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A thread to talk about how your day went. Venting, talking about future hopes/dreams, or just chatting is all okay.
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Flu and Tetanus shot. It hurt especially this time because it was in both of my arms.


Today was an exhausting day. It was raining hard while I was driving to university. The class went well today. I also got a good score in the first quiz I took today. When I got home I hit a couple of speed bumps. My daily walk took longer than expected. After I finished my walk I started my homework. It took over 4 hours to do. After doing all that I feel drained.


I'm going quite insane, i want to just slam my face against a brick wall. This godamn sensation, like when you play a song with bass boost in your car, in my ears constantly. I didnt break an eardrum and my ears are quite clean and now its absolute hell every day for three days. Dont know what to do, cant find anything online to fix it. have been listening to music but its not an every day thing, and its cranked to a normal level. so i doubt its related. (after waiting for this post to go through i think its tinnitus?) hell if i know how to treat that, several sources say that it'll dissipear over time or some nonsense.


Despite the day being long and exhausting, I have a hard time getting to sleep. University has started so I have exercised less so I have more energy before I go to bed. I could exercise more but my I would get less sleep. Another issue I've noticed is that I need to get in a perfect position. The issue there is my leg naturally touch each other I can't stop myself from doing that. The last issue is that I am paranoid from a recently robbery of my families shed.


>I've noticed is that I need to get in a perfect position. The issue there is my leg naturally touch each other I can't stop myself from doing that.
Are you laying on your side? there are special pillows that can prevent your legs from touching eachother in that position if that's the case.


Sorry to hear it was painful. It could be they shot you in the wrong place, which might cause a bruise.
Did you happen to start using computers/technology more often in the last 5 months, or do you think it's unrelated? Unfortunately computers can make eyesight worse. I would go to your doctor to make sure it's not something serious, though.
I'm very sorry to hear that, and I wish you good mental health so that your suffering eases.
What was the quiz about? Congrats on the good score. And to your second post, have you ever tried the trick that army pilots use? I'm sorry to hear about the robbery.


>It could be they shot you in the wrong place
The nurse gave me a shot in the right area. It was just the medicine working that was painful. Shots always gives a soreness in my hand.
>there are special pillows
I don't have anything close to special in the pillow department. My pillow look ancient. That sounds costly so I don't know if I should buy one.
>What was the quiz about
It was about Macroeconomic on market trends. I honestly don't remember clearly because the class is small thing in my week.
>have you ever tried the trick that army pilots use
No I haven't have issues sleeping so there was no need to try that.
>I'm sorry to hear about the robbery.
The scary part about it is I have no clue who it is. It could be a neighbor, some petty criminal, or a psychopath.


Today I only had one class. I would have gone to the second class but my school was snowed out and the teacher had to take care of her kids. Overall it was a comfy day. I went out in the snow and got wet from slipping and falling a lot which is found humorous because no one else in my family was having that issue. I also shoveled my trampoline. I went sledding which was very fun despite a dog barking at us. I bet the dog was jealous. I love how I got just enough snow to enjoy it but not enough to be overwhelmed.


Never seen snow irl before. Is it too cold, or just bearable ?


Well, Cat it is cold if you do not dress appropriately, that comes with the territory of snow. If you dress in a heavy coat or long pants you should be completely fine. Just make sure you don't slip like I did if you don't enjoy having wet clothes.


Today was an even colder day today. That fact took a while for me to realize because for a moment I thought the snow was melting but it turns out it was snowing. I didn't go sledding like yesterday but I took a walk in the snow. It was comfy because it was fun to see a novel surrounding. I had a few falls today as well, luckily I am a young man and my body is resilient. The worst part of today was that I had to do the work I would be tomorrow in a class. My professor in that class is not a pro with technology so she wouldn't be a pro at teaching over a computer. Because she isn't good with technology she will only be working out the problems tomorrow. Listening to music put me in a better mood.


Sorry I haven't responded in a long while, everyone. Life is hectic and pretty shitty. Feel as if I'm going into a depression again.

Hm, I've never had that problem but if it's normal for you I guess it's no big deal. Your test sounds pretty boring, I'll be honest. I would set up cameras if I was you if you are worried about an intruder and keep a bat or some heavy object behind your bedroom door so you can use it as a weapon to protect yourself.
We don't have snow where I live except in the mountains. I've only seen snow once and used a snowmobile. Was pretty awesome.
What kind of music did you listen to, anon?


>Feel as if I'm going into a depression again.
Why not talk it out here. I can do my best to try to help.
>keep a bat or some heavy object behind your bedroom door so you can use it as a weapon to protect yourself.
I don't where I could hide the weapon where an intruder wouldn't find it.
>What kind of music did you listen to, anon?
I listened to some Black Metal lel. I am finally growing an appreciation for the genre.


Mental health, work, and relationship issues all combining. Every day feels like a chore and I feel completely empty inside.
>I don't where I could hide the weapon where an intruder wouldn't find it.
Could always buy one of those secret books that hold stuff and keep a gun or knife, or maybe keep a thing of bear mace?
Nice, what black metal bands? I used to know a guy who was really into metal so I know some stuff about it.


>issues all combining
Compounding issues is the worst. It is like 5 people ganging up on one person in a fight. The only thing you want to do in the situation is to relax.
>what black metal bands
I only had time to listen to one band. I was listening to Necrophobic which is kinda a death/black metal hybrid meaning they have elements of both. I appreciated it because it was relaxing while the snow was coming down. The band also has good guitar leads. Bathory is also a new favorite because Quorthon (the main guy) has a lot of variety. Quorthon has a lot of folkish moments and a lot of heavy moments.


Fellow BM head?
Awesome. I recommend Thy Light if you want some sad black metal, or if you like lighter sounding stuff check out Summoning and Caladan Brood.


Not quite yet a BM head. In the last few months, I've realized I have been missing out. I hope to get into more BM but as of now, I cannot classify a BM head yet. I have quite of few black metal releases I am looking to listen to. I'll add your suggestions in as well. Do you want to know what albums I am looking at listening to?


Tell me


Tomorrow is going to be tough. I am going to be at university for a long time and I have a test.


Let me list it alphabetically. Abigor-Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan, Ancient Ceremony-Under Moonlight We Kiss, Bathory-Hammerheart (I really like what I've heard so far), Bathory-The Return of Darkness and Evil, Black Funeral-Empire of Blood, Borknagar-True North, Bryan Eckermann-The 7th Sin, Burzum-Burzum/Aske, Catemenia-Chaos Born, Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales, Crimson Moonlight-The Covenant Progress, Cult of Fire-Ascetic Meditation of Death, Dark Funeral-Where Shadows Forever Reign, Darkthrone-Panzerfaust, Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder, Desaster-The Oath of an Iron Ritual, Dissection-Storm Of The Light's Bane, Emperor-In The Nightside Eclispse, Enslaved-Frost, Falkenbach-...magni blandinn ok megintíri..., Gehenna-Seen Through the Veils of Darkness, Graveland-The Fire of Awakening, Hecate Enthroned-The Slaughter of Innocence, a Requiem for the Mighty, Immortal-Sons of Northern Darkness, Covenant-Nexus Polaris, Lord Belial-Enter the Moonlight Gate, Master's Hammer-Ritual, Master's Hammer-Fascinator, Mayham-Live in Leipzig, Mesarthim-The Density Parameter, Moonsorrow-Voimasta Ja Kunniasta, Morbid-Year of the Goat, Mystifier-Goetia, Nagelfar-Sronttgorrth, Naglfar-Diabolical, Necromantia-Scarlet Witching Black, Nifelheim-Nifelheim, Nocturnal Mortum-Голос сталі, Necrophobic-Mark of the Necrogram, Dark Fortress-Ylem, Root-Zjeveni, Sabbat (JAP)-Envenom, Sacramentum-Far Away from the Sun, Sacrofago-INRI, Satyricon-Dark Medieval Times, Sojourner-Premonitions, Sorhin-I det glimrande mörkrets djup, Summoning-Minas Morgul, Thy Light-Suici.De.pression, Tulus-Mysterion, Ulver-Kveldssanger, Venom-Black Metal, Venom-Cast the First Stone,Venom Inc.-Ave, Vulcano-Bloody Vengeance, and Windir-Arntor.
I am excited to dive into all of this and it makes me happy that I have the capacity to enjoy more music. How does black metal make you feel anon?


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Nice list, thanks.
(I laughed at Mayham, black meatal)


Would you like to talk about any of the bands I listed? It would be interesting to hear your perspective.


I am more of a drum guy, I listen to BM mainly for the blast beat. There's some "classics" in your list that remember me my childhood (good parenting). But I have to say, Windir has that synth touch you can't forget. Try Windir - journey to the end, there is a surprise inside.


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It was a tough day. I had to go to school in person. The test I had was not incredibly difficult, but it took time to remember the material. The test felt like a math test with its format. It started with multiple-choice, then matching, and it ended with word problems. After I finished the test I had two more classes. It was grueling to get through especially because those classes occurred when I would usually eat. When I got home I ate some cold Dairy Queen. It was really good. I then had to do some homework which I wasn't happy to do. After that, I did my daily exercises. What I missed that day was being able to sit down and relax. Today I broke my trampoline. After 10 years I guess it rusted and it collapsed on my weight. Personally, I can't really blame myself because it was inevitable. Pic related to what part of it broke. When I looked on craigslist I saw there was a free trampoline. The only issue is that it may not be available and the location is in a sketchy part of town. I am not scared I am just reminding myself that I need to be careful. Also, remember that dog that ran up to me? The dog is a neighbor and now I have to deal with it barking at me while I jump. It is really annoying especially since I have another dog barking at me down the hill.
>Windir - journey to the end
That is a great song. I've liked that song for a long time. It is really catchy and the synth part oddly satisfying. Also, we should probably move our conversation to /mu/. If you wanna talk more about black metal this thread would be a good spot.


This week has been hectic and I am exhausted. I am not sure what I want to mention but I feel that I need to take the next few days easy despite what I need to do.


I don't feel like harping on the last few days. Today was a comfortable day. It felt good to have nothing due. Having a day to do as you please is nice. The trampoline may be able to be fixed. It is just one part that rusted and fell apart. Perhaps I could be jumping more sooner than later. I also ate 10 blow pops (lollipops) and I enjoyed the bubblegum flavor.


Today I did mentally exhausting homework. The problems were math-oriented and repetitive. I had to reference formulas over and over, which sucked hard. I procrastinate, so it lasted longer than it needed to. Doing homework was not the ideal way to spend my day.


Hey guys. Been having a weird time lately. Too tired to respond but hope you're all doing well.


Good luck and you will make it through whatever it is. I hope whatever situation you are in ends well anon.


This week has been very busy. It disappoints me that I did not get an opportunity to vent about the hard parts. I should probably take some time tomorrow. Has anyone been busy to the point you cannot do what you enjoy?


pretty awful
week overall was fine, good even, but i've been planning and "working" on a project with some friends for about 8-ish months now and like
although they always say they wanna work on it most of the time when it comes to work on it someone bails and then nothing gets done
saturday we were supposed to have a call to work on it and had planned to do so for a while; one of the guys said he couldnt that night and then he and most of the others ended up calling until like 3am
finally admitted to myself that even if they all always say they wanna work on it, almost nothing's gotten worked on yet and i just dont think it'll ever happen; even if it does somehow without me pouring all the energy i have into trying to coax them to do stuff by giving them weird incentives it just isnt going to
i know it's silly but since then i've kinda lost motivation to really do anything

anyways sorry to ramble on so long; lemme start chattin up some of the people from the past week or so

lollipops can be nice! glad you seem to be having a nice time anon
eugh, what kind? i'm still in uni but all my math-based classes are gone, thank god
hope things get better for you soon anon, even if i dunno what things are
plenty of the time; hope it passes by soon anon


Talk is cheap and that is a big problem if you actually want to finish what you are working on. Do you know what your partners are up to when they decide to bail on the project? Hopefully, this isn't for school is it anon?
>eugh, what kind?
I am also done with the math courses, but my accounting class involves math along with business theory. I did not have my formula sheet while I was doing my assignment, so I had to look up the formulas. I made that worse by closing the tab showing the formula when I perceived I was done and most of the time I wasn't done. Procrastinating also never helps you.


Today has turned out to be a difficult day emotionally. I have a test tomorrow, and it scares me. My fear scares me from looking at the material. I am going to try to review it tomorrow morning. An equation sheet is allowed and, I have all the equations that will appear on the test. More context to these questions may be added. I am overall fearful of getting a bad grade.


I hope things are doing better now anon. I also hope this won't prevent you from being active on 22chan.


I know how you feel. Once I got so scared before a big test that I stopped studying something like a week beforehand.... which is absolutely bonkers
Anyway, how did it go?
You and your friends should realize that if you don't start working on it right now, it's never going to be done. It's pointless to keep thinking about it and being worried over it. You either do it or you don't. I'd recommend going for one last try, giving it your best efforts and encouraging others to do the same (even being strict), then if it doesn't work give up so you can move on to other projects that you actually have a chance at


I won't be replying to super old posts since I am so sporadic on here lately. No huge updates on my life at this moment. Just trying to get through each day the best I can. Feel like I am in limbo, if I'm being honest.
How did your test go, anon?
Thank you. My apologizes for the long pauses in between.


>How did your test go, anon?
Hopefully, it went better than the last test. The test involved a lot of equations and, it seemed I was right. Still, I am not confident because I did poorly last time. I don't have the score yet. My grades in the class are very stressful.


My body has been experiencing aches and soreness as of late. Yesterday my toes hurt when I was walking, and, today my hands were sore after exercising. It is annoying at the moment.


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I set up my new trampoline yesterday. It was surprisingly easy, however, it was still time-consuming. I expected it to take a lot longer so I am presently surprised. Sadly though I didn't get to jump because I was tired when I finished the trampoline. Here is when I was at 75% progress.


Tomorrow I have a quiz and a homework assignment due. Unlike last week I do not want this hanging over my head all day. I am writing this to hold myself accountable and ultimately in order to make the most of my time. If any anon wants to say some encouraging words please say it in a couple of hours (thank you Anon in advance if you end up helping me). Changing habits is one of the many stumbling blocks in life I and many others struggle with.


A few days ago I wanted to make yogurt so I poured half a gallon of milk into a big pot but then I remembered that my culture had gone bad since I had to go through a week of quarantine without buying fresh milk. That left me with a big pot of milk that I couldn't put back in the jug because I don't have a funnel so now I just have a big pot full of milk taking up space in my fridge. I have to ladle it into cups to get a drink. It's almost gone now though
I just got back from the market. I got more yogurt to use for cultures and I wanted to put my new yogurt to use so I started loading up my cart with stuff to make borscht. Yogurt is good on top of borscht, like you would put sour cream on chili. But then, I found out that the store doesn't have beets. What kind of grocery doesn't have beets? I don't understand. I can't make borscht without beets so I had to put back all the carrots and cabbage and potatoes and beef I picked up. Looks like another week of eggs for breakfast, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, yogurt for snacks and pan grilled hot dogs for dinner. How do you anons like your hot dogs? I think boiling leeches out all the flavor and makes them soggy, and I'm not big on microwaved. I don't have a grill so pan searing is kind of the closest thing. It's hard though since I don't have a grill pan, so they get kind of burned on the outside. That's fine by me, though. I should try cooking in the oven, but that takes a long time. I just put sauces I get from drive-thrus on them, maybe use tortillas for buns if I feel like it. How about yogurt? I actually like it plain when it's homemade. It's nice and tart. Sometimes I indulge in cheap granola, none of that organic shit for me. Cereal can be good too. Poorfags unite.


you actually had a lot of good tips for another fellow poor fag like me. idk why but when it comes to making food i have next to no imagination at all and it sucks. bc when i finally get home from the store i get all kinds of ideas but its too late. i mostly stick to rice and veggies for lunch and dinner and something like like oat meal for breakfast. overnight oats , super easy to make plus you can add whatever kind of fruit you like to it.


I had good results on both assignments today. On my assignment, I completed it at a time in the day. If I remember correctly, I got a 98.19 on my first assignment. After I did my work: I did exercises, ate dinner, and relaxed. When it came time to do me I did not know what to expect because most of the learning was independent and not from class where I expect to learn the most of the content. I was scared I did not prepare sufficiently, and that was true for my first two attempts (the test allows three tries). My quiz scores were: 40, 50, and 90 (the highest score is your grade). Also regaining, the stamina you once had on the trampoline.


I had a feast for Easter today and, it was great. The gravy especially was delicious and added a lot to a lot of the other food my family had. When I finished the meal, I was the most full I have been in a while. Tomorrow I will need exercise more than usual but; it was worth it.


I didn't expect today to be in the norm but, it was. The transition from Easter weekend felt like a long time maybe, that was because of something else. Maybe it was because my relationship with my older siblings is more strained and, I am on edge because of that or, it was that my brother had a birthday in addition to easter. Today I had to exercise more because I was eating the food from easter. I guess it was worth it.


Yesterday I finally got an opportunity to work. It was very exciting and comforting for me to get my work life back on track. I like my work because I get time to stop and think. I work mostly by myself so work is peaceful for me. I love this because I do not give myself time to slow down and relax. Work is weirdly relaxing even though I am working hard. I don't understand why lole.


What country do you live in? Some central or eastern euro country, I presume?
I hope your Easter was good, anon
Maybe you are a workaholic? Or you need something to focus/concentrate on to relax, so you work and don't think of stressful stuff?

Updates from me: have lost a lot of weight and want to start gaining muscle but as of late been wanting to just eat and eat, so have gained back a few pounds. Very unhappy about it. I need to start being more careful with what I eat. Also went to an interview recently but the woman hasn't called me back, so I'm gonna call her but I'm under the assumption she isn't interested in hiring me. Had a scare with my mom that she could be dying. Life remains stressful as always.

Hope you are all well. Sorry I don't post more often.


I really enjoy my job because it is relaxing. When I am home I feel like I constantly need to be occupied and that isn't the best idea. I backslid on my weight after easter as well, however, in the last few days I have been doing better. Getting a job is very difficult it almost feels like its own job. I hope your mom is fine.


I wish I had more opportunities to work for quality of life purposes. My efforts don't really affect how much work I get. IDK how I can maximize my work hours. Also, the results of a big assignment I had last week surprised me. I got a high score and I was in shock. I thought the teacher had mixed me up with another student, but that, fortunately, was not the case. The score was extremely encouraging and comforting because I often have a feeling I am one step behind no matter how competent I act in a situation. I know this thought is unfounded, but I have said this to myself way too many times. Good experiences need to be cherished for my self-confidence.


Got an amazing haircut today and i feel great, last time my scalp got several cuts and it wasnt generally cut well. I guess it's the little things that make life great.

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