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>don't actually ejaceluate
who else has perfected this art?
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ah yes, the non-ejaculatory orgasm. ive been taking cracks at it for around two years now. ive come close to a totally dry explosion, yet no cigar. your pelvic floor muscles need to be really strong for it. mine are not yet at the required strength level. but even a delayed orgasm is enough to nearly turn one off to regular nuts. the longer the delay, the brighter the fireworks. ever see a video of a woman having a real orgasm that isn't from some dumbass shit like getting fucked in the ear? and how her soul temporarily leaves her body? imagine that, and imagine being one of the sensei coomers who can chain multiple dry pulls together, since when you dont actually ejaculate apparently your body thinks you still have a quota to reach, and there's no refractory period. thusly, you can experience multiple orgasms within a few minutes or even a few seconds of each other. it is genuinely one of the more mind blowing things you can experience as a man or otherwise human with male reproductive organs.
in my short yet broad days in NEETdom, the NEO is one of a couple masturbatory goldmines which i have discovered, along with the prostate orgasm, sensory orgasms (which is literally rubbing one's stones or nipples or some erotically pleasurable area), and the male squirt, which can be done, but (as far as i know) unfortunately not by those of us whose foreskin and other vital penile components were bitten off by a jewish man while we were infants.


I've done it like 5 times, not that hard tbh.


>prostate orgasm
sounds pretty gay man

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ITT tell me reasons why you didn't do an hero
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Because I have good genes and so must have children and properly rear them for the sake of the planet.


im not a retarded emo faggot


I don't know but it will happen eventually

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The internet's so fucked. By extension, so are we. It's so goddamn depressing to think about how the one place where I can feel even slightly good at something is such a shithole. The web's fallen so far, and it's only getting worse. Is there any hope of restoring it back to what it was?
I feel like the entire human race had a mere 20 years to communicate with itself freely, before the internet became commercialized and nobody can fucking say or hear anything real anymore. Will we ever be able to achieve such true global interconnection again?
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>"when you an imageboard"


It's funny how people shut themselves off now, too. It's not just the big companies that are locking it down. The people who put your name on a blocklist for politely disagreeing are just as bad. A lot of people don't want to be exposed to new things.


Years later, this is still working well. Thank's twoot.
Honestly, i don't know. The issue is that EVERYBODY has to agree the internet is a hellhole, and work on fixing it together.( i guess its the same "it starts with you" deal, but highly doubt that'll work out well) Another is is the sheer fucking hatred that seeps off of every site, there's no fun anymore, and it's rare to see fun loving people talking about whatever anymore. it's a gladiator pit everywhere.

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I somehow got 13 hours of sleep today but I still feel fucking awful.
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I believe this has something to do with the time when you went to sleep desu
When I go to bed at 3 AM and then sleep for 11 hours I still feel tiresome after waking up, but if I go to bed at 11 a basic 7-8 hours sleep does the trick for me.


This, it's base on the normal recommended sleep time, for adults, 7-9 hours is the normal recommended time. If you are a lot older, like above 65, 8 hours is fine too, but 1 hour more or little may be appropriate.


I would always go to sleep and wake up for the healthy 7-9 hours, but i would wake up exausted, and sleepy. Turns out i have sleep apnea. The main issue is i can't afford proper treatment so it's something i'm going to have to deal with.

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Why the fuck am i so fucking dumb i fucking hate this shit i want to die its so hard to do anything and nothing works :'c
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ok ill take your word for it. one less stop on my daily visits...


>its so hard to do anything and nothing works :'c
same, fuck


idk my iq but like, it takes ages for me to learn stuff and do stuff and shits hard, ive only ever gotten c's or lower in school

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>work at an animal shelter (mostly with cats) alone at night
>always loved three cats there, one of which was a kitten and another was old and fat but also a sweetheart
>knew someone wanted that kitten, mentally embraced myself for his disappearance

>fast forward to wednesday

>old, fat cat was adopted
>get depressed, but still have the kitten for some reason, thought he would never go
>fast forward to friday
>he was adopted too

>my only real furry friend now is an orange cat that only has one other cat for company

>can't adopt him because i already own two rescues that lived with me since 2013
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As pseudo-deep as it sounds, I never found love with humans. I always found it with animals and well, objects. Animals don't have much depth to them, they express love to you in an easy way to understand. Humans don't do that shit.

I have to fucking understand arbitrary signs just to have a conversation with people. It's dumb shit.
I don't wanna be like those middle aged women with no kids and like 2000 cats. It's not the problem with the cats, it's with their overly sardonic and passive aggressive personalities.

It just looks like I'm rambling now, shit. I apologize.




like when people pretend to be nice, and after a while you realise they're only doing it because they want something from you, or just being forced to say shit just so you can make it through your job without getting fired
the whole office politics thing is exausting

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The easiest way to spot evil is to put something good in front of them. I learned this in a weird way.

It was my birthday that day actually, and it was about 3 am and I just woke up. I heard a kitten outside the door and felt very bad about it, so me and my dad (he was awake too) let it in. I made the kitten at home, giving it somewhere cold to stay and letting it chill.

My mom and my brother didn't like it however. They saw I let the kitten in and they got very pissed at me. My brother started hurling insults at me for letting the kitten in.

You may say "Well, rabies!" but I live in a country where the rabies rate among animals is super low that it's not even a problem.

Next day, I notice that the kitten is gone. It turns out my mother actually sent the kitten away somewhere, presumably to die.

She'll have to answer to God as to why she did that. I tried talking to her about it but all she did was say "SO YOU'RE SAYING I'M A BAD MOTHER?! OKAY, HATE ME! HATE ME!" and being super defensive.

As I type this, I am quite emotional. There are other things she should have done. The kitten didn't attack me or do anything wrong. She could have taken it somewhere since there are animal organizations here. She didn't care. She just threw it away.

RIP kittenbro. You were too pure for this disgusting world.
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Apologies for the spacing btw it's just my autism.


Cat's better off in the wild world than in a house with a bitch like that. Now he can have an adventure.


parasites are another issue but seriously, yeah it could have been given to a responcible owner, animal control, or a nice orginization or shelter instead of thrown back outside, a good chunk of cats and other domesticated animals die that way. hopfully someone else found it and gave it a nice home.

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In this thread, let's discuss our living situations. it doesn't have to be about our rooms though, it can be about our local area, houses we used to live in or whatever.
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forgot to mention what's next to me.. I have some notebooks I write notes in relating to linguistics and studying languages, or if I have a good idea I'd write it in there.


i live an a rv, with my family for years now. but in a week or so we'll be moving in to a house.


Your setup gives off a nice 90's vibe

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I think for many people it's natural to want to feel part of some sort of community. I sometimes come across groups of great people united by the passion for something, but somehow no matter how much I like the group or whether I share the interest for the thing, I'm never able to really feel like part of it. I always feel external, like an alien, a foreigner. Even here, despite sometimes having fun or receiving positive feedback I feel like my background is completely different from the one of most anons, also I don't really have that much of an imageboard culture to "really" be part of the community. I discovered 4chan in 2018... This place a little before a year ago
I've watched (and loved) anime but still <20 series. I know it's not about numbers, but if I was really passionate about it I would've watched hundreds by now. Same applies to anything in my life really
It seems like I can never fully dive into something and as such I feel the difference between me and those who can, and self-reject myself
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>Don't worry about fitting in with "imageboard culture," it's a meme anyway
That sounds funny. I guess you're right, I don't now why I end up caring
>Anime is neat but it'll also eat your life
I'm afraid that if there's nothing eating my life then my life will be eating me. I don't think I'm being "mature" about my hobbies, rather I feel like I'm getting stuck over and over again, and every time that happens I just wait for a while, then switch to something else. As a result I barely get any progress in anything and when I see how far certain people have come with their hobbies I feel awful
Yeah yeah comparing to others is bad (but how not to? Also without comparing it's still pretty bad), yeah I should try to really focus on one thing (and I'm trying) but for now I still feel like shit and am unhappy with the state of my things


What hobbies do you have, op?
>imageboard culture
Nothing you need to know unless you don't know how to use an imageboard, and if anything like moot or whatever gets mentioned but it's more of a conversational thing then a thing you really need to know.
>fitting in (here)
just talk about what interests you. post regularly and stay comfy. nothing too complex.


>What hobbies do you have, op?
Music, as in listening, playing and making
I used to be into programming a lot, but it's been a while
I usually find anime/films/books enjoyable
As I said however sadly I'm usually very slow at anything
>>imageboard culture
I guess I meant more like in a mentality sense. If there's a reference to a 4chan meme I can always look it up
I don't have too much trouble posting either most of the time

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A baww thread.
Post anything sad here. Could be your story, could be someone else's, could be sad pictures, anything, as long as it's sad.
Starting with my own story, a continuation.
I did make a thread on here before about my cousins and brother and the situation I had with them, but I had something a bit ago that was.. quite sad.
For context, during my birthday, not many people cared. Only my parents and an aunt. Not that that's a problem.
Anyways.. time to hit it.
>Have a dream
>eldest cousin walks up to me (he was the nicest)
>tells me "happy birthday!" and gives me a present
>it's an iPad
>all my other cousins are there, the same ones who made fun of me
>they're all happy for me and everything
>they present me with a cake and they sing the song
>"it's as if I had an actual connection with them" I thought
>I felt happy and loved for once
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A while back I had a dream that my mother killed herself. She suffers from anxiety and stuff like that, so when she sometimes jokes about jumping out of the window (even if I believe/hope she is far from doing it) I get slightly upset and worried, and that feeling manifested in my dream. My dad tried to hold her at the window but failed. So yeah. I woke up quickly and immediately knew it was just a dream, it didn't really hit me hard. But it's also kinda sad


whom are you quoting LOL

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I would just really like to say how much 22chan has been helping with my mental health as of lately, I suffer from depression, anxiety and I am a recovering drug addict who has relapsed more times than I can count but I am currently been sober for what's coming up to a month now and going strong.This site has been the thing I go to whenever I get home from work, you anons are what makes my day that bit brighter because I know after work I have something nice to come home to. I will always treasure this site, because it has become apart of me now, I know we have our jokes and I love them, I don't think I'm going to have a time where I get bored of this place because the way this place is set up is just so perfect for me. I couldn't ask anything more from you anons and I would feel guilty for asking for anything more if there was more that I could ask. This place is a safe haven for me, it's a place that I know I can just go to, sit back and relax while enjoying the many threads and crawling around in /sewers/. Over the nearly 2 years of this site being around I wish the best for the coming years, I suspect even greater things to come from this site and I am more than thrilled to be apart of it.
So thank you anons and you too Twoot for making this place, but don't think I forgot about you mods and jannies, you guys help make this place the amazing image board that it is. So thank you, that's all. :)
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that's cute. Good luck with the detox and stuff


I just honestly want to kill myself like a really hate living lol.


thank you steve, i feel the same

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Anyone here believe in God?

Your fortune: Average Luck
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that is the freudian type of thought which is wrong. if religions like christianity were made to avoid the fear of death, then why do there exist these extremely harsh punishments like suffering for an eternity in hell for stepping out of line?


Punishments give a sense that ultimately justice will be made. That person did something awful to you and got away with it? Don't worry, cause he will burn after death like FOREVER
Also most religious people probably believe or have strong hopes (at least subconsciously) that they will go to heaven. They wouldn't be following their religion if they didn't (there would be no point in following god's rules if you already knew you have a reserved place in hell)


Also, probably even just having the possibility to somehow influence your fate after death is extremely satisfying. Even more so than if a religion promised you a spot in heaven for literally nothing

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>make online friend, best one so far
>get ghosted
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Same goes with online friends, i never really liked playing with others, when i want to play i might just want to do it for 1-2 hours and im done, but when im playing for others they often wanna play on hours end and "huh, you leaving already??" so annoying and tiering


Did that recently, and apparently he was worried that I died of covid. Considering another guy he knew did ghost him because he died of covid I feel a bit shitty about my actions now. I did come back after two months....
I kinda like talking with people, so I like having a friend I often chat with online. But sometimes I get low and just want to get away from everyone
Anyway if you're decently close to someone I think they wouldn't mind if you didn't feel like talking sometimes, imo. And I mean, you can always just ignore texts for a while
But I mean, if you are happy with how things are why change them, right?
playing games together with someone is always fun. My friend had an old and shitty laptop but he managed to find some games that worked on it and we had fun playing together... that was a while ago


I have had similar problems in real life and online "friendships". Since I am not as interesting as other people are to these "friends" they talk less and less to me until we are strangers again. I suppose people like this want immediate gratification for being friends with me which I cannot give as much. It is quite a shame things can't be different.

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I'm tired of feeling like shit and talking about how I feel like shit with other people who feel like shit. Let's please have a thread where we post things we find inspirational yet still honest. Good life advice, the kind of things you'd hear for dear old dad. Hard life advice, even. Just something that makes you want to get up and punch someone in the jaw. Something that would make those dirty hippies cry.
Here's a quote that's been done to death but every time I come around to it again I get something out
>Every day a man must build. If he does not, he will succumb to instant gratification in the form of alcohol, drugs, meaningless sex, masturbation, video games and other foolish activities. Some men build their career; some a relationship. Some build their hobby and others build their body strength. Few build their knowledge. And fewer build a passion. Many men go days, months, even years without building anything because they are waiting until they "feel like it". Great men put feelings aside and start building every day.


first we learn to listen then we listen to learn.


This is motivational in a backwards way


This could be very helpful if you struggle with "finding motivation"

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I am extremely afraid of death. Just thinking about it gives me panic attacks. It's a really weird feeling knowing that every single person around me one day or another will perish and be replaced by someone else. The lack of a consciousness is what scares me the most.
I've gotten one chance to live and here I am. I will not see the world in a hundred, thousand, or even a million years, just this moment right now and that's it. Being a fedoratipper, my view on the subject is pretty grim, since I don't believe in an afterlife in heaven or in hell.
How do you view death, anons? Are there any ways that you try to cope with the idea? Have any of you made peace with such a thought?
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you still have time to delete your posts lol


File: Screenshot_1532.png (135.26 KB, 357x333, 119:111, 1589225642404.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Heavily agree with this, don't know what to say, but modern form of love pretty much makes me want to stay away from those kind of people.


File: live a good life.jpg (48.95 KB, 564x423, 4:3, 1591035584673.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

i dont really fear death that much, what scares me is the impact of my death on the people around me. if i were to die today as an 18 year old lad my parents would be positively destroyed- they would almost have no purpose to live their own lives. my friends would be crushed too. there's a line in the first deadpool that's similar to what i think of it, along the lines of "the worst part about cancer isn't what it does to you- it's what it does to the people around you." replace cancer with death, that's mostly the tl;dr of my belief.
even if i didnt have friends and family acting as external motivation to live i still have internal drives to stay here. i wanna do all sorts of stuff, like become a bartender and build a log cabin and do lots of drugs and find a woman who loves me and have many beautiful children with her. god damnit if i ain't at least going to embark on the young person's pursuit of knowledge and sensation before i check out, on my own terms or otherwise.
and a note on the subject of afterlife- im like 99.8% sure there's life after death, or at least something there if not life as we define it. maybe we go to a place where regular logic just doesnt apply and 2+2=5, maybe we go to heaven or hell, maybe we just travel to a different vibration and stick around on earth in a parallel something. i dont know but ill find out some day, hopefully in the far, far future.

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