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The internet's so fucked. By extension, so are we. It's so goddamn depressing to think about how the one place where I can feel even slightly good at something is such a shithole. The web's fallen so far, and it's only getting worse. Is there any hope of restoring it back to what it was?
I feel like the entire human race had a mere 20 years to communicate with itself freely, before the internet became commercialized and nobody can fucking say or hear anything real anymore. Will we ever be able to achieve such true global interconnection again?
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I quit all social media a few months ago and the difference in my mood is incredible. I'm less stressed and just happier overall. I don't spend hours laying in bed scrolling through Instagram or some other cancer app. I'm more out of the loop on most things now but it actually feels nice. It doesn't feel like I'm constantly connected to the entire world anymore.


you'd think being connected like that would open doors to good opportunities but it seems like its just dragging people down or ruining people's lives


Yeah, it does. I believe it's because social media is very evil if you think about it. The algorithm most of these platforms use, such as Facebook and Instagram, is programmed to show you what you want to see. For instance if you like a lot of pictures of cats on Instagram the app will show you more pictures of cats. It learns about you. In the context of cute cat pictures, this doesn't sound like a big deal. Now add to the mix wild conspiracy theories and paranoid thoughts.
Flat-earthers are a good example of this. You see other people talking about how the Earth is flat. You start to wonder yourself, is the Earth actually flat? You look it up on Facebook, you find a few flat Earth groups. In these groups are countless people posting reasons why and alleged proof that the Earth is flat. There are also countless people who agree with these opinions and not a single person who questions them. Before you know it you've dragged yourself into an echo chamber where the only opinions and ideas you are exposed to are those which you agree with. And the algorithm is more than happy to show you more, because it knows this will keep you using.
It's a real cult mindset. Push everything that questions your reality aside. Then when reality starts to clash with whatever you've seen on the internet, that can wig some people out. I think this has the potential to be very dangerous, as this could very well create hundreds, if not thousands of splintered groups that that are deadset that the world works this way and not that way. I believe this may lead to some serious conflict in the future.
This is one of the main reasons I quit social media. I didn't know what to believe about the world around me anymore. Now I try not to think about it as much.
Another thing I wanted to mention; social media is a greatest hits collection of whoever's profile you're looking at. People look awesome when viewed through their social media profiles and others compare themselves to this. Everyone posts a picture of the ice cream they just bought. No one posts a picture of the ice cream they just dropped on the ground.

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Anyone here believe in God?

Your fortune: Average Luck
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Also, probably even just having the possibility to somehow influence your fate after death is extremely satisfying. Even more so than if a religion promised you a spot in heaven for literally nothing


I like it, and i understand the morals that go along with it but no matter how hard i try i just can't be religious. also in a sense, i have to see something to believe and i just haven't seen anything yet.


Wonder why people always forget about Samson?

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Write a letter to someone who may never read it
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Dear random person

On (tuesday, august, 12) Do not look outside. Close all windows and lock all doors. Turn all of your devices on at top volume. Rock back and fourth and if you hear knocking , knock back 3 times. If you hear someone say "outerwear" you know what you must do. that is all


Dear me of the future
just in case


Dear random anonymous wanderer, don't forget about us.

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What's an ideal height for a GF? If you have one, grab a tape measure and post results
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[spoiler]4 inches and made out of PVC[/spoiler]

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Anything internet related really.
Meme culture
Internet culture
Imageboard culture or how ever else you happened to use it.
Either when you where on the internet, through your computer or outside and people are talking just talking about internet culture.
You can even talk about when you first started using it, or even later in life.
Good or bad memories, perhaps a thread can help close up old wounds, and help heal. Either way i think this will be interesting to talk about.
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Does anyone remember a flash game called Covetous? I played it when I was a kid and it freaked me out.


oh shit i know what your talking about! creepy parasite thing with high pitch noises and flashing lights. i think it was about a thing stuck in a body wanting to become human. the game was on newgrounds but it got deleted.


You remember correct. The parasite became bigger as you consumed more blocks and the game had these creepy messages in between. You can still find it on other flash game sites.

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anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.
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I dont like twitter or linking to twitter stuff but honestly in this case seeing is beliving


Well that's my dose of cancer for today. All of his posts are woke intellectual nonsense.
And of course his fursona is some fat fuck.


the green goblin symbolizes his "depression"

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"it is better to dwell in the wilderness, then with a contentious and an angry woman"
-Proverbs 21:19
>All modern women love to fight and bitch
>There is no wilderness left anymore
What can I do? I feel so lost.
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>What can i do?
Have faith that everything will be ok and not all women are like that. (also be a wizard lole) Pretty sad though seeing how society keeps churning out those people like a wildfire and the internets just enables bad behavior.


You only need one good women to have a lifelong happiness, if 99.99999% of women are extremely angry and hate you to guts solely because of looks byt that 00.00001% is fine with you it is as good as it gets.
Will never be happy because they waste hours thinking women that have no relation to them do.


>you only need good women
Very true, but bad women are able to blend in with good women. I hope that I have good instincts.
>waste hours on women
Yeah those people are the people to say "you didn't fire me I quit". These people want women more than anyone. A lot of the times these individuals can't get women.

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>60 cents in my bank account
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For the past few years, I have had less and less change. I do have a coin jar but, it collects coins slowly.


i have 1,400


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[spoiler]gibe tree fiddy[/spoiler]

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>work at an animal shelter (mostly with cats) alone at night
>always loved three cats there, one of which was a kitten and another was old and fat but also a sweetheart
>knew someone wanted that kitten, mentally embraced myself for his disappearance

>fast forward to wednesday

>old, fat cat was adopted
>get depressed, but still have the kitten for some reason, thought he would never go
>fast forward to friday
>he was adopted too

>my only real furry friend now is an orange cat that only has one other cat for company

>can't adopt him because i already own two rescues that lived with me since 2013
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like when people pretend to be nice, and after a while you realise they're only doing it because they want something from you, or just being forced to say shit just so you can make it through your job without getting fired
the whole office politics thing is exausting


I had a summer friend back when i was a kid. A box turtle i named squrtle. I had discovered her hiding under a tarp, and started looking online on how to take care of it. Fed her water, lettuce, watermelon and various other foods. she was shy at first but she slowly warmed up to me where she'd run up to me whenever i came outside. Pet her, dug holes, fun stuff. One day i woke up and her food bowl was empty and she was gone.

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This is, dedicated to.. normalfags. This is gonna be edgy, but this is my opinion.
You're alone. You always will be. Those friends you sit with in the bar or at a restaurant don't know how you truly feel. They're only there because your mind requires them to keep you sane. Your girlfriend means nothing. The love you two share is transient and it'll be gone soon. Love, hate, sadness, happiness.. all of these were made so that your mind could be saved from itself. Your mind is powerful, use it for good. But you won't. You'll still choose to not do anything, to not think nor feel. Because thinking and feeling will require you to hurt yourself. It's fine. Continue what you're doing, continue believing that what you feel is this force of good that'll totally save you from sadness. I'm telling you this out of benevolence. I want to help you. We want to help you. But sadly, you're stuck. You're stuck here because of yourself. You sunk yourself intentionally into quicksand and now you make us dig you out. You tell us to get jobs, have fun in life, among other things. However, your ideas of "fun" and "a successful life" are degraded and do nothing for others except hurt them. We humans are social creatures, made to help each other to an extent, though we are still competitive. But you want to be selfish and make superficial connections with others who see you as a pawn.

This is not a call to nihilism, as some may think of it. This is a call to realization. Just because you're alone doesn't mean there are no outside entities that will not understand you. It just means you won't understand them. So then you read philosophy books and misunderstand them completely as telling you that you can do whatever you want, because you think that you have these philosophers to back up your hedonistic lifestyle. Remember what you did to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer? You people use philosophy not as a guide, but as a cope to continue your disgusting lifestyle.

TL;DR, get the fuck over yourselves.
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I see. I just felt this was somewhat important, so I didn't want for it to go unsaid


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Yes, anon, you're so much better than the participants you're leeching off.



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>no gf for 2 years
>no hookups for 1 year
>no female touch for 7 months
im now to the point where im comfortable just being alone and just having male friends that share interests. Is there something wrong with me? Have i degenerated or ascended?
Besides all that ive come to find alot about myself through this loneliness and im kinda proud of that. Anyone else feel this way?
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I have recently started to think about saving more money and putting it into my debit card and bank. When I had consistent work, I did that, but now that I haven't had a lot of oppturnities to work I have not done that so much. I recently realized that I have to save money to prevent unnecessary stress because I am buying stuff but after saving for some time, but I never have money to just buy something for the heck of it. As for putting money in the bank, it will be nice to have more security, especially as my current scholarship runs out. Maybe having more money will make me carry myself more confidently and less worried.


You have ascended. Remember lad that those degenerate normalniggers obsess over trivial pish-posh such as relationships and the stress and drama it creates usually sends them down a downward spiral that YOU are protected from, you are free to grow and to become your best self as you have discovered, OP. Truily wizards are wise like the philosophers of old.


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I've always felt like this. There are more important things out there than sex.

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anyone else meeting their gf online?
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OP was probably baiting but if being honest then he needs to lurk more surprised he was not vanned.


22chan is a relationship-free board and i'm still pretty happy about it and i'm glad it's both shunned and banned for normalfaggotry. i'm gonna try and hold the line here anyway just incase any newfags try and pull that shit on this board. literally normalfags do stupid shit like use imageboards and gay meme apps to date people, and not using it for it's intended purpose. like, aren't site's like this supposed to be an escape from reality? also those people like 4chan jannies who get free sex to unban e-thots, and moot who became cucked after dating that tumblr thot, it never leads to good things. then again online dates are gay because, you dont know that person, imagine talking to a woman for a month or even less and deciding "wow, im in love and i want to be her boyfriend" isnt that a bit too quick? isnt actually being friends irl, deeply knowing someone, and then being in a relationship irl better? also, having a gf is a distraction, they require love and attention among other things and therefore preventing you from getting stuff done. i swear it's just retarded, why be on an origami folding board if you are in a relationship in the first place? if i was myself, either i would hide it/not talk about it, or simpily leave. there's >>>/reddit/ if anything for those people.


So is this board, but it's the most many of us'll get, so why not have fun? I found a lot of fun autists both male and female irl, so the idea that he couldn't find another on a place like this doesn't seem totally plausible. It kinda sucks that femautists are looked more down upon than us, though. I had this one that was really into anime, to the point she drew yaoi of her own characters(GOOD fucking yaoi, mind you) and gave me recommendations I enjoyed; soon after graduation, I lost her number in my phone. I still punch myself in the leg for that one.

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I can't do this anymore. I was a NEET for a year, and it was one of the most depressing moments of my life. I tried to kill myself during that time. Then, a year later, decided to come back and try to finish high school. It didn't work either. I just couldn't bring myself to care, to socialize. Got diagnosed with autism. When I was 16-17 I tried having friends and going on dates, just to isolate myself no long after. I can't even keep up with online friends/dating. I try to be normal, I try to find things that give me a sense of fulfilment, from trying to be a normalfag to having hobbies (art, literature, anime, compsci, you name it.) I just want to go back to NEETdom and never see anyone again. Does anyone else feels as hopeless as I am now? I'm not some virgin neet who will fit in with most of imageboard culture, but I'm definitely too autistic to fit with normal, well-adjusted, people.
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That definitely helps, anon. Thank you. Have a good night/day.


Worse thing you can do is force things OP. Do what you enjoy and if you have The time, The ability or the mental wellness to what you want, Do it. Being a normalfag isn't too healthy due to the fast paced "gimme dat" nature of that society and forcing yourself on an imageboard for instant satisfaction of companionship or whatever void you need filled(Even though your sure you can't fit in i assume) Isnt too good either. if you NEED something, (Say, friendship) You wont get it. But slowly working at something you want although painful and slow as that may sound, Will work out.


Believe or not friend that's exactly the same thing I went through, went neet my last 2 years of hs, tried to go back but failed badly

I'm going to be honest with you anon, as someone far on the other side it doesn't get better, not before it gets a lot worse

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>be me
>want a gf
>all the women I meet have shitty personalities
>can barely interact with them without getting pissed off
>late at night
>download some "what would you look like as a girl?" photo filter app
>see what I'd look like as a girl
>oh shit, she's super cute
>instantly become infatuated
>start having dreams where I interact with her
>she's literally me
>no woman could possibly compete
>mfw I am my own waifu
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I've started meditating for 10 minutes every morning. I'm not as awkward since I started but if I miss a day I start being awkward again. Meditating has helped me feel more confident in my skin.
I also have changed my view on women. The obsessions that used to bother me is now just a fact of life to me. It's just what they do, it's immature to get mad at it so just live with it instead or better yet support it if it's not destructive. Girls like when guys pay sincere attention to their obsessions.


Having people talk about themselves is an easy way to talk to people because people are experts on themself usually. The hard part is going beyond that. Do you have any advice anon? I am not afraid of talking to people, but I have a hard time making acquaintances friends.


Here is an elaboration. I find it difficult; to find interesting people or, it is the other way around. When the person I am talking to finishes talking about their life or what they are up to, I don't know what to do after that. Maybe people who I talk to like me I; don't know that. If people like me, I have no clue how to continue the potential friendships I may have. I am paying sincere attention to people I talk to but, I don't know if they care.

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Happy new years everyone. Reply with your own personal new years resolution, I'll start with mine. My new years resolution is to be 100% sober all year round in 2021(I've struggled with drugs these past few years for context)
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>develop new tactics
Maybe we should have a thread to talk more about self improvement because it is a long and repetitive process that requires constant effort and thought.


How is everyone doing on their New Years' resolutions? If you have failed so far do you want to keep trying? I need to think about how things are going with me, but I will try to update you anons.


>go on noporn/nofap
That is difficult if you do not have a strategy. One approach is to have a punishment if you fail. You could either not watch or play whatever you wanted to do that day or, you could donate money to Twoot. The second option is a good thing to do no matter your circumstances, but when you lose some money you notice. Another option is when you have the feeling where you want to indulge in your vice, you could exercise until you get your urges under control.

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