventually fails.

that's probably the reason I will be using image boards until either I or they die, they're the only places I have ever found where people feel real, and the only times I don't either feel like a walking corpse or a clattering automaton.

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This is, dedicated to.. normalfags. This is gonna be edgy, but this is my opinion.
You're alone. You always will be. Those friends you sit with in the bar or at a restaurant don't know how you truly feel. They're only there because your mind requires them to keep you sane. Your girlfriend means nothing. The love you two share is transient and it'll be gone soon. Love, hate, sadness, happiness.. all of these were made so that your mind could be saved from itself. Your mind is powerful, use it for good. But you won't. You'll still choose to not do anything, to not think nor feel. Because thinking and feeling will require you to hurt yourself. It's fine. Continue what you're doing, continue believing that what you feel is this force of good that'll totally save you from sadness. I'm telling you this out of benevolence. I want to help you. We want to help you. But sadly, you're stuck. You're stuck here because of yourself. You sunk yourself intentionally into quicksand and now you make us dig you out. You tell us to get jobs, have fun in life, among other things. However, your ideas of "fun" and "a successful life" are degraded and do nothing for others except hurt them. We humans are social creatures, made to help each other to an extent, though we are still competitive. But you want to be selfish and make superficial connections with others who see you as a pawn.

This is not a call to nihilism, as some may think of it. This is a call to realization. Just because you're alone doesn't mean there are no outside entities that will not understand you. It just means you won't understand them. So then you read philosophy books and misunderstand them completely as telling you that you can do whatever you want, because you think that you have these philosophers to back up your hedonistic lifestyle. Remember what you did to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer? You people use philosophy not as a guide, but as a cope to continue your disgusting lifestyle.

TL;DR, get the fuck over yourselves.
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>This is gonna be edgy, but this is my opinion.
Actually, it's not even edgy at all. sad how "edgy" opinions are frowned apon nowadays, and how stuff like this is somehow viewed as edgy.
>The love you two share is transient and it'll be gone soon. Love, hate, sadness, happiness.. all of these were made so that your mind could be saved from itself.
The modern day expression of love, damn.
>Because thinking and feeling will require you to hurt yourself. It's fine.
Kinda like arostotle said >tolerance and apathy are the last vertues of a dying society
>Continue what you're doing, continue believing that what you feel is this force of good that'll totally save you from sadness.
The after affects of ((social justice))
>But you want to be selfish and make superficial connections with others who see you as a pawn.
I remember reading a post from 4chan that said : >"oh, hi anon i'm just like you! even though i have a bf/gf and a successful job and friends and a car i'm autistic werdo loner lol"
>This is not a call to nihilism, as some may think of it. This is a call to realization.
If i remember correctly, nihilism is the persuit of meaning in the collapse of things that was once good like religion, and we can persue happiyness dispite the fact that everything is bad by persuing self ownership, passions like art, and struggle to be the best version of ourselves and help to do our part to improve humanity.
>Just because you're alone doesn't mean there are no outside entities that will not understand you.
pic related
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>"oh, hi anon i'm just like you! even though i have a bf/gf and a successful job and friends and a car i'm autistic werdo loner lol"
This is probably one of the things that I despise most in normalfags. Social butterflies calling themselves "introverts", they have no idea how it is not to speak to anyone for any time period that's longer than their attention span. They constantly seek approval, and since the advent of internet they've been reaching into other instant-gratification social media outlets just to feel good about themselves.


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ya know these days I don't feel much, not that I ever really did I have always been really jaded and the shit that gets thrown in my face every day by how broken and fucked up everything has become normally barely makes me feel disappointed anymore.
but sometimes when I take a step back and really think about it, about how far we've fallen from the standards beliefs and glories of the past, how basically everyone from the lowest pig farmer to the noblest of gentleman explorer was truly alive and real and now they are all cookie-cutter drones who think themselves perfect and unique, about how civilization has been twisted to such an extreme that the very basics of humanity the very biological facts and instincts have been burned and tarnished.
it makes me despair, not the kind of despair that the normie attention whores feel, (bawwwww I'm so depressed I can't buy the new iPhone I just wish id die!) no it's the kind of despair that id imagine one would feel if a good man who had been kind to them multiple times in the past about one day decided to disembowel himself for no reason save he felt hunger pangs.

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 No.1532[Reply][Last 50 Posts][D]

Write any random feely thoughts which don't deserve their own thread itt

Sometimes I get in a pretty bad mood, and I start to perceive everything as shitty, even things said by people I'm close with or things I would usually like. Recently I once again was in this mood and got upset when a friend of mine poked fun of a thing I liked, so I wrote a whole rant as a response. I knew the reason it annoyed me was mainly my mood but I suspected that these feelings might be something I "repressed" when in a good mood, also I thought "maybe I'm wrong, but if I don't say it this stays inside of me, on the other hand if I say it we will clear things up"
The next day after reading his response instead of feeling like we "cleared things up" I just felt like I acted like a cunt for no reason
Now this is just a new one of the regretful memories that often pop up in my mind to sting me like a needle
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I just took a final exam and did poorly. I did bad because I thought the exam was open until midnight like every other test I had in the class. Apparently the exam was due 6 pm not midnight. I did not know this and ended up only having 14 minutes to do a thirty question test. I got 50/100 on the exam. My final grade for the class is a 80.22%. My issue is that the professor switched up the timing for the final exam. It was also hard to hear over zoom because it is laggy. I could have gotten a A in the class if I knew about this before I took the test.


That sucks man. It wasn't considerate of your teacher to switch up the timing like that
But at least getting 80% isn't that bad, especially considering you could've missed the last test completely


My teacher decrees things, and it goes no buts. 80% isn't so bad, but I want a bigger scholarship, so I don't have to worry about running out of money.

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ITT: Lit-Pic-Mu

post a piece of text (exert from book, poem ect), picture and song that share a similar vibe/feeling

use ur noodle and dont be afraid to express yall self,
post something thats 22 feelz 4 /yu/


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- reffs by fujitsu

'In the small hot room he dreams; again, its his mother. No, he never dreams about his mother, only about her absence.[...] He wakes with is heart pounding. He remembers now that after she'd left he'd put it on, that dressing gown[...].'
- oryx and crake by Margret Atwood

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ITT: comfy aesthetics
my favorite is Goblincore

>collecting shiny things

>nature ie frogs n shit
>isolating self in cave

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Analog sci-fi/Cassette futurism
There's something about sinthwave, the hum of old computers and structural design used that just feels so relaxing to me.


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Similar vibe but not synthwave, sorta makes me think about all those old clips from shows like star trek and red dwarf when these massive ships slowly carve there way through space


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As I was struggling once again with feeling pretty shitty for the last few days I thought I'd try to figure out how my feelings might work
Pic related, the result, is slightly amusing, and it might be pretty inaccurate, but I hope it can help me understand myself better. It is extremely simplified of course.
a -> b means that a "increases" b, for example having work to do increases stress or reading a good book restores energy.
a -x b means that a "decreases" b, like fun decreasing stress, or negativity decreasing energy
This graph expresses a thought I've been having for a while, that stress and negativity create a vicious cycle, which is also constantly getting input from the stuff I have to do. Like for example doing an exam is stressful.
(By active fun I mean fun that requires effort, projects basically. Passive fun is low-energy requiring activities like watching movies)
With fun you don't have such a simple feedback loop: you have to balance out passive and active fun, as too much passive won't make you much happier while too much active will wear you out and turn counter-productive. At the same time energy, the fuel behind active fun is constantly being drained by everything (to be fair, it gets partially refilled every day too)
You don't have a constant favorable stream that can kickstart you like the negative loop has, and the looping is less direct and quick:
Passive fun -> less stress -> more energy in the near future -> more active fun -> less stress and negativity -> more energy in the further future
It might all just be bullshit. But I guess I'll try to take a look at some of the activities I do and try to see how they reflect on this graph, then try to figure out if I can spend my time better
What do you think of this? Am I crazy?
Also, what about you? Do you make plans and graphs about how to better your mood and life? Does it help?
I feel like plans to better my life make me more hopeful and energetic in the short term but on the long run I always give up/forget about it.. However I can't just give up, can I?

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Post poetry that resonated with you or you just think is cool

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
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Time for some Baudelaire. This one appealed to me a lot.


My interpretation might be somewhat literal, but I think the poem is about finding solace in the face of your endless stream of responsibilities.
Do you even find yourself in a situation and think to yourself "I wouldn't mind if this lasts forever" ? It's tough when you realize it's impossible.
That's the message that speaks to me, anyways.

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>no gf for 2 years
>no hookups for 1 year
>no female touch for 7 months
im now to the point where im comfortable just being alone and just having male friends that share interests. Is there something wrong with me? Have i degenerated or ascended?
Besides all that ive come to find alot about myself through this loneliness and im kinda proud of that. Anyone else feel this way?
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I feel the same way. relationships/friendships are something i've never had, and so far i really dont need it and if i forced my self, i probably would causing more harm then good. it's not like i'm in a mentally healthy state so i might not be able to express myself properly. i've never put too much thought into it, nor force myself to do anything but i know i need to react when the time is right.
also i do probably need to find some book or be in a situation to learn how to human properly.


Never really felt emotions like that. I feel emotions, but expressing them in real life towards others always was a hassle. I feel emotions, but they're all in my head. I mean, I love my parents, I love life, nature, and all my hobbies, but expressing love toward them is more or less strange to me.

And in terms of romantic emotions, I never felt that way toward irl people. I know that it will always end in failure, because then I'd have someone under my control. I don't want that.

I have a waifu however, no joke, and I'm more or less satisfied with that. I feel as if loving someone for anything other than good if that makes sense is "worldly" and will end in suffering.

I guess, so it is. Truth will always reign over falsehood.


I have recently started to think about saving more money and putting it into my debit card and bank. When I had consistent work, I did that, but now that I haven't had a lot of oppturnities to work I have not done that so much. I recently realized that I have to save money to prevent unnecessary stress because I am buying stuff but after saving for some time, but I never have money to just buy something for the heck of it. As for putting money in the bank, it will be nice to have more security, especially as my current scholarship runs out. Maybe having more money will make me carry myself more confidently and less worried.

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I've gone and fucked myself. I'm genuinely in fear of my life now. Everyday I wake up, I remember my reality. A wave of fear and anxiety fills me. Sleep is so peaceful, but knowing I could easily be killed during this time makes me stay up for hours on end. Stepping out my front door is a risk too, buut so is staying at home. I'm terrified to schedule another shift at work because I believe my coworkers want to beat the shid out of me. Same goes with my neighbors and the family I live with. Worse than that, I believe people want to gun me down lol. It's become a hellish existence and I don't see any way I could ever be happy again. Genuinely happy and on a good path. My mother, father, siblings have practically disowned me, leaving me for the dogs. Yet I still live with them, I know the way they feel about me.

I have a way out, but my mom might take it away from me. Here's hoping that won't happen.

Either way, once I'm gone, my family will be happier than they were when I was around. Dead or alive.

I can't cope, I want to restart but it's clear that isn't possible. Nor is redemption. Just suffering, or fleeing. But my counselor believes this will follow me no matter how far I go. As for my safety though, leaving this town could be a matter of life or death.

How fucking crazy is that?

I believe that these feelings are deeply rooted in reality, but you would probably call me schizo.

Fuck man, I don't know what to do, I'm only posting this here because I believe my anonymity on a regular pornsite/plebbit have been compromised. Posting with HTTPS everywhere and on a different, more secure browser. Hoping my family isn't able to read what I'm typing.

I don't know if this is me being psycho,(counselor put in a note "psychosis" after our last visit?) but I'm pretty sure I heard my mom say "he already knows they're gonna kill him".
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if you act on a belief, it is true. why would you go see a counselor? because you dont believe you even have control over your mind. no one can help you at this point, you are basically just an animal in human form. your own mind has been imprisoned by itself. you have gone off the figurative deep end, you will now have to go to a therapist and take meds for the rest of your life, like a plant being watered and cared for. that is all you are, a plant, with no control over anything about it at all.

i do really mean all that ive said but at the same time i dont. there is an astounding lack of harsh criticism towards weak people in this day and age and i want to create this dialogue in your mind to make you realize, youre being fucking pathetic right now. you need to realize that youre the only one who can change your life, and youre the only one in control of your mind. you can debate the validity of these statements but at the end of the day they lead to positive change and thats all that really matters. if you have a problem, what the fuck are you going to do about it? are you going to fix it and stop being a victim, or are you going to feel content in thinking you cant do anything about it?

also my captcha was 0hSHiD lol.


as always, holy dubs speak the truth


The therapist, at the end of the day, can't help you. Only you can help yourself. Therapy may help you, though, because the therapist may be a medium for you to convince yourself to think differently.

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>be me
>mom gets home from a 4 week trip
>she's in a bad mood
>couple days ago she was texting me asking for money
>needed 500 dollars
>said she'd pay me back
>i respond to her first text, but immediately crash from exhaustion afterwards
>she's blowing up my phone
>her boyfriends calling me
>eventually texts me saying she doesn't want me to send her ANYTHING
>ignores me until today
>doesn't want me to pick her up from the airport, sends her bf instead
>at the house, we unload her luggage
>relative silence, i try to start convo, shut down
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why does she need money?


Seems like you'll have to save as much money as possible and bunker down until the time is right. where they always that rude OP?

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Write poetry to express how you feel
Don't worry if it's good or bad or whatever
Just express yourself
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>I wrote this and sent it to my dad, who himself enjoys literature/poetry just as I do, and he really liked it.
That's so cool. Now that I think about it my dad used to write poetry too, and even won a prize at a contest once. But I'm afraid I won't ever show him anything I write... I do it mostly as a way to cope with negative feelings really, and without much study of the art itself. I should read more poetry though
Btw your poem's nice


I dig your poem. I write poetry as well but whenever I show people they get confused bc I don't want to tell them what its about.

Likewise, the one I wrote about was more of a vent than anything else. I just write but I also read other poetry for inspiration occasionally.


One day I will come around
to the places were you spin in harmony
and smiles like gravity keep you together.
For now, I'll watch from behind my trusty window of ice
Maybe occasionally passing as a meteorite
struggling to keep calm and appearances.
Was I really built for this?
I want the freedom of the one, where there is nothing in between us but time
Is it too cold? Is it too harsh outside?
I can't. I'm lost. I'm not even close
to being a friend

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It's Like All A Dream Game, Really.

Post The People, If You Feel, Truly Feel, Something For The Lad/Lass - You Win.

Don't forget to name the person if feeling proper so we too do can colour some boring times with a pieces of another.

I Will Start this one.
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John Gallagher Jr


Can y'all elaborate when you post on this thread? It is hard to see the deeper point of this thread with just photos. Just posting photos and name comes accross and low quality to me. This thread has potential.


this thread's an old offshoot of YLYL.
aka You Love You, and the other offshoots are You Rage You Lose, You Baww You Lose, and You Barf You Lose.
Lurk moar OP pls

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