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The easiest way to spot evil is to put something good in front of them. I learned this in a weird way.

It was my birthday that day actually, and it was about 3 am and I just woke up. I heard a kitten outside the door and felt very bad about it, so me and my dad (he was awake too) let it in. I made the kitten at home, giving it somewhere cold to stay and letting it chill.

My mom and my brother didn't like it however. They saw I let the kitten in and they got very pissed at me. My brother started hurling insults at me for letting the kitten in.

You may say "Well, rabies!" but I live in a country where the rabies rate among animals is super low that it's not even a problem.

Next day, I notice that the kitten is gone. It turns out my mother actually sent the kitten away somewhere, presumably to die.

She'll have to answer to God as to why she did that. I tried talking to her about it but all she did was say "SO YOU'RE SAYING I'M A BAD MOTHER?! OKAY, HATE ME! HATE ME!" and being super defensive.

As I type this, I am quite emotional. There are other things she should have done. The kitten didn't attack me or do anything wrong. She could have taken it somewhere since there are animal organizations here. She didn't care. She just threw it away.

RIP kittenbro. You were too pure for this disgusting world.

I would not be surprised if my mother turned out to have some sort of mental disorder. She rarely shows emotion towards me, and when she'd speak to me she'd be passive aggressive, or sometimes absolutely pissed at me for no reason.


Apologies for the spacing btw it's just my autism.


Cat's better off in the wild world than in a house with a bitch like that. Now he can have an adventure.


parasites are another issue but seriously, yeah it could have been given to a responcible owner, animal control, or a nice orginization or shelter instead of thrown back outside, a good chunk of cats and other domesticated animals die that way. hopfully someone else found it and gave it a nice home.

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