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I hail from the mother chan. But, please hear me out.
I have assembled a small team and we are making a documentary on nightwalks.
We only need a few narrators to help.
If any of you would be willing to narrate you can post a vocaroo or you can e-mail it to me at nightwalkersproj@gmail.com

I promise not to make myself anymore of a blight to this slow but, fine forum.


Interesting, but I'm not narrating, I'm interested in getting the link to mother chan.


I swear to FUCKING god if that means 8chan


I dont know if any of you care but here is the link to the finished product.


oh hey 4kun and da fak is motherchan


Thanks for sharing. I understand that's from 4chan, right?
I like it anyway. It maybe isn't incredible in quality, but it's nice to see a creative effort by anons, also it keeps it anonymous while making it more personal, and that's cool imo. The stories aren't fictional, are they? I mean the more personal ones at least
Anyway if you do make another I would gladly contribute some music, if you want to


ACTUALLY, this was brillant.
You could have explained things better here, but you did really good by keeping things anonymous
Film quality's great, i really dig the story
But the first narator's accent makes what 'he's saying illegibe
but i just love it so much
Thank's for making this and this is the type of content i love to see on youtube.
What's "motherchan?


4chan probably


As far as I know, the mother of all chans is actually 2chan


Oh shit I forgot about 2 chan. How it holding up?


what a lovely documentary, i cant exactly understand some of the people speacing due to their accents, but the visuals pretty much explain everything. too bad i wasnt here to help with anything lol.

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