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>be me
>greentexting in my underwear
>just got a girlfriend
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>not going commando


nadine swims past


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>just got a girlfriend
Good job OP!
I'm getting there with what I got but I got lazy about getting there with a best friend of mine.


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who else /e gf cope/



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Found this spot while out walking today. What should I summon?
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I think its obvious that you should summon Cthulu to come back and take his lad back


pls anon take care! rember to mmake a magical circle to protect you if you try to summon a being (especiallyy if it's a demon)

Your fortune: Godly Luck


I tried to summon a fire demon to burn down this state in time for the midterms, but he came late and didn't burn even close to enough. guess my magic is weak


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If I was you I would lurk and watch who is coming here and what's happening here.



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Anything internet related really.
Meme culture
Internet culture
Imageboard culture or how ever else you happened to use it.
Either when you where on the internet, through your computer or outside and people are talking just talking about internet culture.
You can even talk about when you first started using it, or even later in life.
Good or bad memories, perhaps a thread can help close up old wounds, and help heal. Either way i think this will be interesting to talk about.


The internet shaped a lot of my humour. I got on the computer at a really young age, so it's had a lot of influence on me. I remember young me going on the early days of YouTube and being shaped by creators like Smosh, Nigahiga, and various gaming channels. I also was really into the meme culture of the time. I'll never forget classics like dramatic gopher, afro ninja, numa numa, or caramelldansen.
If I could go back to that era just one more time, I would. I enjoy how things are now, but it doesn't hurt to nostalgiafag every once in a while, right?


Internet taught me coding. Plus I wasted thousands of hours on youtube.
Also it got me into music.
After discovering 4chan and turning to it to compensate my lack of social life I had a few fun experiences. The price being swimming in an ocean of shit 90% of the time.
Also, check out this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LOLCODE
A youtuber taught me cussing. Funny part is I didn't know it was cussing so I said those words in front of my mum once
Anyway I'm pretty sensitive to nostalgia. When I find something from the past it's just full of those old emotions which I guess I miss a bit. Seems almost like I felt more as a kid


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I miss getting on Newgrounds in the early 2000s.

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>make online friend, best one so far
>get ghosted
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Me, except I don't necessarily forget about them. I just doubt myself and start thinking that I'm an autistic loser who's bothering them with my existence.


>make online friend
>ghost them


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And oh forgot to say, the best one so far is a best friend that has the most same interest with mine than my other ones, and has ghosted me unless I reply back to a post on another website made by her about other topics than what we're interested to for her followers.


>make online friend
>into same shit as me, religion, philosophy, etc
>get commissioned to make religious art
>account gets deleted for "doxxing" (screenshot of google results for "IP tracker")
>lose contact with friend forever
>feel like shit because I feel like I ghosted him or it looks like I was trying to get out of doing art commission


Getting ghosted really hurts

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Anyone here believe in God?

Your fortune: Average Luck
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no, hadnt in a long time


not in a bearded god, but something more along the lines of the One of neoplatonism or the Brahman of vedanta. Probably because i think seeing a difference between self and others is the root of all suffering.


What created religions anon?
Mostly the fear of death.
Religion gives you the idea that death is not a gruesome end and that its going to be daijoobouu, so you dont get panic attacks when realising that this is your only time on earth ever.


Religion is for weak peoples only.


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Then why was Samson so strong?

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Post them now guys.
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Someone has that Kronos pepe meme?


I am sure they'll be... interesting.


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Thor pepe


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Can we please get a comfy thread on the comfiest chan so far

please post comfy images and discuss this website since its relatively new
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Watch this till the end


It was a comfy lol, I'll give you that


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ITT: comfy aesthetics
my favorite is Goblincore

>collecting shiny things

>nature ie frogs n shit
>isolating self in cave



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Really comfy Core and music anon


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>post opinion
>"SHUT UP (insert tripfag here)"
Just fuck my shit up.
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why use discord,
why not make a encryped secret copy of 22chan for mods and jannies that has all the features that they like from discord?
I guess that would take a lot of time to make, and they would get irratated by everybody else wanting to join.
Just thinking, thats all.
I guess namefagging on discord, and slightly namefagging less here can ease everybodys minds.
Im curious about this,
I have a question mods
i thought mods and jannies werent supposed to reveal their positions
why does this happen
do we impeach mods now or twoot
Do mods drink fuji water
mods pls
no fuji or you will be gay


after 9001 years of research I found basement.22chan.org I think that's exactly what you're talking about. Let's crack the code, anon.


I didnt see this before
Are you the hacker they call 4chan


>wizchan is fucking gay
Aside from the gay, their content is just shit. For a bunch of self-proclaimed "wizards" they sure do enjoy talking about their (lack of) 3DPD a lot.

Maybe it's time to just learn Japanese and use a japanese textboard (although nichannel is popular enough to be the de facto Japanese reddit, there's always futaba (imageboard) and a bunch of other places. In fact I'm surprised at how diverse the jp textboard sphere is. Unlike the west, anonymity seems to be the default there.

Even if a separate imageboard instance is overkill (which it really isn't; it's trivial to set up and password protect), they could always just use email.


>Maybe it's time to just learn Japanese and use a japanese textboard
I was pondering at the idea of this, but with Russian, since there's this idea that slavs always feel like shit.

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I somehow got 13 hours of sleep today but I still feel fucking awful.
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I feel awful everyday tbh


Well oversleeping actually can cause you to feel pretty shitty. You also might have woken up in the middle of a REM cycle, which is when your body accrues the most rest


I wish I could sleep that long


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spent 10 hours sleeping and the only reason I feel like shit is because I could've been doing more important things


>congratulations you wasted the..
>Lazy ass fucking retard
What's that in pic related btw? It looks like something to schedule free time. I've tried that a few times but always failed. What's your system? (also what app is that?)
I'm just curious cause I'm thinking of giving this another go
[spoiler]Btw I always felt like sleep is never waisted time. You know, if you sleep much your brain works better and stuff[/spoiler]

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so 3.5 years ago i started something for a friend and it really put my neck on the line a few times and landed me in trouble, it was either pass/fail and though i made my last effort today i feel it will be a failure. I really put my whole life into this even though i did college for 1.5 and spent another year reading about my studies and FINISHED EVERYTHING. so now i have two careers and for the last year i have had no energy to move foreward, i can't ever find good threads anywhere on the internet, i can't listen to the old music i liked. I just sit around and smoke cigarettes and drink at night. I have my work lined up for me, the life i wanted and I'm ready to GO! but something's MISSING. I can't do it for my friend anymore and I think I can't live without his win. So uninspired.


op here, i have the opposite problem

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>no traps
>no cumbrains
>no annoying edge lords who scream buzzwords to look cool
>no edge lords
Is this the one guys? Is this the promised land?
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>There is some traps here but they hide behind anon, but you can see them in Discord
literally noone has ever posted a picture of themselves on discord so it's only the info you get-as text just from the person who says it, that's not a very solid foundation of your claims.


you forgot one
>very small active community
any positives that this site could possibly have are overshadowed by the fact that it's a ghost town.
All the problems with 4chan that you listed are insignificant and easily ignorable.
Literally the only reason to come here, or any alt chan for that matter, is if your banned from 4chan (like me).


I'm here everyday.
We need more people, but that is for twoot and the mods to decide how to get people here in a responcible manner.


But at the same time, which do you prefer.
Slow and comfy, or fast and 4cuck?


How about fast and comfy?

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I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful anons here. One of you posted this song in /mu/ this last January or February.
I remembered and am listening to it right now and it's nearly brought me to tears for the first time in over a decade. That time wasn't a particularly bright time in my life, it's about as close as I've ever come to becoming a true hikikomori.
Listening to this song makes me remember being wrapped in my warm blankets for days at a time, barely even leaving them to use the bathroom. I remember watching the snow drift past the streetlamps at night then melt through the next day. I remember my hair growing long as it slowly covered my ears, fell into my eyes, and brushed my shoulders. Disappointed voices outside my door and spider bites that appeared in the night. Only creeping out of my room to eat, drink, and piss when I was sure that everyone else was asleep, because I was so very scared of being seen. Feeling like something out of a 12-year-old's first creepypasta, like if some drowsy sleepwalker stumbled upon me they'd be scarred for life. Losing my humanity day by day but feeling so warm and so oddly content at the same time. I remember feeling so peculiarly childlike and bittersweet about the whole thing. As if I owed the whole world an apology. And now, even as that time is squarely set in my rear view mirror, I feel as if I would quite like to go back. If you have been in a similar place, I'm sure you know what I mean.
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Anyone know a good book on socialisation?


You're not going to find one. It's not something that can be picked up from a book, these are innate skills that would have been developed during a process of socialization in childhood. And any book written would be undoubtedly written by a normalfag, so its advice wouldn't be of much use.


I only heard this song played with a guitar at a campfire before, a few years back and I forgot about it
Thanks for the feels
Here's something in exchange


i may attempt something.
i dont promise anything though


Ah, yes.
I understand, i guess i wasn't really tihinking.
>>1406 sounds interesting

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I feel this picture and comment.
I got TINNITUS through a sunus infection that moved to my ears.
I watched movies with the volume down and the subtitles tuned on. I also turned the lights off.

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reminder that women (or FEMORRHOIDS as I like to call them) get over long term relations in about a week.
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what if I were to tell you that whether or not an entity has free will is completely impossible to prove and ultimately doesn't matter either way


Thats true.
If anything, the lack of morals, ethics, and the porn indestry is brainwashing women.
Men too, as far as i can tell.


are you perhaps a woman? because that little faggot cumshot of a post right there is exactly what they think. do you not understand how fucking gay your post was? can you not see how fucking weak you look when you say that? what would your dad think of that post. my dad would fucking beat me if i said something like that.


Found the p-zombie


yeah thats the word i was looking for. women are p-zombies. you couldve corrected me instead of trying to nig the fucking thread.

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