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>post opinion
>"SHUT UP (insert tripfag here)"
Just fuck my shit up.


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That's some motheafucking good pixel art


basedpilled and cringe and basedcringeredpillblu
Youre soyboi(pucci) totally
creape thread!
Bear trap thread!


>>1284 >>1285>>1286
You guys need to CHECK YOUR PRIVLIGE


s o i b o i. I don't see the point of 4chan anymore.


I guess since Tumblr nuked porn all the tranies had to migrate somewhere.


I claim to have had sex before. You are a virgin. I am better than you.

Go back to Reddit, normie. A thread died for this. Go eat your onions, you dumb basedboy.

Haha, I bet you masturbate to anime. I will mock you for this fact, even though this entire site was created for people to beat off to anime.

I've been here longer than a year and understand most memes and references, therefore I'm an oldfag.

Spacing my text like this is cool and smart and easy to read.


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contributing to my own thread


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Initial D image, MY MAN!!!!!


This is the state of 4chan rn. I wonder if the people saying they had sex before and have better lives are people who have no connection with the site entirely or are people from other sites like Reddit or Tumblr.




How does everyone feel about 4chan now?
Any good moments you had there recently?
Any bad?


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Absolutely not. Same wanker shit as always.
The huge divide between this place and 4chan is that in here, you're tied to a certain culture. Tradition is protected, values are upheld, philosophies are engraved.
Meanwhile a bunch of /co/ shitters watching Shitty Jewniggers can raid 4/i/ and there's nothing you can fucking do about it.


4chan doesn't exist anymore. It's something else now.


It's from Katana Zero,good shit


So many nutjobs use 4chan now,
Its crazy.


I'm glad I found this place. I hope it doesn't go down the toilet too quickly.


blocked in my shithole so i lurk here instead


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Mad /i/ fag here again.
Here's a thread that constantly gets bumped to first page by the faggot OP asking for free gibsmedats. Notice how reddit-y his responses are.


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Starting to post my experience in a gloating thread, where we remember good people who were lost.



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Context: The OC Threads used to be genuinely fun because there were more than four people posting the exact same shit again and again.
As of right now, it's still happening. One dude with a generic zombie girl is getting fanart for his minimalistic effort. It's a fucking disgusting circlejerk.


Truly, a work of art.
Notice the colorful rendition of samefagging and normie memes at the same time
A modern day picasso


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Links for reference:

Oekaki seems to have this weird obsession over the "as long as it's a drawing, it's okay" mindset it created, which skips over any quality regulation set up by actual 4chan rules. They use this to defend avatarfags and spamming.

This is what you get for letting trannies and freaks in your board.


Around october i met an an anon by the name of JohnnyNeptune, i honsestly cant say more about him than what an anon called him : a crazy scitzo boomer.
Here is the original thread where i saw him : https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/54994863/#q54994863
He has a rather odd formatting structure, sort of like drunkdragon..
If you want moar info about him : https://desuarchive.org/_/search/text/JohnnyNeptune/page/26/
Did you guys meet any crazy anons like him before?


I love 4chan. The only reason I'm here right now is cuz I got permabanned.


whatcha get b& for?


It THINKS I posted CP, but I did no such thing.
I appealed twice, but they likely just read the reason for the ban, and completely ignored the actual appeal.
The only way I can post on 4chan now is through phone, but it's extremely limited due to all the range bans, so I'm trying to find a new place. They all suck though. 22 is one of the better ones though.


File: 2019-11-22-144455_766x218_….png (41.62 KB, 766x218, 383:109, 1574556700731.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I got the same ban.
I don't even post NSFW on 4chan


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>no linked post
See, I thought it was suspicious. The mods will just throw a ban your way, not even giving you context of what post guaranteed it, and then you're shut off forever.
The /qa/ thread confirms it.


I got the same cp ban
I don't watch pron
Or have any pics saved
Wanna know what it was?
A picture of the godamn moon
My ip is perma banned.


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No linked post here, either.
They're literally just giving you bans because (((they))) feel like it.


Pt 1
(I wanted to post this in the rule thread, but i think it fits here)
This is somthing i was thinking about, not really a rule, but a philosophy.
Sort of like not mixing cultures.
"I made this thread, and some of the comments here are mine." Why shouldn't i have said that? I mean, if you think about it, it make sense.
When Lcg namefags, his own head is on the line.if he does somthing stupid, everyone will remember the mistake he made, and the fact he made it.its the same way if he said somthing good. But In the end, 22chan will still be fine. Being truly anonymous, on an imageboard such as this, i have much more at risk, ruining anonymous itself. Not that "spoopy hacker" but the collective. when i say somthing like i said earlier, it hurts anon, and 22chan. It dosnt matter that the qoute is mine. When good content is made by an anon, its not "his own" it is anonymous's good content. They made it. Not me.
Anon is the same person, he is all of us.
People think the anons here are great, and things are good. And because of that, the site is good.
But if anons make low quality content, and act like idiots, the site is bad.
The hivemind is the back bone of the site, and the glue that holds things together is the culture. OUR culture. Not 4chan. They are like two diffrent animals. One is a baby tiger, and the other is a autistic, aids infested, hairless cat. Dont let those cultures mix, or they will get infected. the thing that keeps things strong is fair moderation, and the fact that 22chan had strong, unchangible rules from the start.


Pt 2
Reddit is reddit. They got that way because of how the site was engineered. And its's the same way with other sites.
What did i say about namefags? Well if they ran an imageboard full of namefags such as themselves, and they did stupid things and got kicked off, no one woud realise that the site is bad in the first place.k They would be blinded and not know what quality is. Oh, wait, that's every normie site that was ever made.


Pt 3/end

(Although, i must say, the namefags here are pretty responcible, so there is no issue to be had)
4chan dosn't know what quality is anymore. I was on a thread, and a newfag wanted to know what to do on 4chan. "What is the point?" I tried to help him, he listened to other idiots. He thought that all your supposed to do is spam porn and memes.

(Just wanted to post this, basically what i noticed from lurking at 4chan for about a week:)
Youngfags (normies, people who don't know about imageboard culture)
Newfags (people who are new to the game, still don't know things, kinda stupid. But better than youngfags)
Edufags (what i like to call good newfags. Smart, educated. Lurks alot. Kinda like us, a new generation.)
Oldfags (old school 4channers. Wants the old 4chan back, but dosn't realise that it will nevar be the same)
Elderfags( slightly non-existant, old school web 1.0 type of people, 2channers)


I don't know why i used lcg as an example, it should have been robomaniac


This whole rant has been lurking in my brain for about a week. I guess i went through too many archives, and read too much about imageboard/internet culture.
The current state of the internet, imageboards is way too interesting not to talk about. I must apologise for railroading though.


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>This whole rant has been lurking in my brain for about a week. I guess i went through too many archives, and read too much about imageboard/internet culture.
zomg R u me?!!

But I would also like to add a theory of my own;
How would the community promote good quality posts? When someone says something you disagree with, you usually say what you disagree with and why(or just call them a cringysoycucktrannyretardfaggotjewniggervirginbitchwhiteboi...). But there is nothing said when someone says something people agree with.
Surprisingly, Futaba channel introduced a like button and I wonder if maybe it's a good idea for other imageboards to adopt? The problem is it may end up being more like a a single post score on all posts but those who namefag.


I guess the thing to do in that situation is to yell at them to explain why they agree.
I don't think a like button is good idea. It would take away the fact that its not a modern social media site. I think i simple like button could steer sites in a bad direction.


File: 1554092548801.jpg (40.77 KB, 501x432, 167:144, 1574601905685.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>like button
You apparently have forgotten the shitshow that ensued when it was actually introduced to 4chan.
Threads were made especially for whoring out likes and there was a new abundance of namefags/tripfags.
Sure it was added as a joke for one day,but even in that one day it became evident that it's a bad fucking idea in the long-term.
Adding a like button is the first step to becoming plebbit.
I seriously hope you guys dont do this.


I agree with everything you just said. It's important to take pride in anonymity.
Also hell no we don't need like buttons


File: namefagging.png (158.32 KB, 1080x797, 1080:797, 1574602913085.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

see pic related
Not namefagging/tripfagging is for the best in most cases, but is necessary sometimes.
[spoiler]but me namefagging is kinda like W.T.Snacks was back in the day,whether you see it as a good or a bad thing is up to you[/spoiler]
>22chan had strong, unchangible rules from the start
not really, there were a lot of debates and arguments about them sometime in march, but they've remained unchanged from that point.


File: Screenshot_1487.png (31.85 KB, 136x129, 136:129, 1574603235804.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

This is what I've in mind as well. Though, I wouldn't worry about other websites other than to see what we shouldn't do that is like them to ruin this place, I would even say that we shouldn't be mad at those websites for how they become normies since I can see that they're already are by what >>1423 said:
>They got that way because of how the site was engineered.
Other than that, I agreed on all of what >>1422 anon said, even if the side thoughts is mostly base on what others said.


1422, 1423, 1424, and 1426 are the same person.
yeah, lcg, name/tripfagging really depends what you are trying to do, and how you are trying to use it. Like ananzis "goatman" story. Op had to name and tripfag so everyone knew who Op is. If you are responcible, i.e knowing the proper etiquette to namefagging everything will be fine.


I've been meaning to talk about the dangers of mixing cultures, but i seemingly can't find the proper words to express myself.


Pt 1
Warning. Another messy rant from that op who rants too much. (My attempt to explain why mixing cultures is a bad idea)
The only way to fix things here is, if you see somthing, say somthing. Call peoples bullshit out. If somone says "i agree" ask them why they agree. If you notice memes, and and stuff from other sites, don't allow it. expecially if you don't like it.
If there is a positive feedback loop, disrupt it.
If you have an idea or want to talk about something and cant find a proper thread to post it in, make a new thread. Reacting is better than not reacting at all. 4chan should have not been talking about reddit, or discord. Even if they don't like it. They are seprate cultures, and there fore taboo, and not allowed to mix. Same thing with reddit. Idiots there "greentext" there for some reason. If you still use facebook, and talk and type like an imageboard user, dont.
Your imageboard mentality is only meant for your imageboard. and if an image board has diffrent name for things, says things a certin way, and acts diffrently, all that behavorisms stays withinn that imageboard..


Pt 2
Don't let our culture and stuff leak out, dont say stuff in here irl.
Heres how a culture is born
The rules give scructure
But there are holes.
The site works in some type of way saging, posting, virtification systems, whatever.
So the people adapt
The people fills the holes
But an issue is had
It needs to be ironed out, the structure is uneaven.
In order to fix the unevenness
The people decide what is allowed and not allowed, develops a similar mindset
taboos, etc
And thus a culture is born. That is how the site is engeneered. That is why reddt sucks, because the site was engineered for attienion whoring, and positive feedback loops.
Tumblr must be the main reason why social justice, cancel culture, lgbt, and nu-leftwingers are popular now. Tumblr is prime example of why cultures should not mix. Irl or otherwise.


Perhaps i'm just overthinking things.
Arguing about why normalfags suck(at this point, i'm thinking about calling normies "clearskins" because it's the root term for normies, and because its funny to me.)and why plebbitors (aka lolicos "bugmen") suck is a moot point. We can argue all we want about how we hate somthing, but just hating somthing wont fix the problem. The smartest thing to do is stay frosty, and keeping our hands to ourselves. Lets work on keeping the conversations rolling, and being the best versions of ourselves. (At least, that's how i feel about things)


What the hell is it me or did i type the entirity of the slightly more autistic version of the Book of Leviticus?
Because thats what it looks like.


A good chunk of threads there aren't even real. Just bait.
and op never responds.


How long do you think 4chan will last?
I'd say,
10 years give or take. They lost everything.
And they get swarmed with newfags who don't care about anything.
If anything, they'll re label themselves.
Do you even think 4chan is an imageboard anymore? It dosnt seem or act like one.
Memes suck too. Wojak is just relabeled rage comics. Memes on 4chan where colorful and fun, and is now dry and tastless. And the way that the modern media treats memes is terrible. What was back in the day "injokes" is now forced regurgatated decaying memes long past the expration date. Pretty sad.
These are dark days in the time of web 2.0. And it isn't getting any better.
22chan needs to hold the line, and keep things tidy.


It'll last as long as Hirojew keeps making money off of it. Which will probably become easier over time so long as masses flood the place thinking they're part of some uber-secret club.

>Memes suck too. Wojak is just relabeled rage comics.

There is nothing that incenses me more than pepes and wojaks as this point, and any presence of them on an imageboard is almost indicative of low quality garbage.


I wonder if they had to rename 4chan what would be the new name? I'd say somthing lame like realchat.
Personally, i think the "game threads" like wwyd, mfw, and cringe are one of the many things that led to this current state of decay.the whole, lack of quality. Because it took away the ability to have a conversation. They should have made a "game" board if that was the case, but thanks to the drugged up state everybodys in, i dont think they care anymore.
Why do people like pepe and wojack in the first place?
Whats the attraction to that type of stuff?
Why can't people make new characters? (Especially in other imageboards, why are they held back in making OC?)


No, more like nostradamus.
he used the past to predict the future, and that is what you did.


Fun fact
Did you know that 4chan's >mfw
created the normalfag object labeling meme?


Let's not just make fun of 4chan,
There are a lot of other sites too
ifunny, reddit, tumblr
Maybe talk about the negitive affects that these sites had on you, or society itself


4chan got pissed at ourworldoftext, and ddosed the site
It was down for a minute
I can't beleve i got to see it, autism like this never happens anymore
They convinced the users there that they came from ifunny, reddit, knowyourmeme and 9gag and told them it was a coordinated raid like an autistic leigon of doom
spamming natzi flags everywhere
At one point 500 people where on the site at the same time lol
This all just happened an hour ago


They also got mad at pixelcanvas because they had commie art everywhere, but that movement fizzled out.


Can you elaborate?


I learned this info by using a 4chan archive tool called yuki.la., and came of my own research.
It started with an off-topic /mu/ sometime around 2009.
The thread was titled Syd
The op used an image of an old man cringing with the comment :
"Your face when you first saw 4chan"
Other anons showed what their faces looked like when they first found 4chan in the image they posted, then jannies took the thread down. Before, around the summer of 2007 couse avatarfagging was started/became popular by newfags and both was hated by oldfags.
But oldfags slightly warmed up to both ideas by making joke/troll threads. Well needless to say, during raids newfags would say shitty 4chan memes leaving a ton of digital footprints to 4chan. What was worse, is that 4channers would (even to this day) act like an imageboard user outside of 4chan
On youtube videos, they would leave comments like ">mfw 30 seconds in the video"
Other normalfags would be confused by this and ask the 4channer what > or mfw means and the 4channer would get flustered by this. This would not just be limited to just youtube though.
4channers would make facebook groups and use images as reactions and normalfags picked it up around 2012 and called it reaction images, which later evolved to the normalfag "Relatable posts"
For instance : "When you drop all the chips" (and then the normalfag shows an image of dark vader in anguish when he learned that padme died after giving birth.)
1 2007 avatarfagging
2 2009 tfw/mfw
3 2010/2012 reaction meme
Also because of using ">"
Normalfags called ">" meme arrows
becoming a minor 4chan meme.
The moral of the story is,


and of course, i forgot to add the most modern iteration of those being "object labeling"
It's kinda easy to see the similarities between all of those memes.


I'm the same anon who lurks on 4chan, to keep 22chan safe.
I noticed a "interesting thread"
Lets play a game.
Tell me what you see is wrong with this thread. You can screenshot, or just talk about what you dont like.


File: all downhill.png (79.54 KB, 332x385, 332:385, 1576868915380.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

In due honesty, no current mayor imageboard on the internet is safe.
>4chan has been slowly been eroded of anything good only to make space to wojak and frog
>8chan has been shutdown, which leads to the next
>8kun reappearing with a bunch of skeptiscism and broken software
>The webring which has been filled with fags creating boogiemans and trying to make each board fight one another over fake dichotomies, while also shilling the same sadman exploitation reskins that gave 4cuck terminal 7
>The alt-chan federation that tried to make profit of this by DDoSing boards on the webring
And then there are another bunch of boards that are just shit, wizchan is fucking gay, lainchan is mildly gay, 420 supported the crippled fucking around with Jim, it just piles up.
There are no good winners in this war of attrition, the disjointed imageboards that are only found by word of mouth are the only safe place, but then they use things like (((discord))) to comunicate with each other, so you don't know if you're posting on a true anonymous imageboard or just some other cliques' house.
FUCK why is everything so shit I just wanted to share feels. It's amazing the power many few posters have to turn everything to shit.


Best thing to do is, understand their faggotry, spy on what they do. but ignore them.
Getting mixed up is a bad idea,
Talking about them constantly is bad too.
Lets talk about better things, give this imageboard culture, and talk about whatever.
Constantly infighting is what killed those imageboards
Hatred brings more hatred, and it just tears everything apart.
Instead, lets be comfy.


why use discord,
why not make a encryped secret copy of 22chan for mods and jannies that has all the features that they like from discord?
I guess that would take a lot of time to make, and they would get irratated by everybody else wanting to join.
Just thinking, thats all.
I guess namefagging on discord, and slightly namefagging less here can ease everybodys minds.
Im curious about this,
I have a question mods
i thought mods and jannies werent supposed to reveal their positions
why does this happen
do we impeach mods now or twoot
Do mods drink fuji water
mods pls
no fuji or you will be gay


after 9001 years of research I found basement.22chan.org I think that's exactly what you're talking about. Let's crack the code, anon.


I didnt see this before
Are you the hacker they call 4chan


>wizchan is fucking gay
Aside from the gay, their content is just shit. For a bunch of self-proclaimed "wizards" they sure do enjoy talking about their (lack of) 3DPD a lot.

Maybe it's time to just learn Japanese and use a japanese textboard (although nichannel is popular enough to be the de facto Japanese reddit, there's always futaba (imageboard) and a bunch of other places. In fact I'm surprised at how diverse the jp textboard sphere is. Unlike the west, anonymity seems to be the default there.

Even if a separate imageboard instance is overkill (which it really isn't; it's trivial to set up and password protect), they could always just use email.


>Maybe it's time to just learn Japanese and use a japanese textboard
I was pondering at the idea of this, but with Russian, since there's this idea that slavs always feel like shit.


File: 1474076381637.png (157.83 KB, 326x1012, 163:506, 1589754570333.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I've had this image sitting in my folders for quite a while now, interesting to see how it looks now, meaning 4chan and it's relation to pepe. I'd say it's disgusting to see modern 4cuck and pepe being related to the old virtues. They much more resemble edgy plebbit circlejerks these days.


i feel like we've been given a chance to "restart". add new fresh features, build a stronger, more comfy community, avoid board related issues from the start, you know? now that we have insight from the death of 4 & 8chan, we can do anything!




>Haha, I bet you masturbate to anime. I will mock you for this fact, even though this entire site was created for people to beat off to anime.

How new are you?


that was a comment made to mock 4channers, this was a mock 4channers thread


I was banned there like a year or 2 ago, it just says my IP or IP range is banned no context or chance to appeal. For some reason I can still use 4channel. Really not missing out on much I suppose, don't care to go to 4chan r9gay.


File: old anonymous frown.png (14.54 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 1592994460545.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I've said it a million times. The old "internet culture" was a very niche group of people.
People who had a gaming PC in the 90s or the early 00s were a specific type:
White, 18-34, on the spectrum, weeby, probably could code and/or use Adobe software, and used humor to cope about being an outcast.
That would describe like 95% of the people online discussing anime, PC games, or making dumb jokes between 1995-2010.

Then the smartphones came. The average shithead normalfag was now discovering the internet. Everything got worse rapidly.
Multiplayer games went to shit. 4Chan went to shit. Reddit became what it is now. We're basically in Cable TV 2.0.
Now the internet caters to the lowest common denominator fuckstick normalfag that gets off on being outraged about nonsense and buying tacky trash,
because their lives are empty consumption and false emotion sparked by demagogues. Late gen-X and early millennial (I'd say those born 1978-1993) has a very specific set of nostalgic and social conditions growing up that lead to them basically accepting that they were never going to be heroes. As a result it was actually okay for them to be weebs, they were expected to just play video games, work, and enjoy a world of American hegemony.

Gen Z on the other hand grew up past that. With Bush-era propaganda and past-paced forms of entertainment the hakuna matata attitude of people just a decade their senior can't wrap their minds around. Given the rise of certain political extremism and how easy it is to veil those messages in seemingly innocuous things (look at the pipeline from video game YouTube to Nazism, or the pipeline from train fourms to communism) this gives them the illusion that they're the ones who will change the world.

As a result old 4chan (2003-2012) is colorful, slackerish, and creative. Characters and miniatures lores would be created by people fantasizing over the life of a cartoon bear from some Japanese school drawing for example. New 4chan (2012-202?) is about social trends and the reinforcement of the zoomer mentality of being the one to finally "break the mold" whatever that means.

It's also to note that everyone wants to be an epic memer, and since MSpaint faces are something anyone can edit to their whim in 10 minutes that makes things easier than having to accurately recreate anime characters or post shit that's been posted hundreds of times and hope people get your meaning but lets be real here the deline of imageboard culture started with project chanology when anonymous became a moralfag group that was out to do good rather then cause LULZ and troll people.


>Haha, I bet you masturbate to anime. I will mock you for this fact, even though this entire site was created for people to beat off to anime.
What you fags don't understand is that anime is getting hate on 4chan because it's been taken over by normies.


Yeah, and there's been some hate for anime here, too. its just a diffrent form of media with it's ups and downs. its not perfect.


and i'm picky, too. i want good anime/manga with a good story. any thing like nudity or whatever has to be in there for a reason, i don't really want to watch a damn porn movie or degeneracy stuff in my anime/mango unless its needed to tell a story somehow. and so far, i've found alot of cool stuff!


If you like military manga, i would 100% recommend Groundless.
Its only drawback in my book is that the chapters are coming out yearly.
But if you like gritty art and a cute one eyed sniper give it a try.


The thing with 4chan, and it's been like this for a long time, is that it's an imageboard with no real set demographic. It tries appealing to everyone equally, but ends up just pissing everyone off. As soon as the novelty of anonymous posting wears off, everyone who actually cares jumps ship to a spinoff that caters to their tastes better, and everyone else goes back to whatever social media site they originally came from.


You posted cheese pie dawg that's an insta ban


A huge problem with 4chan these days is that no one really cares about the community. There is no bar of what is quality or acceptable. For that reason there are hundreds if not thousands of tonedeaf post made for only OPs enjoyment. When these horrible posters are temporary b& they will migrate to altchans like here and do the same thing (thankfully we ban these people). The lowest common denominator threads are rewarded because you don't have to think to post there and people obviously respond to the threads.


I think they've moved away from old stuff like board-tans and even anon related oc;
now it's just the wojack family stuff and pepe.
Also i saw a post recently of a mod saying that they don't even check /qa/ for advise, help or even suggestions. Evey day they stray farther from what made 4chan nice and it's kinda sad.


Nobody lurks before posting on 4chan anymore and in high traffic boards few people even bother to call newfags out when they fuck up.
It leads to no barrier to entry at all, meaning more shit threads, more threads dying sooner etc it's just a downward spiral. Not so much a problem for some boards where people will call out newfags and know how to sage threads but for some of the faster boards it's just awful.

I've taken a break from imageboards for the past 3-4 years or so and looking in on 4chan the fucking politics in every goddamn thread is absolutely unbearable, it's stunning how different the site culture was even in 2012-2013

Although to be fair that is near enough a decade ago now


In regards to 4chan It is now a hub for """edgy""" twitter users and redditors waiting for their ban to cycle through, but to make some good out of pretty shitty situations all the bans and dumb shit that happened on 4chan that cause anons to just flat out leave or get permab& such as the /b/-day or GamerGay which lead to alternative imageboards but originally they were a one n' done type deal in regards to the /b/-day it was mainly to host raids and the like but people got bored with it. When it comes to 8chan's demise it leads to either a population boost or cause a brand new set of imageboards which causes some competition between them and just begs the question to anyone wanting to create an imageboard is "why would anyone want to come here?" Personally I did like the idea of board creation but in execution every board was more or less hit or miss. I would like here to be a little more active and I hope we can have some good times just give it some time lads.


>Nobody lurks before posting on 4chan anymore
So much this. When I started browsing back in 2011 the first thing I was told to do was "lurk moar" by some anon on /b/ and I did exactly that. It's the only way to familiarize yourself well with the board culture and contribute to it in a "positive" way later on. Unfortunately, as you already pointed out, this isn't even encouraged anymore and is near-impossible to enforce on the faster boards.

It's a damn shame, but I don't think that 4chan will ever able to return to that ideal present between 2003-2011. The place is too far gone at this point, and even the boards that seem to have held-out (take /a/ for example) have in truth changed significantly over the past decade for the worst.


No one wants to be told what to do on an imageboard which sucks. No one wants valid criticism because a lot of people are insecure and want to repurpose sites like 4chan to their liking. 4chan will never be good again because there aren't the ingredients that made 4chan good. The current internet culture isn't conducive to what you want 4chan to be.


File: get.jpg (960.1 KB, 1245x543, 415:181, 1622390605249.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

This happened on 4chans /b/ the other day. Mods put all other threads on auto-delete and only left one thread up for the get, which they botted. Pathetic. Then five minutes later it was back to porn spam and shitposts. That site is long dead.
During the period where all threads were being auto-deleted, you could see the exact same shouldn't share/clothed girls you have nudes of/socials threads being posted over and over. Same pic in the OP and same text. Proves the site is filled with bots.


Well at least the anons tried, and they actually figured out it was a forced GET.


File: Capture _2021-06-10-12-08-….png (164.79 KB, 720x471, 240:157, 1623348290660.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

saw these on 4chan recently


File: Capture _2021-06-10-12-09-….png (75.69 KB, 712x443, 712:443, 1623348318020.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: 1623342386312.png (417.09 KB, 1246x724, 623:362, 1623348387812.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


File: 1617035942997.jpg (216.26 KB, 644x538, 322:269, 1623779914862.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Does anyone else think it's strange how anons on 4chan see porn as a non-issue? If you comment on the fuckhuge amount of porn on there you just get criticized for it. It's like they're perfectly okay with being bombarded by porn and fapping three or four times a day. I've even had anons tell me it's normal and not a big deal. I hope they were just shills.


the yellowposters tried but failed and it seems like there will be a strong vocal group then and there that rises up then dissapears but for the most part theres a minority of either oldfags or people that dont like porn that gets snuffed out by the larger group of stupid people/newfags


>If you're not a non-offending pedophile you're not a robot
>I've even had anons tell me it's normal and not a big deal
/b/ has always had porn. You can argue that there is too much of it now, but I don't think the old /b/ you love was what you think it was
Check out >>2586
>Basically, /b/'s content these days is normal people dealing with normal things in a normal way ('hey /b/, i fucked such and such a girl, but X problem happened, what do I do?')
Sounds familiar? That's 2008. If that's not the golden age, then it lasted less than five years. But perhaps it lasted a week:
>A lack of contribution outright, with asshole and poor quality posters mixed in.
>4chan started dying, in all senses, one week after the domain was registered
>I would personally like to thank the rest of the internet for completely sucking at everything that is not distributing pornography
>blaming women
I don't like stereotypes, but you're really being a moronic phonefag
Yellowfags are dumb. They flooded the catalog with threads, killing slower non-porn ones, while porn ones are reborn in a second. What they should've done is reach for the image limit on porn threads by posting unrelated things, like bugs, and keep that going of for long enough
I say this but I'll admit I made a yellow thread too. Yes I am dumb


>"blaming women"
read the screenshot again, i think you missread or misunderstood what it meant.


>Yes I am dumb
Clearly that is the case, or your fresh from 4chan, like one of those nu-4channers who left around 2017 and moved to discord, then alt-chans for hopes of finding a better hugbox. (or hopfully a newfriend) Continuing from what >>2605 said, You did a sideglance at that screenshot then pulled some passive aggressive red-herring. Take a look at what the screencap is saying, "femanons" not "anons who are female" and "douchbags/simps" Both men and "women" are to blame. Either you've never heard of the "femanon" issue or you have your own interpretation instead of looking at the larger issue at hand, either way i'll by happy to elaborate.


I might've misinterpreted it, but it's an easy mistake to make when he says this:
>Pussy always is the biggest horseman of the apocalypse for an internet community
I'll admit though I've never spent much time on r9k, and I've never witnessed "douchebags and simps" on the boards I frequented, so that played a probably unjustified role in my critical stance
Anyway, what's the big difference between whining about a lack of relationships with women and whining about a lack of relationships with men? I mean, out of any place r9k sounds like the one where revealing your gender would be the least wrong, since it's so centered on blogposting anyway



Fucking reddit tech subreddit is better than this, literally half the board is bots/shills and even the fucking idea of people liking tech is seen as bad.


4chan is 18 years old today. Happy birthday to that once lovable gutter.


I don't know about douchebags but the simps don't follow, they're most often there in the first place. When women start frequenting more male-dominated places on the internet 99% of the time it's because they know they'll get attention points for being the only girl on there. This will lead to a hard downwards spiral for the community as the place will start to revolve around her and the drama it will inevitably cause.


File: shills.webm (5.83 MB, 720x406, 360:203, 1633212447539.webm) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Believe it or not, but most posts and threads on 4chan aren't even made by people.
Don't go there. It's not good for your health


spooky as hell, it's not even halloween yet! also yeah it means the dead internet theroy has some weight behind it.


File: disgrace.jpg (159.58 KB, 828x686, 414:343, 1633214696032.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

But that's reddit. It wouldn't even matter if they were bots. I'm not saying 4chan is any different at this point but where does this webm come into it?


Oh, I'm well aware. The best way to destroy a community is from the inside. There are people who don't like 4chan because they've seen what a community like that can do, so they spread these bots to fester the place. They bait anons into arguments to ruin any actual discussion that takes place.
I've even seen this happen in a thread I made on /tv/ about the movie Whiplash. An anon replied "It's just jazz" or something similar. Extremely quickly afterwards that post was replied to with a post that went something like this:

>it's just jazz bro

>it's just a mask bro
>it's just a vaccine bro
>it's just a flu bro

I definitely think that post was a bot. It was such an obvious argument bait, soon afterwards the thread just devolved into arguments.
I had already started going there less and less but the final nail in the coffin was the 855555555 get earlier this year. As described in another post in this thread, during a period where all threads were on auto-delete the same threads kept popping up with the same pictures in the OP. They literally had the excact same text too, word for word, proving that they are the works of bots. Now the only board I visit is /vg/. The threads there seem void of bots, at least I like to think so.
I'm also like 95% sure I once stumbled on a thread on /b/ that was made by an AI. The OP was some guy/bot that kept replying in all caps to every post in his thread with pictures of himself in a bar. The pictures looked extremely weird, they gave me a real uncanny valley vibe. I didn't save any of them because frankly they freaked me out.
Lastly, I find it very creepy that that reddit user got banned for posting about this.


You must be blind not to see it if you've posted on 4chan recently. You see them everywhere if you know what to look for.


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