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Its finally happening guys, after years of living as a neet im getting a job,

so in celebration lets have a wagie thread, discuss employment, its struggles, its strengths, tips and tricks ect


I'm currently an Information Technology Architect
Main struggle is having a lot of things to manage. Planning expenses, managing/creating computer systems and quite a bit of meetings, also having to tell people they're doing something wrong ect ect. Main strength would being around computer shid all the time, always getting involved and having stuff to do with my life. Some good tips for job interviews; get a nice clean shave or if you're a bearded guy and you plan on keeping it that way, apply some nice products and I can't stress this enough MAKE IT LOOK TIDY. Make sure to wear nice presentable clothes, wear a good amount of anti-odors or perfumes(if you're into that kind of thing). One more thing, never and I mean NEVER ask the pay rate, you only ask the pay AFTER you get the job. Anyways, congratulations on being a contributing member of the economy, Anon.


Eventually i'm going to have to get a job and quit being a NEET, but my parent's won't allow me to get a job until the covid thing is over. I don't want to get a job as a burger flipper, and to make matters worse i wasn't educated well so my options are very small. Hopfully i'll find something nice before time runs out.


place didn't get back to me and my phone broke so i guess im still stuck down here until i can sort my shid out
im pretty autistic so i might have a chance to get some help from a gov program or smth

>Main strength would being around computer shid all the time
that sounds neat, im thinking of going back to tafe and going into SysAd since its a pretty aspie field

> congratulations on being a contributing member of the economy, Anon

thank you anon, im still on the search so something should come up soon if the current place really falls through

> i wasn't educated well so my options are very small
same :(


i apparantly have until august to get a job


It's not like i'm afraid to get a job, Who doesnt want to earn money? It's just i haven't gotten a job before so i'm not sure if i will screw up on the first day, I'm not social so that also might be a problem, and like i mentioned, i'm not smart so i dont know what job i'll get or what role i will have.


What age where you guys when you got your first job?


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Working part time is so fucking nice. I'm not exhausted and/or stressed out from spending all day at work. I work only six hours a day and then have the rest of the day to myself. I have plenty of time to spend on my hobbies and sometimes just to relax and play vidya or watch movies. Getting out of bed isn't as hard because I know I only have to be at work for a couple of hours. I don't make as much money as I did working a full time job but I don't care, I haven't been this happy in a long time. I used to work 12 hour shifts and I fucking hated it. Find a job that allows you to be comfy, anons.


I was 14-15, my country has a summer program where teens can apply for work clearing the streets and local parks of weeds and such. I think it's pretty smart. It's very simple work but prepares you for more "real" jobs down the line and teaches you responsibility.


Around that age i used to volunteer at a thrift shop. It was an underated job because all kinds of good stuff came in and i got a discount because i helped out alot.


Awesome, I love surfing thrift shops.


Yeah, what was great is the thrift shop i volenteered at was located in a rich area, and rich people tend to just act careless with what they have, and they mainly donated cool stuff they didnt need there so i got tons of goodies like rare comic books, good movies, games and such (also really nice shoes i could have never afforded to buy in my life) Its not like i sat on my ass and did nothing though. I was the only man there, and stronk so i did nothing but manual labor, cleaning and stuff. All the girls where lazy and it was a real mess so i had to do a ton of work. I got treated well tho so honestly i would say it was the best volenteer related job i ever did


I can never find anything nice at a thrift shop. There are sets of furniture, of course, but, I don't need that in my stage of life (I look at technology and tools). When I need clothes, I don't go to the thrift store.


I will be receiving my first check tomorrow. I am not enjoying my work but, at least I am getting money.


What's your job, anon?


What job is that? It sounds nice!


I work at a rec center for old folks with early-onset dementia. I hang out with the old folks, prepare food for them and help them with shit. They all seem to like me. Sometimes it can be a bit tedious, they tend to ask you the same questions every day but you just have to be understanding of their condition. We do bathe them, which I haven't done yet as I just started a few weeks ago. I can't say I'm looking forward to it but I think I'll get used to it. It's just the human body, after all.
It's only a summer job but I am hoping to extend my time there. It's a very calm job, I like it a lot. It's a good feeling to help people.


I am working in a warehouse that doubles as a store. The size of the store is greatly appreciated because my works double as a good walk. I mainly put merchandise on the shelf but, I also help customers here and there. I wonder how good of a workout carrying boxes is. The job has tired me out.


I can understand how that could be boring. It sounds repetitive. Getting a walk in is good, too. Lifting things can be good exercise.


Today I experienced customers who didn't know what they wanted. The shoppers wanted me to find the item they wanted when they did no research. One asked for a light that was basswood colored. I don't know colors so I just told them I would try my best to help them and, then they told me they didn't need my help. Another customer wanted me to find a measurement for the item. They were displayed on the wall. I asked them if they read the labels and, it turned out they didn't try to read the label. They were just clueless and slightly entitled. It took there quite a few minutes once they started to do what I told them. Luckily this was only half of the customers. I talked to four shoppers today.


People tend to treat retail workers like punching bags, it's sad but true. People can also be really dumb which leads to tedious interactions like yours.


I think of these kind of interactions as inevitablities. Boomers women particularly are entitled and think you should do everything for them.


In the middle of the week there is usually nothing to do. Today is no exception, however the deficit of work to do happened quicker. Hopefully this changes tommorow or the next. There is some training to do on the computer and that is boring. It does give me "something to do" which is cool.


It'll probably even give you some more cash, right?


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I'm 20, have a job and earn enough money to be fully independent. I recently moved out into my own 2-room apartment, and I'm planning on getting 2 cats soon. Not only that, but I have enough money left each month to buy myself whatever I want, really, and live a very nice and comfy live. I like to occasionally travel and see the world.

I live alone but enjoy my lonesomeness, I am kinda living my dream right now and finally becoming happy again.

I can look at people my age and everyone is busy studying, barely having money to support themselves, while I do what I love every day for work and just enjoy living. I hope all you anons will make it to one day, it's very nice :)

TL;DR: i am wagie, but i love what i do and live my dream life


That is nice, you are living the life. Would be nice to be in your shoes.
>2 cats
Lol what will you name them (or is that a secret)


I'm planning on picking up 2 young cats but not too young. Not babies really. I want 2 that are old enough to have learned to live with humans already. So idk if they maybe will already have a name but if not one shall be named Chopper and the other one Charlie and if one is a girl its gonna be Lilly


Work reinstated the mask mandate today. As much as that sucks I hope this doesn't lead to a vaccine mandate.


I feel the same way. Do I really need a degree to be happy? Everyone tells me that I should be using these years to study but I don't see it like that. I work part time and have enough time to spend on my hobbies. I think that's what matters. I'm very happy this way.


You really don't. It has been discussed to death that not everyone should go to college. There is no guarantee that you won't be working the same or a similar position depending on what you wanted to do in college.


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I have never had success trying to find a job, I'm starting to lose hope


What type of job do you want, or qualified for?


What type of cats?


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I'm unemployed again, anons. I honestly think it's fucking great. I have the whole day to spend on my hobbies and do whatever the fuck I want. I don't have to wake up at 6am five days a week. I wish I didn't have to get another job. Man wasn't meant to live this way.


livin the dream :D


We'll see for how long.


untill you get low on cash


Did they fire you or, did you quit?
Not necessary if this anon lives with his parents and his parents are ok with anon being a neet. That is a big if though


I was only hired over the summer. I live on my own. I've got some savings that should last me at least two months.


Was it a seasonal position?


Indeed it was, I was only hired to be there in place of other employees who left on summer vacation.


I am still technically a seasonal worker but, my employers want me to apply for a more permanent position. I have no idea how to do that.


Talk to your boss about it, if that's what you want. I wish I had gotten that kind of offer at my workplace by oh well.


My schedule has recently changed to a time when the managers aren't present. They want to keep me so, I don't think they will fire me for not applying for a permanent position.


If you don't ask about it then they might think you aren't interested. Send them an email.


Increasingly I have realized that is probably what I need to do. I need to leave my new availability for the future too. Maybe what I am imagining in my head will come true or it won't.


Yesterday was a demanding day at work. The truck was a large and a lot of the item was heavy. Some crates had more products and, that slowed me down when I needed to balance the crate. The coworkers I worked with were also on edge and were demanding of me. The ones who were demanding of me don't usually work in the position. It rained yesterday and, that frustrated my coworkers. My coworkers wore me out yesterday. I have to do this all week however, I hope the difficulty is not as hard.


ive got an appointment with a service that helps aspies get jobs so wish me luck fellas, anyone else been through any similar kinda service?


Good for you, anon. I've never been through that process but I hope it goes well for you. Do you know anything about what kinda job you'll be offered?


>Good for you, anon
thanks anon
>Do you know anything about what kinda job you'll be offered?
i dont think they directly offer me work i think they just help me prepare and refer me to a few places

me and some social worker guy just filled out some paperwork, id say it went well though


Right now there's a storm outside. The weather is absolutely horrible and the rain is splattering on the window. At times like these I remember my old job, which required us to work outside, and how fucking happy I am not to be there right now. It was at the airport, cleaning airplanes, and right about now the planes would start to arrive and we'd have to get out there. That means that right now there are people doing that dreadful job in this dreadful weather. Meanwhile I'm sitting here comfortably, posting on 22chan. I'm glad I got out of there.


What was the final straw that made you want to quit?


It wasn't really anything final, just a bunch of small shit that added up to a pile. Eventually I quit to move to a different country but that didn't work out. I came back, gave it another try and quit for good after a few months. Everyone at that workplace was so incompetent, it was tiring.
A highlight I remember, once me and a co-worker were tasked with getting a shipment of magazines, they're these big magazines you see in airplanes that advertise a bunch of shit about the airline. We go to the warehouse where they keep all this stuff and the warehouse guys load a pallet of them onto our wagon. I'm talking like a thousand or so of these magazines. A full shipment. They give us the signal it's good and we drive off. We're just chatting about whatever when suddenly my co-worker says "Oh my god" or something similar, and I look back to see that all the fucking magazines have slid off the pallet. The warehouse guys didn't tie them down or wrap them in plastic like is usually done. We got out of the car and scooped every single one of them up. Took us a little under an hour, they were everywhere. Since it was raining pretty much all of them were ruined. Then we both got blamed for not checking the shipment before driving off.


It's a good thing you quit, That's a horrible job to have.


Now that I think about it, there was a moment where I started to consider quitting. Once the airport cafeteria had these disgusting cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I'm not even sure if you could call them sandwiches anymore, they were old sandwiches from the day before that the lunch ladies had covered in cheese and fried in oil. They were all roughly stacked on top of each other in a pile on a tray. They didn't look good, either. Like darkly yellow misshapen blobs covered with brown-black fry stains.
You could tell everyone was iffy about it, people kinda walked around it with uncertainty. Even the lunch ladies were, they had this look on their face like they knew it was shitty. That defensive look that someone has when they know they're doing something wrong but they don't want to admit it and are ready to get really defensive about it. And I fucking took two of them for my breakfast. They were soggy, oily and my stomach felt funky after eating them. Later that day I thought about it and I realized that this place and this job had made me not care so badly that I was willing to accept shit like that. That's when I started thinking about getting out.


Yeah, a good sign to leave is when they don't care about their workers.


On Black Friday, I had to work, which wasn't very fun. It had nothing to do with the customers, although I saw some weird stuff. Most of the stress came from my managers. They seemed more anxious than usual. My manager who hates me was more snoopy and passive aggressive than usual. It was evident I wasn't working fast enough for him because he had called half the workers to assist me. It seemed unfair because he would see how much I worked if he actually looked. Because there was nothing else to do, I spent the rest of the night trying to look busy.


I saw a ton of people buy shit for the sake of buying shit, throwing expencive items not on sale in their carts and running like mad men and it was honestly gay
also there wasn't really anything good on clearance but i'm going back anyway just to see what's left.


My store isn't a typical retail store, but it had a lot of people buying supplies. The items bought are mostly big purchases, so they have no room to clear out.


The managers were antsy again yesterday. The company's CEO is visiting our store. I'm so lucky. To satisfy my manager's fear, I was forced to do the work of another employee. Sweeping a huge warehouse store is as boring as it sounds. The only noteworthy thing is that I swept some mice's feces. That task felt like it was given to me by a manager who doesn't like me. I believe the CEO didn't come in yesterday, so today might be crappy as well.


what's lucky about the CEO visiting the store?


the year is getting closer to an end, which means eventually have to get a job. There's a local hobby lobby and i was thinking of going with that for several reasons being
*Medical, Dental & *Prescription Benefits
*Paid Vacations
*Personal/Sick Pay
*15% Employee Discount
*Life insurance
and atleast 17$? an hour which i think is pretty good for babbys furst job. Also it's a christian company so maybe there wont be too much bullshit i'll have to see or deal with if you know what i mean.


Been at this same managed IT provider for 5, almost 6 years now. I need to leave it. The pay's enough to survive, but there's no benefits whatsoever. No vacation days, no medical (at least I make little enough to get it free from ACA), nothing.

I'm not really learning anything new here, either. Most of what I do is tier-1 type stuff, resetting passwords and installing print drivers and verifying backups and all that. Occasionally we'll get greenlit on a project that lets me do something interesting. Build a new server, migrate someone's infra to another location, whatever. But those have been getting rarer over time.

I've tried looking for other jobs and I got several interviews, but I bombed them all. Turns out they're not just looking for skills. If that's the case, I'd have been hired already. No, they also want a super cheery and friendly people-person, someone to entertain them. One guy even cut off an interview early claiming that I wouldn't be a good fit for the company, and this was after a series of remote interviews that impressed them.

So now I have to work on my people skills before I can get a new job. Except I can't, because there's nowhere in this town where I could talk to people outside of work, and even if there was, all the interesting people leave before they're 25. All that's left is the typical suburban American trash. You know the types.

I wonder if it's worth seeing a shrink. Not that there's any available when I'm off work.


maybe you should find a non-programming job?

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