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this is know a vibez thread, post meloncholy vibezzzz


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Took this photo yesterday.
Feeling kinda sad ngl.
Lonely because i miss my family, so i just let music play and i do my own thing.


Why are you away from your family? Based on the photo and demographics that goes here are you in college/university?


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Yea i am studying in different city.
It’s all very difficult for me.
I don’t really click well with people
socially. I dont know anyone in the dorm,
barely know anyone in the class but i am
at least gonna get to see family this weekend.


I choose to live at home for university because I was scared that I would not make any friends. It is worth the 80 kilometers each trip for me because I get to live with my family and essentially live a similar life to high school. From my perspective making friends from class is practically impossible because the professor is talking the whole time. People who live on campus seem like cockroaches who only come out when they are doing something with their friends or have class. I completely understand what you have to deal with and hope you can get a friend by sheer luck.


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It’s been a little better lately.
I guess it’s a sort of “thrown into water” thing in my case.
It’s so much easier to talk to people since I’ve been in an all girls class and live “alone” .
I know i still gotta work on my socialisation but not gonna force anything I don’t have to.
I had an incredibly retarded moment on train a while ago, i could tell you the story later if you would like to.


Those pics do give off an interesting feeling, Like silent hill but less spooky and more sad

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