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its all down hill for me now fellas,
i never graduated high school and fail everything i do, couldn't even finish my fuckin cert because i cant type faster than 15 wpm
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Did you ever want to live a normal life anon? IDK if you are just pretending to be above that or you just naturally think this way.


>Did you ever want to live a normal life anon?

i wonder that about a lot of people here and around, where i live there is alot of pressure everywhere to be successful and normal, its seems so foreign that there are places where you can just not try


The pressure may be good because having a normal and successful life makes most people happy. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to be accepted. It is an ugly truth but, it is good to know in the long run.

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ITT: we talk about anything related to psyche or the human consciousness. Not strictly related to the occult or 'spirituality' but rather a broad topic on things like dreams, mediation, lucid dreaming, deja vu, ghosts, literature on the science behind it, etc.
Really more your experience or thoughts about it rather than anything else
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How big of an anomaly do you believe this is? How often does stuff like this happen in your life? Personally it is rare my family makes pancakes, we go for waffles 9.9/10 times. When I predict what my family has it is always something that we have from time to time.


It only happened once.


Yesterday the weather matched my general mood that day but at a different part of the day I was feeling that feeling. I was feeling mentally tired that day because the previous day was exhausting. I didn't let the feelings past the previous day because their was no breaks to relax. I felt mentally tired and angry at the same time. It took a while for those feelings to pass but when I realized it had passed it started to rain. The rain reminded me of my mood because the rain comes down for while then it goes and that is similar to how a bad mood is for me. What was strange was that the rain conveniently started once my mood improved.

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tired and wasted and even if i do i prolly wont make it thaf far lol
how do i even handle the press lol

so tense i just want money and less tired and more energy ohohohoho

what should i do haha


got nothing to do?
learn to speak english ya daft gook



God damn it, >>>/trash/

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I hope I have a good day tomorrow. Wage slaving is always grueling but sometimes my boss is nice to me.
what do you guys do for money? I'm a cashier at mcdonds and it sucks donkey dick
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That's how life is for many people OP, in fact that's how it is for most people who have got a job. Making million identical parts, making million identical cakes and so on. But it's easier when you don't have to work with whining customers all day who are bitching about not getting enough diabetes in their burger.


How customers treats you is really telling about how people are. These customers really like making employees feel small for not bending perfectly to their commands. That is why I am dreading having to find a new job. My current workplace does not have a lot of money at the moment so they aren't giving me hours to work.


It appears I definitely don't have my old job. Yesterday I submitted an application for a new job and unlike last time I searched for a job I have experience and references. I hope I get the job.

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Today has been death by a thousand papercuts, where it feels like all the small shit has been adding up and suddenly you've lost your fucking marbles. Today was absolute shit, like an all day boxing match just getting your ass spiritually beat. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.



That happens to all of us anon sadly. Sleeping for me makes my emotions go back to normal. I am lucky in that sense because it isn't so easy for others. For me stopping and resting helps.

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Hello 22chan, i am struggling to motivate myself to do hobbies and push myself beyond the bare minimum. I am not a NEET and I do everything required of me to be self sufficient. I can never really push myself beyond that though. I have many interests I would like to pursue and enough time to do so, I just don't and end up wasting all my free time on mildly fun low effort things instead of super fun things I care about which require more effort. Would any anons like to share their experience with something like this or provide some helpful advice?
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I, too, have this problem, OP. What we need to do is to stop spending so much time on the internet. When ever you feel like going online and aimlessly browsing away, just go do something else instead. I have realized this recently, and am going to be working on not being so lazy and internet in the next years.

Also don't touch your benis.


Hey OP, this is gonna sound stupid and hypocritical (because I myself fail and have your problem) but I guess you just have to 'feel it'. What I mean by this that you will find yourself fed up and angry enough to do something. You also have to remember that pessimism is just as subjective as optimism, maybe you feel that it pointless and look down on others who are happy, but hey its not like half the world aren't in your same line of thinking. I also recommend socialising (unironically yes this is a recommendation and I know that's easier said than done). You have to be aware that you can depend on others or take your mind off once in a while. I guess this was shit that works for me idk


Do you have any family or friends anon? If you have either maybe you could do a activity with them. Perhaps that could help with loneliness you may have and will have you doing new stuff.

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Has anyone died of corona virus in the past year because they were playing pokemon go?


Maybe? I mean if whoever is careful to not walk in a large crowd wear a mask and whatever other safety precautions i doubt anyone will get infected.


Maybe someone was marked as a covid because he/she got ran over while playing Pokemon Go and having covid.

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Once I learn the ropes I'm going to move to Nova Scotia to climb adventure & upperdeck boats


That's interesting, but it would be nice if you'd elaborate more anon:
what got you interested in such a "hobby"?
are there any videos you'd recommend to learn more about this?
If anything, this could be a cool thread for people to discuss outdoors hobbies like mountain-biking and so on in general


Is that a gothic skyscraper?
It's really cool looking.

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>High testosterone
>High IQ
>Can't relate to anyone in the real world
>Can't relate to anyone on imageboards
>Sometimes the alienation just cuts a little deep
>>But, I'm OK with this and am grateful for who I am
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I have the same problem but for the opposite reason. I often feel like I can't relate to anybody or ever feel like I'm part of a group. That doesn't stop me from having friendships, but I still feel alone in some ways.
The reason for this stems more from inferiority complexes rather than feelings of superiority (and be honest, you can't call yourself one of the few with both high intelligence and testosterone and consider it a bad thing)


>it's the fact that it's virtually non-existent in others that I would contend is an issue.
Do you want to find someone like you? Is that what you want?


Yes-ish, especially a woman, not so much for a love fantasy, but to make more of my "species".

I don't want or need others to be exactly like me, I just wish there was more dynamism in cognition. I don't feel like a human anymore, I feel like an alien among people. There's really nothing I could say that can convey the difference between me and others, I am a race of 1.

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shidty ice coffee recipe for /yu/

You'll need:
>medium to large jar(with lid)
>instant coffee
>ice blocks
>boiled water

>3 teaspoons of coffee and 1 teaspoon of sugar into the jar
>boiled water in, just enough to cover
>fill the rest with milk and ice cubes and put in freezer with lid for about2-5 minutes

the coffee to sugar ratio can be adjusted for taste,
you can also add things like crushed mint for flavour

i hope you frens enjoy


i forgot to say, post comfy recipes pls (bonus points if theyre healthy)



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Write poetry to express how you feel
Don't worry if it's good or bad or whatever
Just express yourself
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I dig your poem. I write poetry as well but whenever I show people they get confused bc I don't want to tell them what its about.

Likewise, the one I wrote about was more of a vent than anything else. I just write but I also read other poetry for inspiration occasionally.


One day I will come around
to the places were you spin in harmony
and smiles like gravity keep you together.
For now, I'll watch from behind my trusty window of ice
Maybe occasionally passing as a meteorite
struggling to keep calm and appearances.
Was I really built for this?
I want the freedom of the one, where there is nothing in between us but time
Is it too cold? Is it too harsh outside?
I can't. I'm lost. I'm not even close
to being a friend


Being pretentious is my legitimacy
road of laughter
and I like to feel conscious

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ITT: Lit-Pic-Mu

post a piece of text (exert from book, poem ect), picture and song that share a similar vibe/feeling

use ur noodle and dont be afraid to express yall self,
post something thats 22 feelz 4 /yu/


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- reffs by fujitsu

'In the small hot room he dreams; again, its his mother. No, he never dreams about his mother, only about her absence.[...] He wakes with is heart pounding. He remembers now that after she'd left he'd put it on, that dressing gown[...].'
- oryx and crake by Margret Atwood

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ITT: comfy aesthetics
my favorite is Goblincore

>collecting shiny things

>nature ie frogs n shit
>isolating self in cave

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Analog sci-fi/Cassette futurism
There's something about sinthwave, the hum of old computers and structural design used that just feels so relaxing to me.


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Similar vibe but not synthwave, sorta makes me think about all those old clips from shows like star trek and red dwarf when these massive ships slowly carve there way through space


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As I was struggling once again with feeling pretty shitty for the last few days I thought I'd try to figure out how my feelings might work
Pic related, the result, is slightly amusing, and it might be pretty inaccurate, but I hope it can help me understand myself better. It is extremely simplified of course.
a -> b means that a "increases" b, for example having work to do increases stress or reading a good book restores energy.
a -x b means that a "decreases" b, like fun decreasing stress, or negativity decreasing energy
This graph expresses a thought I've been having for a while, that stress and negativity create a vicious cycle, which is also constantly getting input from the stuff I have to do. Like for example doing an exam is stressful.
(By active fun I mean fun that requires effort, projects basically. Passive fun is low-energy requiring activities like watching movies)
With fun you don't have such a simple feedback loop: you have to balance out passive and active fun, as too much passive won't make you much happier while too much active will wear you out and turn counter-productive. At the same time energy, the fuel behind active fun is constantly being drained by everything (to be fair, it gets partially refilled every day too)
You don't have a constant favorable stream that can kickstart you like the negative loop has, and the looping is less direct and quick:
Passive fun -> less stress -> more energy in the near future -> more active fun -> less stress and negativity -> more energy in the further future
It might all just be bullshit. But I guess I'll try to take a look at some of the activities I do and try to see how they reflect on this graph, then try to figure out if I can spend my time better
What do you think of this? Am I crazy?
Also, what about you? Do you make plans and graphs about how to better your mood and life? Does it help?
I feel like plans to better my life make me more hopeful and energetic in the short term but on the long run I always give up/forget about it.. However I can't just give up, can I?

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Post poetry that resonated with you or you just think is cool

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


Robert frost has always hit me in the 22 feels 4 /yu/
i kind of interpreted this as the woods representing frost's suicidal thoughts during his life, most of his kids died early so it makes sense. his horse seems to doubt the woods most likely being the people who doubt why he has these thoughts, he also seems to question where they are coming from as well.
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Time for some Baudelaire. This one appealed to me a lot.


My interpretation might be somewhat literal, but I think the poem is about finding solace in the face of your endless stream of responsibilities.
Do you even find yourself in a situation and think to yourself "I wouldn't mind if this lasts forever" ? It's tough when you realize it's impossible.
That's the message that speaks to me, anyways.

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