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I am extremely afraid of death. Just thinking about it gives me panic attacks. It's a really weird feeling knowing that every single person around me one day or another will perish and be replaced by someone else. The lack of a consciousness is what scares me the most.
I've gotten one chance to live and here I am. I will not see the world in a hundred, thousand, or even a million years, just this moment right now and that's it. Being a fedoratipper, my view on the subject is pretty grim, since I don't believe in an afterlife in heaven or in hell.
How do you view death, anons? Are there any ways that you try to cope with the idea? Have any of you made peace with such a thought?


Death, even if I have religious beliefs, is shouldn't be that feared. Of course, I really dangerous mistake in your life can quickly end you, but if you know how to avoid it and not suffer from anything that can cause death, it's fine. Death is also a way to end's someone's suffering or some other living organism, like a dog given some treatment to death because of how they can't live on. It may be our one chance here, but, it helps us want to do everything we want, even if it's bad to us or others, it still is a time limit that can make us more to make some meaning into what we do, because living forever is pretty much I see as worse than death, why live forever to see to the end and where it's nothing in the end of everything if you believe a big bang wouldn't happen again?
Death is something we should accept it will happen to us, and it's something we shouldn't fear too much of.


I started having these same feelings about a year and a half ago, shortly after my grandfather died. It made me so depressed and I started to view life in an entirely different way. It wasn't just the thought of non existence that scared me, although that was part of it, but also the exact opposite. The idea of living forever and ever also felt overwhelming. Even reincarnation, which I thought would be the best outcome, also started sounding horrible. Imagine if I was reincarnated as a gazelle or something and had to die a horrible death. I also thought about the idea of the universe resetting and having to live the exact same life over and over. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that every single possible after life sounded terrifying, and I started getting really depressed. I started becoming incredibly conscience of the fact I was getting older, and every day seemed to just slip by, as I inched closer to my inevitable demise. I just could not stop thinking about death all day every day. I actually for the first time started considering suicide, just to get it over with.
Nothing felt real anymore. Everything just felt pointless.
I tried coping by watching TedTalks about how you shouldn't fear death, about out of body experiences, and I even started looking into Aubrey de Grey and living forever. However, the thoughts just kept coming back.
In the end though, I just kinda got over it. It's kind of a pointless thing to worry about. I'm just concerned with living life to the fullest.
How old are you and how long have you had these feelings?


I'm not a fan of your ideology, anon. I don't think that a quick death outweighs an entire lifespan. Best case scenario from my point of view would be that instead of dying and never returning to this world, people could take very long breaks, very long sleep.
I'm 25 but I've had these feelings for years and years now. I align more with your point of view, there's nothing I can currently do about death, so I have been attempting to fill my life up with memorable events, even if those events likely are seen as small or insignificant by others.


I worded it wrong, it's "Of course, really dangerous mistake in your life can quickly end you, but if you know how to avoid it and not suffer from dealing with anything that is relating to death from someone else, it's fine."
More like death is normal, no need to fear it.
Heavily agree on the "It's kind of a pointless thing to worry about. I'm just concerned with living life to the fullest."
Pretty much my whole claim.


live your life to the fullest, so when you die, you can look back and be happy.
work hard, help people, and be healthy
try new things! meet new people!


Something I think about often. Of course one needs to be good in the material world to enter death with a smile, so I try my hardest to be good. This may sound submissive but this is really how it is.


My opinion on death is that you either go to heaven or hell, based on whether you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior or not. So actually death doesn't scare me that much. Sure, I don't want to die, especially not painfully, but I don't lose any sleep over it


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Honestly, I have never understood what people are so afraid losing of when the death comes. As far as I remember the only time in my life when I were actually terrified of death was when I had suddenly realised that my family and I were going to perish someday, and that was when I still went to kindergarten. Ever since I had accepted this fact and overcome my childish fear I just sort of stopped caring, it didn't really make a difference to me if I die tomorrow or 70 years later, or at least that's what I believed. And still do. I don't see how people manage to find anything in this world worth clinging to, so I've always found people being scared of death a bit pathetic.


This, tbh, I started when I was younger too. I understand why they do, they don't want to go, but, as I grow, nothing last forever, in fact, I made it a great timer to have the best life I can get, no matter if it can get worse or already is, I enjoy making anyone happy, so my life is about that now. For me, it's a difference for me if I die today or an era later, but to me, it's all the same, gone and that's it. Since I have a belief in the afterlife, and what it's like from other beliefs, I started to not care, or over the less, be happy that I can die someday, because, what is the best about belief for me is to have answers that, even if it can't be proven, have the best way to see that well, there is happiness after death.


>This may sound submissive
No, tbh, this is the most wholesome and most best way I've dealed with death. Live on my anon friend.


Love, to me, isn't real. Or at least most people's ideas of love. Call me an edgelord for this, but ever since I was very young I always saw how people felt love as just, not real. I thought it was just an.. opiate that they use to delude themselves that the world is perfect. I couldn't blame them. The world is bad. I felt what people would call "love" towards certain people, but it.. was more spiritual, at least to me. Basically, love is real but the way people use love is completely wrong, and therefore their love is false. Not only that, but they discriminate against others based on this.. false idea of love! It really irks me.


>>1715 God damn it wrong thread lol. I meant to post this to the philosophy thread


that's not edgy at all, your just saying that the modern of feeling and expression of love is diluded.


you still have time to delete your posts lol


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Heavily agree with this, don't know what to say, but modern form of love pretty much makes me want to stay away from those kind of people.


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i dont really fear death that much, what scares me is the impact of my death on the people around me. if i were to die today as an 18 year old lad my parents would be positively destroyed- they would almost have no purpose to live their own lives. my friends would be crushed too. there's a line in the first deadpool that's similar to what i think of it, along the lines of "the worst part about cancer isn't what it does to you- it's what it does to the people around you." replace cancer with death, that's mostly the tl;dr of my belief.
even if i didnt have friends and family acting as external motivation to live i still have internal drives to stay here. i wanna do all sorts of stuff, like become a bartender and build a log cabin and do lots of drugs and find a woman who loves me and have many beautiful children with her. god damnit if i ain't at least going to embark on the young person's pursuit of knowledge and sensation before i check out, on my own terms or otherwise.
and a note on the subject of afterlife- im like 99.8% sure there's life after death, or at least something there if not life as we define it. maybe we go to a place where regular logic just doesnt apply and 2+2=5, maybe we go to heaven or hell, maybe we just travel to a different vibration and stick around on earth in a parallel something. i dont know but ill find out some day, hopefully in the far, far future.


That sounds right. Also, lets say if you where to die right now, What did you accomplish? Did you do the things you wanted to do or generally do things that built up a legacy. Raise a family or do something important to help people, whatever really. If you look back at your life and see nothing, then there's a bit of a problem that needs to be fixed.


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I'm not afraid of dying. Never have been. What I am fearful of, and extremely so, is to die without having lived. I'm afraid of wasting my life.
I'm also afraid of being "cornered into" death, so to speak. The thought of getting diagnosed with cancer or some slow-death-disease like that and wasting away in a hospital terrifies me. My aunt was a smoker all her life and got diagnosed with lung cancer when she was fifty. It progressed until she was only kept alive on meds. My last memory of her is her lying unconscious in a hospital bed, her head completely hairless and every breath she took making this god-awful snorkeling sound like she was drowning. There were a handful of tubes sticking out of her mouth, they were connected to machines. The meds had caused her to gain weight so she just looked like some hairless blob. That was the last time I saw her alive. I don't want people to remember me like that. A husk of what I once was.
I want to be in control of my life and my death, too. I want to choose when I leave. The thought that my life could be taken from me at any time is what scares me. Fuck wasting away. I'll go out in the fjords somewhere. Snort a whole bunch of something good and listen to my favorite music as I go out in a euphoric blaze.


That does sound quite nice and even then who knows? Maybe doing chemo might not even remove the cancer, Maybe after doing cool stuff and living life might release come chemical in your body that kills it off or something?


Maybe but all kinds of people get cancer, even young ones. I think it's random who gets it and of course certain factors like lifestyle choices affect it. Chemo seems to work for some people. A friend of my moms beat it because it was spotted early on. I once worked with a woman who beat cancer through chemo but the chemo fucked her memory so she only remember spots of her day.


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Funnily enough, I'm close to the exact opposite, OP.
Personally, even when I was a child, death never really scared me. Why should I be afraid of "nonexistence"? I'll never experience it, because I'll be dead and not capable of experiencing it.
This perspective of "it won't matter when I'm dead" has been compared to that one bomb defusal quote. "I'm either right, and it's suddenly not my problem anymore".
This perspective on life has gifted me with what is essentially a fearlessness in almost any situation. If it has the possibility of killing me relatively quickly, there's no reason to be afraid. Walking a tight rope? Being threatened with a gun? What happens when I'm dead won't matter to me because I won't be around to see it.
What I'm truly afraid of, consequently, is dying a slow, painful death. Either that, or being completely crippled. If the death is quick it won't matter, but if the path there is long, drawn out, and bloody, then it will matter. No reason to fear something that won't affect you in the slightest.
I have nothing to lose, yeah, but even if I did have shit to lose-- it won't matter when I'm dead, and my philosophy is complicated by the introduction of religion.
Though, my wager is pic related, and that's a conversation for another day


nice dubs and good post

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