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Write a letter to someone who may never read it


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Write letters in dead languages to people you've never met! Buy realistate in an imaginary place! Cross your i's and dot your t' s! Plan your spontaneity carefully! And always salt your pasta while boiling! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA lick toad


Lick my juicy ass you dumb hos



Dear Future Self,

Just don't kill yourself, okay?


Dear Future Self,

Can you hurry up and just fucking kill yourself already?


Sorry Past Me,

Forgot I sent this, guess I fucked up huh?


are you still hungry for me cock or are you up with tyrone right now


this is great for letters that people won't read it because this is so new how great


Hey hey hey, Future Self,
Can you made deviantart cause his mind telling everyone has a bit of shitposters for Linux


I would like to drink water.


Dear random person

On (tuesday, august, 12) Do not look outside. Close all windows and lock all doors. Turn all of your devices on at top volume. Rock back and fourth and if you hear knocking , knock back 3 times. If you hear someone say "outerwear" you know what you must do. that is all


Dear me of the future
just in case


Dear random anonymous wanderer, don't forget about us.

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