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Literally 0% of this shit makes sense. Most of my classes don't have anything to do with my major. Speaking of my major, it randomly got changed from science to art. No staff members gives a shit, and the few responses I've got back basically refer me to some other person who doesn't give a shit.

I was thinking about applying to some college like Berea so I won't have to get buried in debt (I receive a high grant at my CC currently, but it won't be enough to get me through my two years of CC+two years of uni that I need for my major). But then their shit makes no sense, and apparently if I attend a college, I have to apply as a transfer student instead of a first time student. My college begins in a few days, so I guess I'm SOL and I'll have to apply as a transfer student (main issue is that transfer applications are more competitive, and I have some high school teachers that would give me some five star referrals for my academic performance- if I apply as a transfer student, I'd have to go off some professor that doesn't know me all that well.)

It's all so frustrating, and none of it makes sense. It's like there's a million different rules and nobody gives a shit to tell me about them, and to me it just seems like these rules are broken enough to be randomly changing my course of study. It really is tiring. It's all so goddamn frustrating.


College isn't for everyone. Jumping from science to art is a big jump. Are you sure you know what you want, anon? The debt is something to consider, too. I remember my aunt throwing a party to celebrate she'd finally paid off her student loans. She was 50. I thought that was depressing.
I guess it's expected of us to enroll in college and settle down for a job. Get into debt so we're slaves to the state. The system has made it so that it's impossible to do without the help of the bank.
It reminds me of the term "dream job". I've always found that term so strange. Why does someone assume my dream is a job?


going to collige wont even garentee that you'll get the job you want anyhow


I didn't intentionally switch from science to art; it just happened, and now I'm going through a hell of staff members who don't give a shit in an attempt to get it changed back. It was associate's in science-pre-bachelor nursing, then it got changed to associate's in arts-pre bachelor nursing for no reason.

I think it's depressing too. I really do. All I want is to get out of where I'm living, preferably out of the entire state, optimally out of the entire country. It's not that the US is some war-torn hellhole. That's not what I'm saying. I can't explain it. I just want to leave. Too much surveillance. Too much control from the government and major businesses on my daily life. I just want to go. Hearing that no one in my family has even left the country in the last few generations is depressing to hear. I want to see the world, not rot and grow fat and old in bumfuck middle of nowhere. My passions are in medicine and science, and honestly I would prefer somewhere more along the lines of lab work and research. But I can't get around with that. As an RN, I could be a travel nurse, and still sort of fulfill my interests in medical science. There are well-defined agencies that can whisk you across the states, or into countries with high nursing demand.

I'm ranting. I'm not the type of person who isn't capable of college. I'm slightly less academically successful than I think I am because my ego surrounding that is inflated as hell, but my grades are still pretty alright. I'm ranting and I don't understand this college bullshit, and I can't follow my goals of getting the hell out of this place without playing their games of debt fuckery, and I'm just mad. It's all just so much.


>No staff members gives a shit, and the few responses I've got back basically refer me to some other person who doesn't give a shit.
I've been there, and even if it was for a much lesser thing it still was very frustrating. It ended up in my parents paying my university way more than necessary (not america though so still relatively low)
I wish I could give you advice but I'm clueless. Perhaps you could ask for advice around? Are there any student groups or unions? Or maybe you know somebody who's got experience on this stuff. Otherwise switching to another uni seems like the only option
College isn't for everyone, but not everyone isn't for college. I'm lucky to have financial support from my family and universities don't cost excessively here. I'm doing ok-ish with studying. I hope that all the effort and money spent now will result in higher pay and more job security in the future, especially as I grow older. Of course, there's no guarantee of that, but it helps


>to get out of where I'm living, preferably out of the entire state, optimally out of the entire country.
You really need to change your major from art if you want to be able to move. You may have addressed this but what major would you feel comfortable doing?


I feel like I just don't understand majors. If my program is something like associate's in art - pre bachelor nursing, what is my major? Art or nursing? I finally got a response, and I was told that they changed me from associate's in science- pre bachelor nursing to the art one because financial aid "doesn't cover" some of the courses in the science path. It's all so confusing. They said that there was "no difference" between the two. How true is that? How can you even go for arts and nursing? Isn't nursing a science thing? I feel like I'm getting fucked, but I don't even know how or why they're fucking me; so I have no idea how to address it.


I've never been to college but art and science seem far between. Ask them to explain how there's no difference and see what their answer is.


It feels advisers at college talk from a script. If you fall into x category they will give you y solution. It is ridiculous. College is something you have to figure out by yourself and for yourself and these advisors do this.


i feel like its only there for you to be a human puppet, losing all of your free will. and the same goes with school, but it sucks because if you dont go to school or collage you seriously get fucked and have to work a blue collar job for the rest of your life anyhow

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