/yu/ - Anons that eat your feelings, what do you eat/drink to cope when the ride gets too bumpy, also what tends to make you eat.>foodz-cheese-ice cream - bread-snything really>drinks-milk-wine, cider, most spiritsreason: literally having

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Anons that eat your feelings, what do you eat/drink to cope when the ride gets too bumpy, also what tends to make you eat.


-ice cream
- bread
-snything really


-wine, cider, most spirits

reason: literally having to emotionally support my entire family of retards whilst ignoring my own problems


Right off the bat i know that this is a blessed thread
everythings too perfect
Green tea
Mountian dew voltage
Anything really
Dessert wise i do like Marzipan
Reason: same as op. Also the fact that because of my family and other bad life choices it's just all tumbling down


them some based drinks buddy


Voltage is an old classic i love and will always taste good to me.
I forgot to mention spearmint black tea
Grean tea is always delicious and comes in diffrent flavors and i love all of it
A slow and comfy drink


eating sardines and hot sauce with my fingers right now, straight from the can. life's good


sounds comfy anon, idk how sardines taste cos ive never had them but they seem like theyd be gud with hot sauce


Sardenes are salty, with a hint of ocean water, and savory (as far as i remember)


-basically most shit that you would find in a new york city deli in the nigger filled borough of the bronx


-mountain dew
-red bull

reason: i live in new york and the rent here is high and i'm a fat fuck that holds no purpose in my life at the moment


Sorry, just woke up. It was pretty good, I admit I'm a bit of a weirdo for liking sardines but whatever. They go pretty good with hot sauce.


Favorite food? Mac n cheese is my favorite, I like chips and candy.
Drinks? I'd just drink soda. Coffee sometimes


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I've always thought only fat fucks eat up their problems
cough syrup


>only fat fucks eat up their problems
>cough syrup

pussy bitch take a real drug or join the rest of us at the buffet, nigga


I'm a fan of PCP but I think it's exactly something one would drink


*but I don't think


im so sick and tired of this corona bullshit, all i can do now is eat at home and im tired of eating the same damn potatoes and meat all the damn time. i cant cook much either since i relied either on cafes or premade food which is now mostly all gone from stores. i really need some recommendations on simple but delicious or at least "diverse" kind of food


a book of recipes by and for autists, but i would like to see what recipes you lads know!


>scramble egg
>add chocolate


a 22chan classic


shrimp cocktail!
what you need :
shrimp (peeled, cleaned, and cooked)
regular and spicy v8
green onion (minced)
garlic salt
garlic powder
cilantro (leaves cleaned and seperated from the stem)
everything bagel seasoning
cucumbers (chopped)
mix and consume cold
exact amount depends if mixed evenly, and the size of the largest bowl you have.


I drink a lot of tea
Also I tend to love anything that's sweet, and eat good amounts of chocolate at times
Luckily apparently I'm the kind of person who doesn't get fat (at least so far), which is nice. However when I eat too much I feel sick, I even threw up one time this year
But it's all right, I mean I only need to be careful not to exaggerate


what type of tea do you like?


I mainly drink black tea. I also like Earl Grey. Plus at home we have a bunch of fancy types (some good, some not), but my favorite tea must be the green one we got a while ago, which I only drink on special occasion (because I don't want it to run out)


i dont mind tea but im more of a coffee person, ive spent so long drinking shitty cheap instant coffee that its become the stranded for me.


>ive spent so long drinking shitty cheap instant coffee that its become the stranded for me.
Same. When I go to university I drink it everyday. But otherwise I never drink coffee


do you have it with or without sugar, i used to have sugar in it butt i slowly got rid of it, im trying to do the same with milk. occasionally ill go out to a cafe and get an espresso shot but im still not used to it


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I drink coffee with sugar. I'm afraid the coffee from pic related would hardly be drinkable otherwise
However, I've somehow managed to transition to drinking tea without sugar over time
But sadly now that it's so hot here drinking tea is a challenge


I just made beans on toast


I find beans on toast to be pretty hit or miss, it really depends on how im feeling and the quality of the beans

ive mostly started just drinking energy drinks, i know its trash but its tasty trash. we have this shitty one here called mother that just tastes like watered down monster

if i do drink tea or coffee its a shitty home-brand so the energy drinks are better for the most part


I'm not completely fat yet (high metabolism) but I'm getting there
Thick soup
Plain crackers
Trail mix/snack foods


Lemon-y drinks
Hot cocoa

Reason: There's a lot. I grew up poor until my teen years where my mom, sister, and I moved in with her slightly more affluent boyfriend in a big city. I had trauma my brain chooses to forget and mental health issues, and suddenly I had a lot of food at my disposal. I overate a lot and binged when no one was home, but I started gaining weight and got self concious. I started dieting which turned into a starve/binge cycle that continues into today.
I'm actually in some sort of recovery - I've been eating normally but I still overeat on comfort foods that I ate when we were poorer. Stuff like $.99 canned soup, ramen, and cheap crackers.
Life is getting better. I am happier, I just need to keep trying.

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