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I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful anons here. One of you posted this song in /mu/ this last January or February.
I remembered and am listening to it right now and it's nearly brought me to tears for the first time in over a decade. That time wasn't a particularly bright time in my life, it's about as close as I've ever come to becoming a true hikikomori.
Listening to this song makes me remember being wrapped in my warm blankets for days at a time, barely even leaving them to use the bathroom. I remember watching the snow drift past the streetlamps at night then melt through the next day. I remember my hair growing long as it slowly covered my ears, fell into my eyes, and brushed my shoulders. Disappointed voices outside my door and spider bites that appeared in the night. Only creeping out of my room to eat, drink, and piss when I was sure that everyone else was asleep, because I was so very scared of being seen. Feeling like something out of a 12-year-old's first creepypasta, like if some drowsy sleepwalker stumbled upon me they'd be scarred for life. Losing my humanity day by day but feeling so warm and so oddly content at the same time. I remember feeling so peculiarly childlike and bittersweet about the whole thing. As if I owed the whole world an apology. And now, even as that time is squarely set in my rear view mirror, I feel as if I would quite like to go back. If you have been in a similar place, I'm sure you know what I mean.
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nu-4chan hate thread

>post opinion
>"SHUT UP (insert tripfag here)"
Just fuck my shit up.
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I somehow got 13 hours of sleep today but I still feel fucking awful.
R: 7 / I: 3
>make online friend, best one so far
>get ghosted
R: 15 / I: 1
reminder that women (or FEMORRHOIDS as I like to call them) get over long term relations in about a week.
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wageslave thread

I hope I have a good day tomorrow. Wage slaving is always grueling but sometimes my boss is nice to me.
what do you guys do for money? I'm a cashier at mcdonds and it sucks donkey dick
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Yandere girlfriend

Could a yandere girl ever be a viable partner?
What are your thought /b/?
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Hello. How is everyone doing?
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in this thread, you tell how do you feel or what you've experienced today. the point of this thread is to make every single day count (hopefully) and hopefully remove off some robot personality

i feel nothing really of significance happening today or tommorow. this really annoys me because i have things that i want to do today in my head but never really have the motivation to execute it.

how was your day anonbots?
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how do you feel about it?
what are your plans for the week?
luv u guyze

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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Night walk doc.

I hail from the mother chan. But, please hear me out.
I have assembled a small team and we are making a documentary on nightwalks.
We only need a few narrators to help.
If any of you would be willing to narrate you can post a vocaroo or you can e-mail it to me at nightwalkersproj@gmail.com

I promise not to make myself anymore of a blight to this slow but, fine forum.
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post some robot themed music
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Can we please get a comfy thread on the comfiest chan so far

please post comfy images and discuss this website since its relatively new
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anyone else meeting their gf online?
R: 7 / I: 2
>be me
>greentexting in my underwear
>just got a girlfriend
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/Diary/ 2 : "Electric Boogaloo"?

Perhaps i'm wrong, but it seems the other thread is not only a bit too long, but a bit outdated. The main goal is to let everything out, vent, about everything. What you did today, what you are going through, how you feel and so on. Hopfully it'll be a bit therapeutic and help you heal, and relax. I dunno. I'm just going through hell in my life and on the last thread i just exploded and if i don't let it all out i could be hurting myself, and a new thread could be like some sort if fresh start. Maybe we all deserve a fresh start sometimes.
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The internet's so fucked. By extension, so are we. It's so goddamn depressing to think about how the one place where I can feel even slightly good at something is such a shithole. The web's fallen so far, and it's only getting worse. Is there any hope of restoring it back to what it was?
I feel like the entire human race had a mere 20 years to communicate with itself freely, before the internet became commercialized and nobody can fucking say or hear anything real anymore. Will we ever be able to achieve such true global interconnection again?
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Rare Pepe Thread

Post them now guys.
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animal feels thread

>work at an animal shelter (mostly with cats) alone at night
>always loved three cats there, one of which was a kitten and another was old and fat but also a sweetheart
>knew someone wanted that kitten, mentally embraced myself for his disappearance

>fast forward to wednesday

>old, fat cat was adopted
>get depressed, but still have the kitten for some reason, thought he would never go
>fast forward to friday
>he was adopted too

>my only real furry friend now is an orange cat that only has one other cat for company

>can't adopt him because i already own two rescues that lived with me since 2013
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guys i think i have autism. i've been thinking about it for a while now and most things match up.

is there anything to do except go to a therapist like a normal person? stories?
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Discuss your day plans!!

what are you guys's plans?
are you going to be productive, go out, do nothing ect

i'm going bowling with friends for the first time in months
R: 16 / I: 6
anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.
R: 45 / I: 14
Everything that made 4chan worse and should not be reproduced here.

I'll start: Porn-Ads

Your fortune: Outlook good
R: 5 / I: 1
Im a refugee from 4chins, are anons here better than in that dumpster fire?
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building through loneliness

>no gf for 2 years
>no hookups for 1 year
>no female touch for 7 months
im now to the point where im comfortable just being alone and just having male friends that share interests. Is there something wrong with me? Have i degenerated or ascended?
Besides all that ive come to find alot about myself through this loneliness and im kinda proud of that. Anyone else feel this way?
R: 3 / I: 1
>no traps
>no cumbrains
>no annoying edge lords who scream buzzwords to look cool
>no edge lords
Is this the one guys? Is this the promised land?
R: 5 / I: 2
No matter how much I try to improve myself, I will never be able to pull my own weight. I will always be a burden to those around me. Because of this, I need to cut myself loose and completely isolate myself from people who care about me. Only then will my conscience be clear.
R: 8 / I: 3
"it is better to dwell in the wilderness, then with a contentious and an angry woman"
-Proverbs 21:19
>All modern women love to fight and bitch
>There is no wilderness left anymore
What can I do? I feel so lost.
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>60 cents in my bank account
R: 2 / I: 0
Duckduckgo what the fuck
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It's what I deserve, just me

I have recently realized I have gotten scared of people IRL and whenever I listen to a fictional person's voice, I feel calm and relaxed.

I would say its a wrap for me but I'm relieved. I never even liked people IRL. obviously I don't talk to anyone besides people who I'm forced to talk to [like the people I live with]

but this also means I won't ever have sex, and people say it feels good but I think sex does more bad than good, and people will accuse me of bait if I don't explain, basically my one and only left me, so its not my issue.
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Hey, I found a song I like and thought I would share it with you guys. Tell me what you think.

R: 5 / I: 3
Pic related was the post, btw.
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Psychedelic Discussion.

How does /feels/ feel about psychedelic use? It can potentially help with depression, which I can personally attest to. What do you all think?
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i post this here because they're feelsy

ok, 2 fictions:
After the Fire” [note this is a work of fiction & no characters are based on real life people}
Rich stood across the traintracks under a tree, the lights from the field like ufo’s in the night sky; the announcers voice like a supernatural force:
“And now for our Star Quarterback Trey Davis”
Rich scoffed, what it is to have it all, he thought.
The summer air was bending into fall. A ball drops into a player on Trey Davis’ team.
At the line someone on the other team said “Better watch out, You’re DEAD Davis.”
The players on his team in front of him chuckled. It was a flash of seconds before the guy on the other team streaked through the parallel mobbing Trey Davis to the ground, punching him, slapping him, kicking him.
A girl in the stands started screaming in the voidous vacuum “Somebody stop him!”
Nobody noticed the black figure hop the fence into the field streaking across the turf except for the girl with pink shirt, black pants on, until he tackled the other player.
The whole stadium exploded. “WHO IS THAT GUY?!” screamed the Mockingbirds’ coach. Two officers armed their handcuffs but the figure of Rich disappeared into the town, but not before the two could exchange the sight of a smile.
“Alright, Trey Davis has quit the game!” the announcer smiled.
“Nope!” Trey Davis was on his feet.
The erect figure of Rich watched the proud figure of Trey Davis from a sanctuary.
“Win, you stupid bastard.” He said under his breath”
“This one’s for you, nobody!” Trey Davis said.
They won the game.
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Thank's to the anon who suggested the name change, we actually implement suggestions.

welcome to /feels/
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fate's sense of irony

When I was 20 i punched my dad and served time even though he wasn't pressing charges. we've fought constantly for the past ~27 years. i have a bright future ahead if i work for it. but everybody abandoned me. i feel like maybe i'm not slipping now, because my dad (& i have an irreversible vasectomy) is now my only friend
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>come to even obscurer imageboard
>there are already normalfags here
yep, every time
R: 4 / I: 1
every time I type in "R" (as in r9k on 4chan) it always autocorrects or fills up for this site, which I have literally not used in over a year, which I literally only used it once. Explain
R: 1 / I: 0
It's idillic as fuck at my place right now. It's late evening, the sun is mostly down, my windows are open, the smell of freshly mowed grass and cheap russian contraband cigarette smoke enters my room as i browse a taiwanese origami folder enthusiast forum while listening to a music box version of bad apple.
What can you see at the place you are currently at, anon? What feelings does it bring you?
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you should plant more trees to turn the world into a dense forest.
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yo twoot why is dev.22chan.org public

am i missing something?
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so the fellas n i

we're about to gangbang this one ho, she says 1 rule: no anal.
so two of us r in her pussy fucking at the speeds that warp time space & the continuum and she lets out this huge fart. dude 3 quickly sticks his dick in her ass
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who else enjoys igniting Beelzebub's Oregano?
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train thread

Perma'd on that other site, so I guess I'll come here
post trains, trams, stations, anything rail transportation related
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Anyone here believe in God?

Your fortune: Average Luck
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-no subject-

Hello. I come from 4chan after seeing what is tantamount to an advertisement for this site. Securing one of the early posts for myself is a pretty comfy feeling tbh. I wonder if this site will stay up as continuously as 4chan has? The ban on pornography and gay shit sure is refreshing.
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I kind of want to kill a specific person

It's been so long I've had a thought like this. Seven years ago I wanted to kill my parents about 5 times as bad but I didn't. I pulled through.
So I knew two people in youth, one I was friends with, looked her up, top friends other. out of guilt i messaged other. we hung out and i met her boyfriend who was a cunt. i told her i wanted her and she blocked me. well fast foreward and i'm being investigated by the fbi, she has been watching my facebook and calls the cops for "threatening" her boyfriend. she says in the police report i think she's in love with me, I'm stalking her. i never said any of that shit to anyone, actually. then she follows me on youtube. i message her on a diff account and tell her to stay the fuck away. turns out like the day before the boyfriend gets murdered by a stranger. she never came back, i even sent her $ and she took it.
tldr; pretty much wanna murder my second cousin
i'm not gonna do it, i just don't know how to deal with wanting to kill her, i don't even know if i want to move on.
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LIFE IS STRANGE: Before the Storm

in this game I'm at an impasse. I've got to hold my convictions mostly in the game & be myself. But I got to this one question which was existential to me. I'm supposed to answer "I lost my best friend" or "I lost my dad". well, I want to answer from real life. Both are still alive, and my best friend & I are together as friends. But I betrayed him majorly 1 time & 1 time I was trying to do a long term solid for him and I broke and took it back but then got back on my feet to fight for him. My dad & I broke apart when I was 5 but we were best friends. It's never been the same. I have a feeling the game's going to go downhill but I'd like some talk therapy. It's really I don't want to pick one of them, but I don't want to answer from the game!
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>feel like shit
>go to sleep
>wake up
>still feel like shit
Life fucking sucks i want a refund
R: 5 / I: 1
do you really need friends? i have legit no friends and i am desperate to find one even in online because it would make my life more interesting
R: 16 / I: 3
how was your day anon

Your fortune: Average Luck
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I like this place but it moves at a snails pace how many people are currently browsing r9k?
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>tfw no aspie discord friend
t. aspie
R: 3 / I: 0
I am sad
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Fantasy Mercenary Wargame

Going to try running a simple play by post wargame thing. Premise is this: You are a new mercenary company in a feudal kingdom. You have 12 fighting men, and 5,000 coins to spend on equipment for them. You'll unlock more shit as you gain fame and fortune.
The Attack value is a bonus to the attack roll, meant to pierce armor.
Feel free to ask questions about the game or mechanics. This place is slow enough to do something like this, but hopefully not too slow.
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>tfw newfag
R: 4 / I: 0
>be me
>want a gf
>all the women I meet have shitty personalities
>can barely interact with them without getting pissed off
>late at night
>download some "what would you look like as a girl?" photo filter app
>see what I'd look like as a girl
>oh shit, she's super cute
>instantly become infatuated
>start having dreams where I interact with her
>she's literally me
>no woman could possibly compete
>mfw I am my own waifu
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Letter thread

Write a letter to someone who may never read it
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well anons, errythang is gwyne as planned

I learned all of architectural engineering & physics and am getting the handbook of physics and chemistry tomorrow so i can theorize. i've got a portfolio to design & engineer. I also got a vasectomy but am saving myself for love!
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>babby's first vichan board
>hurr durr let's advertise everywhere because that's how to properly build a community, no need to have a common interest
>about 4 seconds until there's a Discord server (if there isn't one already)
cmon man, at least try
you can't just look at what someone else has and say "let's make that, but the exact same with no redeeming qualities other than a premise of being 'less bad than the other thing'"
please, PLEASE, get off of 4ch/r9k/ and stay here, with your fellow normalfags
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ITT tell me reasons why you didn't do an hero
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Newfag here
What the hell are dubs?

You rolled the number 814381248 (no dubs or higher)
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>Be me
>mommy's big, healthy, bouncy 589lb 32 y/o
> be playing LOL
> Feel tummy make a grumly
>Need to make a poopie
>Luckily, I have a convenient poop closet right in my room
>Pull down my big boy robe
>Unleash a mighty brap
>Make a big diarrhea doodoo right into poop closet, along with all of my other poobs
>Mommie comes in
"A-annon, what the fuck are you doing!?"
>Explain to the normie that I'm Using a poop closet, like any god would
>She kicks me out, breaks my computer
>Posting this from a starbucks

What do I do /r9k/?
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I can't stop feeling self pity for myself. Anyone else feel the same way? Is it beyond fixable?
pic unrelated
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>be me
>be tired of all the porn and gay shit on 4chan
>find 22chan
>no gays or porn
>realize it's inactive
>mfw this will probably be the only post in a month
R: 8 / I: 3
Find 22chan and see theres no porn or gay shit here

Thank you 22chan
R: 9 / I: 2

Ritual Site

Found this spot while out walking today. What should I summon?
R: 5 / I: 3

food/cooking thread

post recipes, pics, food related stories, etc here
made this today, a "deviled" avocado of sorts. scooped out most of the inside, mixed with some leftover cucumber mint salad, added some salt, lime juice and a light dusting of cayenne on top. toast fingers are for presentation mostly, but also go well with the salad
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So, what are you drinking tonight /r9k/?

I'm drinkin' some Arnold Palmer.
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> mfw 4chan is blocked by airport wifi
> mfw 22chan is not blocked
> mfw im a hacker now
R: 3 / I: 1
What is the best and most possible way to start a nuclear war that wipes out most of humanity? Actually meant seriously…
R: 19 / I: 17

Feels thread

I wanna cry boys, help me out
R: 4 / I: 1
> mfw there will be the first ever 22chan trips in not so long time