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Have you ever doubted if there is value in spending time on internet conversations with strangers?
Do you really feel like it's worthwhile?


Sometimes I doubt it, but then I wonder why. It's not like I feel like the connections I have in real life are better. Those conversations I have never feel meaningful. The internet at least lets me talk to people with no filter just because they can hide behind a screen. What about you OP?


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I like you guys. I've been looking for an imageboard with good people for quite a while and I think I found one. I don't wanna be anywhere else, I don't wanna be a normalfag. I love my life now. Sometimes it gets very lonely, but it's a subsiding feeling.


For much of my life, I have spent it on the internet. In the last few years, I got a bit sick of being a recluse and being depressed, so I decided to attempt to be normal. I made friends, I had social hobbies, I learned to have interesting conversations, I make myself look nice. For the first time in my life, people liked me.
But I missed it. I missed my online friends, the forumns, the inside jokes, the edgyness that people don't like to touch. The lockdown brought me back to my former days, reading manga and surfing through link after link. Chatting with strangers and drawing not for money, but just for fun.
I love to make content for this site, I feel whole doing so. Some people are mentally meant for this sort of thing. Imageboards are places where I can talk about keeping dead things in jars and spending 3 days watching an obscure cartoon not moving and drawing weird garbage all day without people thinking thats weird. I can talk about whatever. really, and no one takes in my image or identity.
It's good stuff, its not wasted at all, fren. I think I was meant for sites like these, and so were many people who come here.


>Those conversations I have never feel meaningful
Same in a way. I really value my irl friends, however with one exception the conversations we have are often a bit empty. I enjoy my time with them, but sometimes I feel like I wish for more
I'm a creative type. Being part of a band or something like that would be my dream, but that requires skill, which requires effort and dedication; I don't have that
I'm happy for you anon! This place is nice
That's interesting, thanks. Personally I had the luck to meet irl people who could appreciate an edgy meme
Anonymity helps me with posting but it doesn't prevent all my mental-social problems. I guess sometimes I grow tired of interactions, even in this form, and yet my loneliness and boredom push me to it over my limit
I'm not sure, I'm a bit sleepy now
>I love to make content for this site
Same. Making stuff is fun. When other people get involved it gets even funner. That's what I like the most about imageboards in fact

Well, I guess I'll put limits on my time spent on online forums for now. I've done it before but I somehow always end up breaking them


No way in hell i could carry out a normal conversation irl, too autistic and other issues, the internet and therefore 22chan's perfect to me.


I sometimes doubt talking on the internet is worth it because I am still talking to humans. Yes, you will likely get friends, but sometimes these friends will be distracted. In other words, if your online friend gets preoccupied, communication will be sparse or end.


Not really, people on the internet are more honest and caring than people irl. Showing care or any other sort of those emotions is almost taboo, especially for men, on the internet nobody asks and nobody cares about that, people are engaged in the conversation and can overcome pretty much all social boundaries.


I really value the feel of the perfect online communities. Doesn't really replace irl friends for me (although thanks to Corona internet friends and irl friends are basically the same thing now), but only having irl friends without any real community is also super depressing.


>Why do you come here?
initially, cuz I was banned from 4chan.
now, idk, but it feels like home


I don't have many friends to spend time with, so I'm seeking for the place where I can hang out with somebody on internet. Sorta like internet couch or treehouse, maybe.

The only reason I got here is because of link to the website in one of swf movies I've stumbled upon. This looks like a small but nice community.


This place is nice. I don't really have much irl except my old man to talk to, and this place is rather nice.


same, im pretty much socially isolated


It has been hard for me to gain friends for a while. During my middle school I would switch schools. So every year I would lose the friends I'd gain that year. My final year in middle school I did not get a friend group and that trend in my life has continued.


I usually just bore people with my lame childish personality and topics to discuss. This happened in middle school, at university and still happens now from time to time.
It's like being in exact middle of mediocrity level scale, you don't get hate, but you won't get a welcome either.

Whoever said "just be yourself" is a goddamn liar. You have to self-improve and fit certain standards before you can actually be "yourself" in public. Even after that, there are some things you can never speak or do in front of other people.


I wouldn't say it is your fault. From my experience, first impressions are the only impression people give me. The problem with that method is I don't realize I am being screened for being a friend and I don't get to show my most compelling side of my personality. People's personality has light and shade but sadly people only want to judge the weaker links of you. Being yourself is nonsense tho because it is assuming your a generic person or a normie. Normies are like a cooking recipe in the sense that they are predictable.


Which is why i prefer anonymous imageboards. And of cource i wouldnt get my life ruined by saying anything that might make normalfags angry.


Because this is a place I can relate to and speak honestly without having to fear backlash. Basically here is somewhere were I don't have to walk on eggshells around retards anywhere else.


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nice dubs m8


New stuff like twoot's game is a good reason to stay, but for the most part it's the anons, i'm glad some of the really oldfags havent left and i'm going to do what i can to keep posting and keeping things active


Try finding your crowd through shit like IRC and 22chan, then if you find somebody you like, start talking to a face and not a screen with something like Tox or XMPP. This worked for me, but depending on your place on the spectrum, results may vary.


Nah, i like being fully anonymous


22chan is the only community I feel a part of right now. I have very few IRL friends. Talking to people here is nice cause I feel a sense of belonging. I can post my thoughts or about my interests and I will get replies from level-headed people who are ready to discuss whatever it is I posted. At least you anons feel level-headed to me. Sometimes it feels like we're the only sane people out there. IRL people just look at me funny.


I'm looking at this post funny


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Cheers, lad


No because I was born in a place where everyone is a complete opposite of me do I don't really have any alternative, and I seem to get along better with the strangers on the internet.


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I just want to share some care sometimes.


just like pic related?


If I were a cat- yes.


You are a good person, anon! We all need care because some days lack goodness.


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Thank you anon! Yes we do- so please have a friendly headpat. However, I rarely post but I like to read.

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