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Have a few vague memories, one of them is my parents picking up and old washing machine at the side of the road, and this guy comes out of nowhere with a weapon, yelling at us, my parents freak out and drive off.


I used to play a game when I was going to school on the bus and it was raining. I think I would look at individual droplets on the windows and look at how they got stuck or flowed down. I don't remember the details sadly. Also I taught this game to another student


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I have a very vague memory of myself crawling along the floor as a toddler. I was wearing some kind of onesie. I remember a feeling of astonishment and going really fast, at least what I perceived as fast.

I also have a faint memory from childhood of me looking out the kitchen window and seeing another Earth turning in the night sky instead of a moon. I can't remember if it was a dream or not. Has to be, right?


imagine just seeing an alternate earth like that, do you think your alternate self is looking down apon you in the same manner?


If he is I hope his memories are happier than mine.


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>dad wants to take me and my brother fishing
>don't really like fishing but we're both little kids so we go with him
>drive for hours to get to the water
>im miserable cause i always got very carsick as a kid
>finally arrive there
>the area around the water is littered with tiny mosquito-like flies
>luckily dad brought head nets for us
>dad pops the trunk
>freezes in his footsteps
>he only brought one head net
>ask him what we're gonna do
>dad puts the head net on himself
>stares at me for a good five seconds
>he walks down to the water and goes fishing by himself

Thanks, dad.


LOL, well he had his priorities


My very first memory is super comfy: my sister and I (~2 years old) played with a pink ball while on vacation. We were on the beach and the sun was shining. Then I did a somersault and my swimsuit was full of warm sand afterwards, it felt great so I started do dig myself in the sand.
Happy End.


My first memory was me getting toothpaste so sis n I could eat it. Lucky faggot.


that's a childhood delicacy


The beach is always comfy! I remember when i was three years old, collecting little clams and putting them in a bucked filled with seawater and watching them dig all the way down to the bottom.


Not always. Another early memory I have is also a beach scene, but this time it was quite dangerous.
We were at the North Sea and all of a sudden the weather changed. A violent storm appeared and my parents wanted me to hide behind one of those roofed wicker beach chairs while they were collecting the things we brought with us. A strong gust of wind pushed the chair against me and it almost fell over me, luckily my father was close enough to grab me. I remember the horrible sounds, wind, heavy rain, running people..
Fortunately we made it to safety soon. And I got a hot cocoa. :)


That reminds me of the time I got lost at the beach. I was three years old and full of energy. My parents expected me to stay put, but I just wasn't like that. I wandered off and was eventually found by strangers. In retrospect, that could have killed me, but, luckily the strangers were peaceful. My parents eventually found me with strangers. I hear about this memory every time I go to the beach.


Once I was at the beach while vacationing in Spain with my parents. I was walking along the beach and I found a dead jellyfish. I wanted to ask my parents if I could keep it (I had an obsession with dead things back then) but I knew I couldn't pick it up with my hands cause jellyfishes can sting. So, in a moment of pure genius, I kicked it along the beach all the way back to where my parents were. They were not happy. Also my foot stung for the whole day afterwards.


Speaking of jellyfish. One time I was at the beach with my older brother and his friend and, we were looking at creatures/items in the sea. We saw a net-looking object. I asked my brother if I should pick it up and, he said yes. It turns out it was a jellyfish and, I had to throw it into the ocean quickly.
My dad went to Spain once while he was in the military and became extremely tan. He developed a Mediterranean completion lole.


That must've been quite a shock lol.


My brother and his friend were more scared than I did. I didn't think when I threw the jellyfish back into the ocean. I still don't know the gravity of being stung by a jellyfish.


hot cocoa always makes everything better!
peaceful place to get lost at
where did you kick it lol?


I just kicked it over to the spot where my parents were sunbathing.


Being retarded, I now realise that i meant to say
>"Which part of the jellyfish did you kick"


It was a small jellyfish about as big as my foot. I didn't really aim for a specific part, I just kicked it along the beach.


One time i was in Government class in high school. I had to replace my laptop because the school laptops were junky. While I was going back to my seat I saw some kid looking at a sexual anime photo. I remember at the time being puzzled why he was looking at that in class. I am still confused why someone would let it get so bad. How could it get that bad?


In my school I had art class with a girl who used to draw very explicit furry porn.


Desensitization and porn addiction probably.


That reminds me of the time some girl got suspended for watching inappropriate videos in art class. It's sad to see someone in such a low place. I heard it through a grapevine and felt bad.


I don't know why this chick in my school was allowed to do that. The art teacher was pretty weird. She was a nice woman but quite special. She once brought a CD of whale sounds to class and played it for us.

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