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Hello 22chan, i am struggling to motivate myself to do hobbies and push myself beyond the bare minimum. I am not a NEET and I do everything required of me to be self sufficient. I can never really push myself beyond that though. I have many interests I would like to pursue and enough time to do so, I just don't and end up wasting all my free time on mildly fun low effort things instead of super fun things I care about which require more effort. Would any anons like to share their experience with something like this or provide some helpful advice?


I think lots and lots of people suffer from this, me included. Ultimately I think it goes down to how much you want to do the things you want to do. In the end you have to take a decision.
There are however ways that maybe could help you with keeping yourself determined:
But I have no idea what you're struggling with specifically, I'm just shooting in the dark here
[spoiler]Personally it's a battle I'm mostly failing every day[/spoiler]


>clickbait motivational videos
I think your motivation problems may stem more from a lack of standards for yourself than any problem that some guy online is going to fix for you. This is 22chan, you can do better.


That is a side (and relatively unpopular) video by a guy who built the marble machine, a complicated mechanical giant:
The effort necessary to build such a thing is enormous, often awfully repetitive and not very rewarding. So I thought that he was a voice worth hearing on the subject of motivation
Since this is 22chan, I would ask you to be less superficial and quick to judge (especially when knowing jack shit about what you're talking about)
Confronting idiotic posts like yours is pretty tiring, and I don't come here to waste my energy arguing with people against whatever stupid bullshit they come up with in the 30s they dedicate to my post
Superficial dismissals are fine; we as humans can't look into everything we ever see in front of us in detail, but please in that case refrain from posting. You're not going to add anything of value to the discussion. If you don't feel like putting effort, just go to sewers


I, too, have this problem, OP. What we need to do is to stop spending so much time on the internet. When ever you feel like going online and aimlessly browsing away, just go do something else instead. I have realized this recently, and am going to be working on not being so lazy and internet in the next years.

Also don't touch your benis.


Hey OP, this is gonna sound stupid and hypocritical (because I myself fail and have your problem) but I guess you just have to 'feel it'. What I mean by this that you will find yourself fed up and angry enough to do something. You also have to remember that pessimism is just as subjective as optimism, maybe you feel that it pointless and look down on others who are happy, but hey its not like half the world aren't in your same line of thinking. I also recommend socialising (unironically yes this is a recommendation and I know that's easier said than done). You have to be aware that you can depend on others or take your mind off once in a while. I guess this was shit that works for me idk


Do you have any family or friends anon? If you have either maybe you could do a activity with them. Perhaps that could help with loneliness you may have and will have you doing new stuff.

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