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>High testosterone
>High IQ
>Can't relate to anyone in the real world
>Can't relate to anyone on imageboards
>Sometimes the alienation just cuts a little deep
>>But, I'm OK with this and am grateful for who I am


>Can't relate to anyone on imageboards
Yet you are here on 22chan an imageboard. What gives anon?


>High testosterone
fap more


Because I'm still a human, so I like socializing with other humans (to a degree).



fapping lowers your testosterone levels. Meaning your hair and nails will also grow slower


It is odd that you highlight how smart you are and how you can't relate with most people. That makes me think you think you are above most people. If you aren't above us why did you talk about how great you are?


What makes you unrelatable?


I don't really care about managing my T, I just let it fluctuate and ride the wave. Really good sexx will usually pacify me for a day.

That wasn't what I was tryung to convey, what I'm trying to convey is the combination of high IQ & high T doesn't really exist in the world. You'll find people with "high" IQ's (130+), but 99.9% of them have low T (I don't mean that as an insult, just speaking factually). Likewise, most men with high T tend to be on the lower end of the "booksmart" scale (streetsmart is another story). So, I understand why how I state things comes across as egotistical, but really it's just me trying to accurately describe my predicament and it's not my intention to condescend.

As stated in the above paragraph, high IQ & high T is a basically non-existent combo. You have a wide spectrum of traits and context-driven existence, almost. I don't want to make this a blog, but try to imagine the qualities of high T-aggression, competitiveness, high sex-drive, etc. Now, think the usual high IQ profile-curious, creative, perceptive, "philosophical", love of learning, forward thinking, and so forth....

I've never met, seen or even heard of anyone with such a spectrum, it's typically just the brute/intellectual dichotomy with some moderate deviation. Having access to the full spectrum just makes you more dynamic, and consequently, different.


Stop trying to relate to people and take advantage of your luck. Become an ultra chad scientist. Use your competitiveness and brain to completely change an industry. You lucked out, now go take advantage of it.
Or you know join some kind of cult of these kinds of people and forever circle-jerk over how lucky you are. Or do both, whatever gets the job done for you to feel satisfied with life.
Either way, good you feel grateful. Now go do something with that gratefulness.
Still sad you cant relate to people? uhhh form a superiority complex and stop caring kek.


>Can't relate to anyone in the real world
Don't try and bother relating to people, be your own person, don't try and be a relatablefag and just be yourself, try not to be a number, try not to be another one of (((those people))), just be yourself anon. You don't HAVE to relate to other people, that's just something that people brainwash you into thinking is cool. To be honest with you, if you're literally just a clone of the next anon, why should anyone choose one over the other, stand out, just not to the point of having cocks attached to your forehead and saying your a black transracial trans gender bi-sexual gender-fluid kin, y'know?


Truly my own advice as well. My old man always told me to do that.
I'm of the opinion however that one can never be truly completely separated from society, but one should be as separated as is healthy and possible.

I relate to OP a little. I couldn't relate to people either my entire life, I mean, on the Internet there is always good people to talk to and relate to, but they don't come by often. As a kid I had "divergent" interests which I guess no one cared about, and I cared about different things. Not saying it's better or worse to have divergent interests, but to me it's both a blessing, but a little bit of a curse.

There goes my rant.


How is having high testosterone and a high IQ a problem?


>Stop trying to relate to people

I'm not, I don't actively try to relate to anyone. You just grow increasingly aware of the gulf between you and others and all the good and bad that it brings; the real challenge comes from dealing with the relative solitude & isolation, not to mention you have to be extremely dilligent about watching your own back.

>Become an ultra chad scientist. Use your competitiveness and brain to completely change an industry.

That is the plan and is in progress, already.

>Still sad you cant relate to people? uhhh form a superiority complex and stop caring kek.

No, I'm not really sad about it, other than the occasional pang of loneliness, but that is becoming a more scarce occurence as time goes on. So, I don't really care, it's me against the world.


I am myself and I don't try to be anyone else. I have never felt envy towards another and have always been proud of who I am. It's just the ever-present feeling of utter alieness that pervades my existence that sometimes gets...feely, like when you're laying next to a girl and wondering if she "gets" you, or how much of yourself you can even show her.


I agree, boundaries are important and sorely missing in today's world and the situation of being socially divergent is 1 of both positives & negatives, depending on the context.


I didn't say or imply it was, it's the fact that it's virtually non-existent in others that I would contend is an issue.


I have the same problem but for the opposite reason. I often feel like I can't relate to anybody or ever feel like I'm part of a group. That doesn't stop me from having friendships, but I still feel alone in some ways.
The reason for this stems more from inferiority complexes rather than feelings of superiority (and be honest, you can't call yourself one of the few with both high intelligence and testosterone and consider it a bad thing)


>it's the fact that it's virtually non-existent in others that I would contend is an issue.
Do you want to find someone like you? Is that what you want?


Yes-ish, especially a woman, not so much for a love fantasy, but to make more of my "species".

I don't want or need others to be exactly like me, I just wish there was more dynamism in cognition. I don't feel like a human anymore, I feel like an alien among people. There's really nothing I could say that can convey the difference between me and others, I am a race of 1.

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