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A thread to talk about how your day went. Venting, talking about future hopes/dreams, or just chatting is all okay.
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I have to admit I never thought about it that way. You're absolutely correct, I couldn't be friends with someone who hurt animals for fun. Even though technically that's just his opinion of what is fun. I agree it's not comparable. I just think the tranny thing is such a dumb thing to get upset over. You never know just how to look through other peoples eyes.
Not hiding your powerlevel does weed out the normies though. :^)


sounds like you have a good dental insurance


School is starting up again soon. I am not sure if I should dread it or not. The class difficulty may be harder than before. I hope not. Are you dreading school anon? If your already back to school how is it?


I've been in a good mood today. It was a nice day. Yesterday I felt fucking terrible, I was angry at everything. The storm before the calm. I hope you're doing good, anons.


thats nice, things always get better dont they?


Sure seems that way.


I took a test today and am unsure if I did okay or terrible. The trial had an extensive true or false section to it and a lot of the questions. I am hoping, like most true or false questions, that most are true because I did not know for sure. The other section was pretty easy, luckily. So I am hoping the 50/50 chances favor me.


Some days I just can't keep the anger at bay.


Lately, it has been hard for me to not be frustrated with my current situation too. It isn't one thing but many things that are getting to me as of late. I can relate to you anon.


is it more of an urge or is it because of something that happened to you?


Something that has been happening to me. My family is dysfunctional and abusive and for a long time certain family members made me feel weak and pathetic. I've moved out now and things are better but some days I can't help but obsess over all the shit they put me through and I get really worked up over it.


Today I went to visit a rec center for old folks I used to work at this summer. The people were happy to see me, it was nice chatting with them. You can learn a lot from old people.
There was a guy there who was 72 years old, he told me he's been a smoker since he was two. He smoked on and off as a child, then started full time when he was 14. It's interesting to think how different the world was only 70-80 years ago.


Did he have that deep smoker voice?


How are you anons on this fine Friday? What're you up to?


played a tiny amount of morrowind, main character is an argonian with the class of "Terrorist" and proceeded to steal ''everything" in the Census and Excise Office
then went to went to work irl
hoping to get off early


I fucking love stealing shit in RPGs.


I feel good today. Today I was able to sleep in and wake up at 8 AM instead of 6. I do not have school or work today, so I feel more relaxed than usual. Currently, I am planning to get my new license plate, so I do not get a ticket. It is pretty ironic because the license plate costs as much money as a ticket. Later today, I plan on watching stuff with the MMC. I remember having fun watching Twoot today, and I think hanging out with anons will be fun. We added an excellent background for October. It would be fun if you showed up too.


i got off scott free too lol


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I'm so lonely. I tried to curb my lack of social contact with Fallout New Vegas but the only friend I've got there is ED-E and he doesn't talk too much


do we count as friends


I love you, but no


Why not get a pet, anon? Me and my cat are very good friends. He always stays in the same room as me.


your cat actually owns you tho
look at him right now in the eyes and you'll see what i mean


Can't afford it, though that is a good idea


The relationship works both ways.


That's romantic


I like to think that he cares about me. Some people don't think cats care at all about their owners but I think they do. Cats react to emotions, when I cry my cat will often jump in my lap and nudge his face against my nose. I treat my cat as an equal rather than a pet and I think it's because of this that we have gotten so close.


Dude right now, grab your cat. Look at him directly eye to eye. (make sure hes looking at you back) Blink two times slowly. This is telling him in cat language that you love him.


I know that slowly blinking once is a sign of everything being okay. I never knew that two slow blinks means affection. Right now he's sleeping on me so when he wakes up I'll try it lol.


My day was fucking awesome. I made a shelf today for when I get a TV. Well, I didn't exactly make it. The previous tenant of my apartment left behind a wooden shelf that I sawed to fit on my wall. Then I polished that end so it would be nice and smooth. I painted the shelf with abstract patterns because it was just a dull white otherwise. The whole process took a few hours. I got really lost in polishing the wood. I also went with my neighbor to the hardware store to buy wall fastenings for the shelf. When all this was done I ordered a pizza and watched an okay movie. Now I'm going to settle in and play vidya for like five hours before crashing and fantasizing about gaming on my future TV. It'll be sick. Love you, anons.


heck yeah, reuse and recycle


Right you are, anon. I might polish the leftover wooden block tomorrow and paint something on it.


I lazer cut a neat sign that lights up, but i never bother polishing it or the wooden frame that goes with it


I'd polish the wood so you don't get splinters from it. It looks nicer, too.


I've felt like breaking something all day.


Why is that?


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Just now I felt the most scary thing in the world.
I've been very stressed as of late. In fact, I don't think I've had a single stress free day in over a decade. Life has been an eternal endurance test.
Just now, I was sitting at my computer as you do, and I got the sudden urge to be very violent towards my pet who was nearby.
I imagined choking them to death, and slapping them around. I wanted to do it so badly. It didn't take much self control to not do anything, but I got up and forced it out of my room.
I'm scared that I'm going to do something I don't want to. Life has been overall pretty shit and I don't have a single really positive memory, but I don't want to take out the constant stress and suffering on my poor pet. It has nothing to do with this. I want to hurt people, and animals.
Help me


You still have the mental strength to hold yourself off, and you realised what you wanted to do is wrong so not all hope is lost. Maybe its stress, (if you have some type of head trauma that actually might be it. (also drinking/drug use) I'm not doctor nor do i know what time you do have. You should seriously take a break from stress some how.


You need to find out what is causing you stress and cut it out of your life before the darkness overtakes you and you become just like it.


I am not the poster you replied to, but you need to go more in-depth. Would you please go beyond the essential details? Personally, if I had to guess about Anons situation, I think he has a bad habit that is making him feel bad.


You know the old saying that goes something like "If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”? There is truth behind this saying. If you spend enough time in an unpleasant environment you yourself will become unpleasant. Given enough time, hatred and malice will seep into those who are subjected to it. My mom grew up in an abusive home and she was abusive towards me. I grew up in a dysfunctional and abusive family and I think about hurting other people, total strangers I pass on the street, to prove to the world that I'm not weak. Does that make sense? Not really, I'm just that damn angry.
Stress affects people much more than they think. Stress can make you do strange things, terrible things. Anon's environment, whatever it is and however it may be, is finally getting to him. The transformation is almost complete and if he does not rise above it the evil will fester inside him. Anon needs to realize what his problems are and plan to overcome them. That's what I did and I am heading in a better direction today. I don't do drugs anymore and I've moved out from my family. I've cut contact with most of them. I feel better but I don't think I'll ever truly get rid of the anger. I just have to use it as fuel. I hope Anon can do the same.


I tried going to school today, but it did not work out. There was a crash on a two-lane road. After a solid twenty minutes of sitting in a nonmoving road. I turned onto a highway. I could get around the traffic, but it just looped to where the crash was. It turns out the cops were cleaning the road, and the car that crashed was gone. This was frustrating because the police only allowed the other side to move, so my lane was completely blocked off. The police didn't make anything better because they funneled cars to other roads nearby, filling every street... I decided to go home, but I was stuck in traffic for people who wanted to leave.


This is the main reason I would never want to live in a big city, I hate traffic jams.


I am not a fan of living in the city either. The cons outway the pros. The police didn't care that almost 100 people had to get somewhere, and they were preventing that.


the amount of crime and visible mental retardation would be another aspect that makes living in the city not fun


Two days it felt like I couldn't catch a break. In addition to being stuck in traffic, I also busted my tire on the way to get gas. I hit a curve that I haven't been able to notice. Changing a tire was awkward because most gas stations, in my opinion, feel sketchy. I also had my tire on tight which, made it physically hard for me to get the tire off. Some days it feels like it is impossible to catch a break.


I didn't do well on a test today. I am not going to attribute my difficulties with my busy schedule because the material of the class is difficult of fully grasping the topics. My guess is the class requires me to study all throughout the time I am learning the topics. I am just frustrated and at a loss right now.


Win some, lose some. Do your best at understanding it. Right now you should leave it alone, because focusing on some task while frustrated is never a good idea. Pick it up later and have a look at it. If it still troubles you ask your teacher for help next time you see him/her.


solid advice


My thought is that I should go to work even though I am not usually scheduled today. I asked a coworker and, he said it was ok. I think working would be the most preferable thing to do because it doesn't require a lot of thinking while at the same time being productive.
>your teacher for help
Tutoring is unavailable for this course. What I can do is work ahead so I can understand more what my teacher is talking about. So far, I've just done my homework the night it is due.

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