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What's making you happy, anons? I pet a dog and ate cornbread :)
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i havent built him yet since i havent had the time

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ITT : Recount and discuss autistic stuff you, Or other people did recently or in the past.
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think i mentioned this on livechan or maybe on the board a while back
year ago maybe i was taking the trash out, it was like 40 degrees cold outside
parents locked me outside, (thought i was asleep?) tried calling, knocking on the window and door but got no responce so i said fuck it, curled into a ball and listened to an audiobook for maybe 4 hours before falling asleep
the good thing is i had a thick parka on, the bad thing is i got sick real bad


This shit just happened to me. I was watching one of those shitty "put your tongue here" videos that I get recommended for some reason. I never actually do it, but this time I did. I then felt so stupid that I started banging my head on one of my pillows. I was stopped by my mom saying "I don't know what the hell you are doing, and I'm too afraid to ask". She started laughing her ass off, and told me "You shouldn't do weird challenges about licking your phone and banging your head on things. It's wrong". Then she went to tell the other family member that lives with me. I want to cut my fucking balls off


>tell the other family members
oh dear lord no

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Its finally happening guys, after years of living as a neet im getting a job,

so in celebration lets have a wagie thread, discuss employment, its struggles, its strengths, tips and tricks ect
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the year is getting closer to an end, which means eventually have to get a job. There's a local hobby lobby and i was thinking of going with that for several reasons being
*Medical, Dental & *Prescription Benefits
*Paid Vacations
*Personal/Sick Pay
*15% Employee Discount
*Life insurance
and atleast 17$? an hour which i think is pretty good for babbys furst job. Also it's a christian company so maybe there wont be too much bullshit i'll have to see or deal with if you know what i mean.


Been at this same managed IT provider for 5, almost 6 years now. I need to leave it. The pay's enough to survive, but there's no benefits whatsoever. No vacation days, no medical (at least I make little enough to get it free from ACA), nothing.

I'm not really learning anything new here, either. Most of what I do is tier-1 type stuff, resetting passwords and installing print drivers and verifying backups and all that. Occasionally we'll get greenlit on a project that lets me do something interesting. Build a new server, migrate someone's infra to another location, whatever. But those have been getting rarer over time.

I've tried looking for other jobs and I got several interviews, but I bombed them all. Turns out they're not just looking for skills. If that's the case, I'd have been hired already. No, they also want a super cheery and friendly people-person, someone to entertain them. One guy even cut off an interview early claiming that I wouldn't be a good fit for the company, and this was after a series of remote interviews that impressed them.

So now I have to work on my people skills before I can get a new job. Except I can't, because there's nowhere in this town where I could talk to people outside of work, and even if there was, all the interesting people leave before they're 25. All that's left is the typical suburban American trash. You know the types.

I wonder if it's worth seeing a shrink. Not that there's any available when I'm off work.


maybe you should find a non-programming job?

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A thread to talk about how your day went. Venting, talking about future hopes/dreams, or just chatting is all okay.
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Today I found out that this lowlife that I went to school with died earlier this week. He was found dead in his apartment after someone set fire to it.
It's strange to think about it, because I've known this guy since childhood. I didn't know him well but when you grow up with someone, like classmates, it's hard to forget them. Now he's dead, gone from this world, yet I don't feel bad about it. I don't feel bad for him at all. It's not known if he was actually burned alive in his apartment. I hope not because that would be a terrible way to die and I don't wish harm on him or anything, but he was just a shitty person. It wasn't his fault per say, he had a very rough childhood. His dad was an army vet and I'm pretty sure he physically abused him regularly. Me and him used to fight a lot in school, now when I've matured I realize he was probably acting out due to abuse. Both him and his brother grew up to be total fuck ups. This guy I'm talking about was involved in drugs, crime and was generally known to be a total loser. I heard one story about how he was staying at his parents place after rehab or something similar and while they were away one weekend he sold all their furniture so he could buy drugs. I heard another story that he let a drug lord fuck him up the ass to clear a debt, I've confirmed this one to be true. It doesn't really surprise me that this dude's dead, he was a total fuck up and I'm certain his death has something to do with his past. He died outside of our home country, he fled because he owed massive amounts of money to people here. Wouldn't surprise me if someone took him out. Either that or he finally OD'd.
Life's strange, anons. One minute we're here and the next we aren't, and all we leave behind is our reputation.


Ain't that the truth.


what sucks is the huge amount of people like him that's out there and that it's like some endless cycle

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I'm tired of feeling like shit and talking about how I feel like shit with other people who feel like shit. Let's please have a thread where we post things we find inspirational yet still honest. Good life advice, the kind of things you'd hear for dear old dad. Hard life advice, even. Just something that makes you want to get up and punch someone in the jaw. Something that would make those dirty hippies cry.
Here's a quote that's been done to death but every time I come around to it again I get something out
>Every day a man must build. If he does not, he will succumb to instant gratification in the form of alcohol, drugs, meaningless sex, masturbation, video games and other foolish activities. Some men build their career; some a relationship. Some build their hobby and others build their body strength. Few build their knowledge. And fewer build a passion. Many men go days, months, even years without building anything because they are waiting until they "feel like it". Great men put feelings aside and start building every day.
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It's great. I soul highly recommend the show. It's all on YouTube by the way. The MMC watched it a while ago.


Yeah, it was a comfy anime


>“For many of us, the road is a difficult one, but the path is always there for us to follow, no matter how many times we may fall.”
>“Sometimes, I tell myself that these wildfires never stop burning. But I’m the one who starts them. Not God. Not them.”
>“When our Lord entered the temple and found it polluted by money-changers and beasts, did he ask them to leave? Did he cry? Did he simply walk away? No. He drove them out.”

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Can we please get a comfy thread on the comfiest chan so far

please post comfy images and discuss this website since its relatively new
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I can imagine some Frenchman playing an accordion.


older pics of cities are truily comfy


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old chicago

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ITT: Lit-Pic-Mu

post a piece of text (exert from book, poem ect), picture and song that share a similar vibe/feeling

use ur noodle and dont be afraid to express yall self,
post something thats 22 feelz 4 /yu/


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- reffs by fujitsu

'In the small hot room he dreams; again, its his mother. No, he never dreams about his mother, only about her absence.[...] He wakes with is heart pounding. He remembers now that after she'd left he'd put it on, that dressing gown[...].'
- oryx and crake by Margret Atwood


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XXIX. Nostalgia

Once every year, in autumn’s wistful glow,
The birds fly out over an ocean waste,
Calling and chattering in a joyous haste
To reach some land their inner memories know.
Great terraced gardens where bright blossoms blow,
And lines of mangoes luscious to the taste,
And temple-groves with branches interlaced
Over cool paths—all these their vague dreams shew.

They search the sea for marks of their old shore—
For the tall city, white and turreted—
But only empty waters stretch ahead,
So that at last they turn away once more.
Yet sunken deep where alien polyps throng,
The old towers miss their lost, remembered song.

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>no gf for 2 years
>no hookups for 1 year
>no female touch for 7 months
im now to the point where im comfortable just being alone and just having male friends that share interests. Is there something wrong with me? Have i degenerated or ascended?
Besides all that ive come to find alot about myself through this loneliness and im kinda proud of that. Anyone else feel this way?
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You have ascended. Remember lad that those degenerate normalniggers obsess over trivial pish-posh such as relationships and the stress and drama it creates usually sends them down a downward spiral that YOU are protected from, you are free to grow and to become your best self as you have discovered, OP. Truily wizards are wise like the philosophers of old.


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I've always felt like this. There are more important things out there than sex.


people are social creatures so being without companionship 100% probably isn't the best thing, but at the same time i always felt fine being without people and having to play mind games to keep people happy
a good chunk of stress came from my childhood and having to "deal" with people instead of having a symbiotic relationship. also i'm not a fan of those people who are desperate for relationships online and the e-drama that comes from it so its sort of a bonus that nothing really matters to me. its also not like i dont want to do anything to help people in need and stay away from human contact.

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Write any random feely thoughts which don't deserve their own thread itt

Sometimes I get in a pretty bad mood, and I start to perceive everything as shitty, even things said by people I'm close with or things I would usually like. Recently I once again was in this mood and got upset when a friend of mine poked fun of a thing I liked, so I wrote a whole rant as a response. I knew the reason it annoyed me was mainly my mood but I suspected that these feelings might be something I "repressed" when in a good mood, also I thought "maybe I'm wrong, but if I don't say it this stays inside of me, on the other hand if I say it we will clear things up"
The next day after reading his response instead of feeling like we "cleared things up" I just felt like I acted like a cunt for no reason
Now this is just a new one of the regretful memories that often pop up in my mind to sting me like a needle
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no problems
glazed the cinnamon rolls lightly with honey, added extra cinnamon, and some regular cheesecake glaze that came with the box. i put some butter to soften the rolls because it ended up getting hard looking and i think that ending up saving them. It feels nice baking stuff even if it wasn't made from scratch.


Havent been to the theatres for a while because i was scared of muh covid but i decided to stop being a scaredy cat and watch movies and it's great because its totally empty. Sad if you think about it but at the same time i hated when people acted out, or sat in your direct vision and the usual nonsense that happends in theatres. Feels great actually to be ruler of that unclaimed land lol


cut myself twice with an x-acto knife while making a gunpla
i feel kinda proud of leaving little to no stress marks while building but its still a big fear of mine that i can still screw up badily and ruin the whole thing. bent a bit of plastic on one thing and maybe theres like 3 visible stress marks but its not too bad.

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I had such a bizarre experience today.
I'll start by saying I had weird signs calling my attention today all around, I'll omite sharing them because I don't find them relevant to this story.
I'm laying in bed while being completely conscious. I don't remember what I was thinking about for sure; but I think I was planning out something I wanted to write about. Here's where the weird part comes in: I forgot what I was thinking about because my thoughts where replaced in real time.
I've never heard of anyone having a similar experience, and it was honestly really freakish. Let me elaborate, my inner monologue is both visual and verbal, although it's predominantly verbal. While I was trying to mentally "map out" the plot of what I wanted to write, something got into my head and started changing my thoghts in real time, word by word. I felt like my mind was split. It just... rearranged my thoughts and it was completely out of my control. My mind just kept going with these completely new, alien thoughts.
I looked it up on the Internet, and according to Wikipedia this is called "thought insertion" and many recommended websites direct me to psychosis. A lot of things that I thought were normal seem to be symptoms of a pathology. I won't list all of them, but it's basically every depression and OCD symptom that you could possibly have.
I've even discovered that a lof of thoughts that I have, which I always thought were just me being wary/self-preserving, are considered to be "paranoid delusions". Such as thinking I'm being keylogged, recorded while in my room, or that my thoughts are being broadcasted on the internet.
Is this something I should be concerned about? Should I seek help/tell someone or is it no biggie?
I've been having these "symptoms" for a while now, they started slowly when I was 16-17 and they just kept increasing with the years. (I'm 19 now). I've also been to therapy and have been hospitalized before but I got diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I haven't been medicated or in therapy for half a year now. The medication I took was a mood stabilizer (anti psychotic.) I also briefly took two different SSRI. My parents are begging me to go to therapy but I'm scared that they'll try to drug me up again.
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uh, i also want to point out that i made >>3215 as a joke post to the expense of therapist of acting like a perv and not OP
Not exactly sure whats happened


In what world telling someone that they should bang their head against a wall is professional? Pushing boundaries is not as cute as you think it is


I never said it was professional and I don't condone what he said. It's not something you should say to a suicidal person.

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I somehow got 13 hours of sleep today but I still feel fucking awful.
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lol u got me


How do you guys manage not getting enough sleep? For me, Coffee helps but no matter what i still crash as the hours tick by and i lose my critical thinking ablilities.


If I'm interested enough in what I'm doing I can stay up for hours. Once I stayed up for roughly 16 hours working on vidya mods.

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I miss the 2000s /yu/.

The world has changed social media has brought out the worst in people and people are a lot more mean to each other both IRL and online now compared to say 14 years ago.

People back then weren't so obsessed with politics like they are today and of course there were no smartphones no social media as we know of it today. People still mostly had IRl social interaction and the internet was mostly still a PC only place and the internet and real life were two different things unlike today.

I wish i could go back /yu/.
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>create stuff that people will enjoy in the future that is similar to the stuff you like.

Nobody creates stuff just for the sake of creating things anymore there is always a ulterior motive now.

>I come across people that embellish the past as this thing that had no flaws about it and only know how to complain about it,

Of course the past has flaws and wasn't perfect however you cannot deny things were better because things were simpler. You probably don't understand where people like me are coming from because you're apart of the TikTok generation.

>I've never experienced a lot of stuff from the internet before 2012.

Newfag sigh smartphones and social media apps were a mistake after Myspace died in 2010 we should have just pulled the plug on the internet.


>Nobody creates stuff just for the sake of creating things anymore
That's not quite true, the people who do just mainly exist on social media platforms now. You'll find them running obscure meme pages with a thousand followers or less.


Nobody recognizes those people who are genuine. That is more of a problem than there being fake people on the internet.

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baby dun hurt me
a friend told me a quote he heard somewhere about this
>love is not a feeling, but a choice
i interpret this as meaning that love is when you choose to accept somebody entirely and invite them into your life, despite their flaws. another way i think of what love is, is when you're honest, trustful, and not judgmental towards someone, i think of that as a form of love too.
of course you also have the love languages, like gifts, physicality, theres like four more of them. i think there's also something like love modalities but i forget where ive heard that one if it even is a thing.
wat eez luv
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Yeah but the problem is telling the difference between the two, like why can't a straight person be in (true) love with someone of the same sex, if love is something that overcomes traits, flaws, etc, i.e it has no bounds
>It is pure nativity to think that building your relationship purely on lust will work or will not hurt you.
True, it's selfish, and lust is temporary
>It is true that lust plays a role in a loving relationship, but it is not the main reason to be in a relationship.
Okay, but again why would lust have to be in the relationship at all (I'm playing devil's advocate bc I agree with sex being necessary), would it be right for someone to leave a relationship if the other person was say, disfigured, so that there wasn't any physical attraction. Why is it okay to deny a relationship because someone is ugly yet bad if they become ugly latter on. Ha, I'm thinking of all those couples who've became fat, don't think they'd pledge love for then if they saw the future selves in front of them


What the hell are you trying to say?
>Why is it okay to deny a relationship because someone is ugly
>would it be right for someone to leave a relationship if the other person was say, disfigured
Both those things are perfectly reasonable because no matter how many Disney movies you watch, looks are a big part of the fucking thing. They aren't all that matters, but they still matter. Even so there are relationships that overcome even disfigurement. There was a guy with no arms on the news a couple of weeks ago and even he had a girlfriend.
I don't think that what you're throwing up was the point of the previous anon's post at all.


If you're willing to try different tactics or methods, sex is fairly easy to get. However, none of those methods appeal to me.
>lust is temporary
And then you have to actually live with the other person. Taking this route scares a lot of people, and a lot of those relationships fail because neither party truly wanted to love the other. The other person was used as a vending machine for comfort and validation.
>would it be right for someone to leave a relationship if the other person was say, disfigured, so that there wasn't any physical attraction
If you were married I'd disagree. I disagree with the idea of leaving someone because you need to pursue your partner and remain faithful to him or her. It's not because you don't have your spouse, but because you want to keep your relationship interesting and lively. Your love for your partner shouldn't be affected by their appearance. If you are dating it is more complicated because they might bail on you.

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The Christmas season is great, but it can be stressful. I am unsure why it is but, it is. A source of stress may be one's desire to possess something that one does not yet possess. I am unsure why but it feels like this happens to everyone. I've noticed at work that the managers have been taking their stress out on me and others more often. Personally, I am stressed out about my future prospects in college. I took a challenging class this semester, and I will have more challenges next semester. My work and school have restrictive policies, so I do not know whether I will remain employed or continue to go to school. There has been no sign of the most extreme outcome yet, however, its probability of being higher than 0 percent still concerns me. I wish I had better relationships with the people I talk to, and I hope I can have more quality relationships. That is about all of the concerns I can think about at the moment. What are your concerns this Christmas season?
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Gotta do what's best for yourself, anon. When your siblings are old enough you can explain the situation to them.
I bailed on my family too. They're abusive, dysfunctional cowards who act like it's strange that I don't want to be around them anymore. This will be my first Christmas without them. I'll miss my mom's cooking, even though she's a passive-aggressive bitch. Your mom sounds like a basked case and a drug addict to boot, I understand why you left.


you can probably have christmas with your siblings right?


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>be in like third grade
>there's this girl i like who's a grade above me
>there's this fag a grade above her who she talks to a lot
>i was an annoying kid and wanted to git with the girl
>but i had to get through him first
>our grades all had recess together
>recess is where i would run around and seethe to myself as i watched the other douche talked to muh lady
>decide to tell him what for
>one day i see him going into the bathroom
>youre mine motherfucker
>awkwardly wait in the corner until he finishes his transaction and begins washing his hands
>i dont remember why i waited
>go up to him real close
>"hey kid"
>"what's up?"
>"you uhh, better stop hanging out with muh lady, or else"
>i was short for my age so this kid is like eight inches taller than me
>"or else what?"
>fuck didnt think of that
>remember the classic 80s school bully move
>"or uhh ill give you a swirly"
>fucking smirks and says
>"what, a swirly like this?"
>locks his arm around my neck before i get a chance to react
>drags me kicking and screaming to the stall
>there's piss in the toilet
>oh jesus jehovah and allah
>he starts laughing as he coerces me lower, over the soiled toilet bowl
>the door creaks open
>he stops for a second and looks outside the stall with me still in a headlock
>its one of his faggot friends
>"yohoho dude check it out im giving this kid a swirly"
>"wooaah what a loser!" Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>wore pants on backwards for the entire day


That makes the difference between man and child


Then it apprears that i am the best of both worlds, A ManChild

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