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>no gf for 2 years
>no hookups for 1 year
>no female touch for 7 months
im now to the point where im comfortable just being alone and just having male friends that share interests. Is there something wrong with me? Have i degenerated or ascended?
Besides all that ive come to find alot about myself through this loneliness and im kinda proud of that. Anyone else feel this way?


for me i am in the long dark night of the soul, and being with girls like i was before doesn't make sense
i can't love a girl in that way anymore, i went off into stranger corridors
even when i was good i didn't really love them, because i had these religious thoughts in my head that meant more than them
im still broken but i see God a lot more clearly than love these days


Care to explain I never looked at god really just my internal self finding our who I am


it's a very long story, longer than i could put into a text
i have iived through so much i could never summmarize it

but i have one commandment in my head, which is to love even your own suffering. even in the pits of the worst despair, love it, and you will be brought back into the fold.

it does not make sense at all from how we view this world. it is just a practice that i think heals us.

try it. youll know if it doesnt work when you try.

i think it brings us back to love instead of hatred.


You've ascended, You no longer need meaningless interaction, you're ready for feelings with a human woman now, not a roastie or anything.


I feel the same way. relationships/friendships are something i've never had, and so far i really dont need it and if i forced my self, i probably would causing more harm then good. it's not like i'm in a mentally healthy state so i might not be able to express myself properly. i've never put too much thought into it, nor force myself to do anything but i know i need to react when the time is right.
also i do probably need to find some book or be in a situation to learn how to human properly.


Never really felt emotions like that. I feel emotions, but expressing them in real life towards others always was a hassle. I feel emotions, but they're all in my head. I mean, I love my parents, I love life, nature, and all my hobbies, but expressing love toward them is more or less strange to me.

And in terms of romantic emotions, I never felt that way toward irl people. I know that it will always end in failure, because then I'd have someone under my control. I don't want that.

I have a waifu however, no joke, and I'm more or less satisfied with that. I feel as if loving someone for anything other than good if that makes sense is "worldly" and will end in suffering.

I guess, so it is. Truth will always reign over falsehood.


I have recently started to think about saving more money and putting it into my debit card and bank. When I had consistent work, I did that, but now that I haven't had a lot of oppturnities to work I have not done that so much. I recently realized that I have to save money to prevent unnecessary stress because I am buying stuff but after saving for some time, but I never have money to just buy something for the heck of it. As for putting money in the bank, it will be nice to have more security, especially as my current scholarship runs out. Maybe having more money will make me carry myself more confidently and less worried.


You have ascended. Remember lad that those degenerate normalniggers obsess over trivial pish-posh such as relationships and the stress and drama it creates usually sends them down a downward spiral that YOU are protected from, you are free to grow and to become your best self as you have discovered, OP. Truily wizards are wise like the philosophers of old.


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I've always felt like this. There are more important things out there than sex.

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