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anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.
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mot is kil


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Double Dubs Checkem


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Have you ever doubted if there is value in spending time on internet conversations with strangers?
Do you really feel like it's worthwhile?
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I really value the feel of the perfect online communities. Doesn't really replace irl friends for me (although thanks to Corona internet friends and irl friends are basically the same thing now), but only having irl friends without any real community is also super depressing.


>Why do you come here?
initially, cuz I was banned from 4chan.
now, idk, but it feels like home


I don't have many friends to spend time with, so I'm seeking for the place where I can hang out with somebody on internet. Sorta like internet couch or treehouse, maybe.

The only reason I got here is because of link to the website in one of swf movies I've stumbled upon. This looks like a small but nice community.

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cmon twooters, make ur dream waifu
thanks to the power of machine learning

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Cute background and cute hair. I tend to like ones from the first few steps because they start corrupted, and its quite fun.


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I started with a shy-looking quiet-type character and accidentally made a girl from Oni Chichi.
I don't regret it.


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Everyone was too moe for my waste, so I picked the only non-moe character I saw after like 4 refreshes and ended up with a moe character.

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Can we please get a comfy thread on the comfiest chan so far

please post comfy images and discuss this website since its relatively new
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Wow, that is a really good photo. It could be a really beautiful painting.


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That's a lovely flash

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Happy new years everyone. Reply with your own personal new years resolution, I'll start with mine. My new years resolution is to be 100% sober all year round in 2021(I've struggled with drugs these past few years for context)
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>NoFap. I'm going to take it seriously this year. I've been saying this for the past couple of years, but I'm going to do it this year
Attempting the same thing the same way you already did before will yield the same results. You have to either develop new tactics or be aware that you're setting yourself up for failure


I think you can accomplish the same goal as long as you have different strategies and a consistent source of motivation. Although you're right, most people get stuck in a loop of failure over the same goal because they think "this time will be different." It's better to see it as a new approach to success, instead of trying to do it again.


>develop new tactics
Maybe we should have a thread to talk more about self improvement because it is a long and repetitive process that requires constant effort and thought.

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I hope I have a good day tomorrow. Wage slaving is always grueling but sometimes my boss is nice to me.
what do you guys do for money? I'm a cashier at mcdonds and it sucks donkey dick
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That's how life is for many people OP, in fact that's how it is for most people who have got a job. Making million identical parts, making million identical cakes and so on. But it's easier when you don't have to work with whining customers all day who are bitching about not getting enough diabetes in their burger.


How customers treats you is really telling about how people are. These customers really like making employees feel small for not bending perfectly to their commands. That is why I am dreading having to find a new job. My current workplace does not have a lot of money at the moment so they aren't giving me hours to work.


It appears I definitely don't have my old job. Yesterday I submitted an application for a new job and unlike last time I searched for a job I have experience and references. I hope I get the job.

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Today has been death by a thousand papercuts, where it feels like all the small shit has been adding up and suddenly you've lost your fucking marbles. Today was absolute shit, like an all day boxing match just getting your ass spiritually beat. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.



That happens to all of us anon sadly. Sleeping for me makes my emotions go back to normal. I am lucky in that sense because it isn't so easy for others. For me stopping and resting helps.

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Hello 22chan, i am struggling to motivate myself to do hobbies and push myself beyond the bare minimum. I am not a NEET and I do everything required of me to be self sufficient. I can never really push myself beyond that though. I have many interests I would like to pursue and enough time to do so, I just don't and end up wasting all my free time on mildly fun low effort things instead of super fun things I care about which require more effort. Would any anons like to share their experience with something like this or provide some helpful advice?
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I, too, have this problem, OP. What we need to do is to stop spending so much time on the internet. When ever you feel like going online and aimlessly browsing away, just go do something else instead. I have realized this recently, and am going to be working on not being so lazy and internet in the next years.

Also don't touch your benis.


Hey OP, this is gonna sound stupid and hypocritical (because I myself fail and have your problem) but I guess you just have to 'feel it'. What I mean by this that you will find yourself fed up and angry enough to do something. You also have to remember that pessimism is just as subjective as optimism, maybe you feel that it pointless and look down on others who are happy, but hey its not like half the world aren't in your same line of thinking. I also recommend socialising (unironically yes this is a recommendation and I know that's easier said than done). You have to be aware that you can depend on others or take your mind off once in a while. I guess this was shit that works for me idk


Do you have any family or friends anon? If you have either maybe you could do a activity with them. Perhaps that could help with loneliness you may have and will have you doing new stuff.

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Has anyone died of corona virus in the past year because they were playing pokemon go?


Maybe? I mean if whoever is careful to not walk in a large crowd wear a mask and whatever other safety precautions i doubt anyone will get infected.


Maybe someone was marked as a covid because he/she got ran over while playing Pokemon Go and having covid.

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Once I learn the ropes I'm going to move to Nova Scotia to climb adventure & upperdeck boats


That's interesting, but it would be nice if you'd elaborate more anon:
what got you interested in such a "hobby"?
are there any videos you'd recommend to learn more about this?
If anything, this could be a cool thread for people to discuss outdoors hobbies like mountain-biking and so on in general


Is that a gothic skyscraper?
It's really cool looking.

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ITT : Recount and discuss autistic stuff you, Or other people did recently or in the past.
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God, I can't believe I'm sharing this...
Year was 2011 I believe. At the time, I was highly obsessed with pissing myself because it gave me a "high". Same thing with seeing deviantART type shit. It was terrible, yet gave me a weird high whenever I saw it. Hard to compare it to something, but it's like it's so bad it's good, kind of.

Anyways, my older brother had his friends over. I showed them my uh, "art" collection... after which I pissed myself. Right in front of 'em.

Now I see why they thought I was dysfunctional.


I guess that what's the internet does to people


everything ive ever done ever

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>High testosterone
>High IQ
>Can't relate to anyone in the real world
>Can't relate to anyone on imageboards
>Sometimes the alienation just cuts a little deep
>>But, I'm OK with this and am grateful for who I am
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I have the same problem but for the opposite reason. I often feel like I can't relate to anybody or ever feel like I'm part of a group. That doesn't stop me from having friendships, but I still feel alone in some ways.
The reason for this stems more from inferiority complexes rather than feelings of superiority (and be honest, you can't call yourself one of the few with both high intelligence and testosterone and consider it a bad thing)


>it's the fact that it's virtually non-existent in others that I would contend is an issue.
Do you want to find someone like you? Is that what you want?


Yes-ish, especially a woman, not so much for a love fantasy, but to make more of my "species".

I don't want or need others to be exactly like me, I just wish there was more dynamism in cognition. I don't feel like a human anymore, I feel like an alien among people. There's really nothing I could say that can convey the difference between me and others, I am a race of 1.

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I'm very divided 22chan. I'm a first year college student and currently planning on going into biomedical engineering or physics. I want to join the CIA and the Masons, I want to study electromagnetism and its effects on the human body and furthermore, its history in the mythology and ideas of mankind as a whole. My family and family friends can get me recommended but it isn't certain I'll work as a spook. The issue is that my very lovely boyfriend doesn't want me to do either, he's very afraid of me getting hurt or roped into something I dangerous. I love him very dearly and I don't want to make him upset but the idea that there might be a great, earthshattering discovery related to the earliest days of mankind is utterly intoxicating. I've started to take online physics and calculous classes, that's how determined I am about this. What do I do? I'm not sure where to go in the future. This coming Christmas I'm speaking to my uncle about the Masons, he invited me alone out of my siblings and my cousins but at the time I didn't know what it was all about so I declined. I have his and other people's recommendation at their New England lodge, other people have eyed me as a member too. I'm just very confused. My last final was tonight and I should be celebrating, but I'm sitting here at my computer at 12:30 am when I should be asleep soundly in bed knowing I don't have any school tomorrow.
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Maybe you could try to pursue your interests and keep the relationship? I mean are those really mutually exclusive things? I guess if you're really obsessed then you could decide to concentrate solely on finding the great discovery (be aware though that you might just find nothing), but to me it sounds more reasonable to keep more than one thing central to your life. The reasoning is simple: if you only care for one thing only, and that thing doesn't work out, it's gonna hit you pretty hard. If you care for a few different things, you can afford failure. And in life you can't control everything, and you can't always prevent failure; no matter how hard you're willing to try. But that's just my opinion
...Also the Masons part is kinda spooky. You have an uncle who is one?


My uncle is one and so are a few family friends, they have a long history in New England that goes back centuries


Have you asked the uncle about the freemasons?

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shidty ice coffee recipe for /yu/

You'll need:
>medium to large jar(with lid)
>instant coffee
>ice blocks
>boiled water

>3 teaspoons of coffee and 1 teaspoon of sugar into the jar
>boiled water in, just enough to cover
>fill the rest with milk and ice cubes and put in freezer with lid for about2-5 minutes
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i forgot to say, post comfy recipes pls (bonus points if theyre healthy)



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Through some thought and experience, I've come to the conclusion that most matters of personal development form loops. The prime example would be horseshoe theory, but I think that the same idea can apply elsewhere as well.
For example, I find that as I play incrementally more difficult video games, my experience becomes comparable to what it was like when I first started as a kid and was challenged by simple things. As I watch more obscure anime, I find that the things I appreciate are actually the most fundamental and universal aspects such as production quality and strong personality, as opposed to the novelty-based aspects that tend to draw newer watchers towards high-concept material. Furthermore, I have been told by some old /d/egenerates that the ultimate depth of depravity is to circle back to enjoying normal things with renewed enthusiasm.
I mainly wish to explore how this idea may apply to our position as an obscure, ostensibly underground imageboard that values sincerity and simple pleasures. I believe that we are in this position of apparently pedestrian preferences because we have seen what happens to typical counterculture that exists to spite mainstream standards. This may imply that the ultimate destiny of any form of development is to have broken the rules thoroughly enough to understand and value them, coming to a rest back at the starting point with a richer perspective. Do you think this makes sense?
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The fifth and final painting is "Desolation."
Man is long gone from the area, and his creations have been reclaimed by nature.
The land resembles the land in the first painting again. You can imagine, that given more time, the land will once again completely return to the savage state.

I'm sure that there are better, more in depth examples of these paintings, but I mainly just wanted to post them because I like them and you're post made me think of them.


That makes perfect sense. using past mistakes to improve the future is always a make or break in communities, and in ours it's pretty much practiced regularly.


Sounds reasonable. I'm still attracted to "weird" stuff though; I wonder if it's a temporary thing

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