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Every single day I go on the internet searching for people that I can befriend and see if something can happen. But most of the times it's not fruitful. Chit-chat is barebones as an african kid's nutrition, or we just end up conflicting and it leads to breaking paths again.
I could post on an imageboard, sure, but there's certain content that it's not worth the bandwith and is better just rubbing onto someone's DM box. And having imageboards be your only source of human interaction is not really healthy at all, since it makes you believe stuff that is not and can screw you over on the long run.
It always makes me wonder how the hell do people befriend others through imageboards or videogames, it all just seems like a mystery to me.
I just want someone to talk to and have a friend I could rely on

[spoiler]If this kind of thread pisses you off call me a normalfag, frankly I don't give a shit anymore[/spoiler]


>be your only source of human interaction is not really healthy at all, since it makes you believe stuff that is not and can screw you over on the long run.
Depends on the imageboard, Also the same can be said for twitter. A good chunk of the population just so happends to be mentally fucked, What affects society as a whole leeches onto the internet.


>since it makes you believe stuff that is not
This is why I stopped using social media and stopped browsing 4chan.
I think you are trying too hard. Desperation turns people off because it is uncomfortable. This makes the people most in need of love seem unlovable. Relationships happen naturally. Forcing them never works and it is painfully awkward.


>Relationships happen naturally.
I agree on this, but to first have a relationship to happen naturally, you have to engage people in one way or the other.
I've talked to great people on imageboards that I will always remember, but it's not common for them to look down on you if you try to engage them in another platform. This makes whatever friendship you had there ephemeral
>Forcing them never works and it is painfully awkward.
I'm not talking about forcing stuff strictly, I'm talking about how to engage people in the first place. Forced relationships always dwindle.
[spoiler] bah what do I know what i'm talking about anyways, maybe I just like being a mop[/spoiler]


And yeah it is normalfaggy, But it has the added affect of "If you are desperate for something, You won't get it."
From people who want sex, to people who want some from of human contact, wanting something either spooks people off or the universe just says "fuck you", Your better chilling and counting your options.
>getting friends from imageboards
Old school imageboards (jap or otherwise. i think old 4chan had this feature) Had the email field, The name field would turn blue, An example would be "Anonymous" turning blue) and you can click it to direct to the anons email, Kinda like DMing someone. The good thing is it allowed people to make friends with fellow anons, It made recruting staff easier, And it allowed you to contact people that might be gone or dissapear from the board. The bad side affect is obvious. The loss of anonimity, E-RPing, E-dating (and the drama that comes with it) and so on. On the aspect of relationships, one of the many reasons people left 4chan is that they discovered that the jannys E-Dated users and protected them even if they broke the rules, and ask any former discord users and they'll tell you about the shit that goes on in servers. The bad aspect of friends and imageboards is realising who made what posts, and also them talking shit about you or airing out dirty laundry if they dont like you or the board. Retards like me (not everyone is the same but there is a hive-mind aspect) browse imageboards as a form of escaping society, The internet self is seperated from the irl self, so does the discussion of irl topics and so forth because it either only brings people down or leads to gay shit. (most of the time, also they keep that shit to a single thread) Friendship on imageboards are more or less being friends with a single person because anons do not have profiles, No history or ways to learn more about them. No creed or race, Nether male or female and so on.
You have the option of changing your mindset and getting used to it, also Sometimes imageboards have cytubes, (you can friend and DM people on that) and probably other connected platforms that can be used in such a manner. Or you can find a platform that caters to your exact needs. IRC, BBS, the list goes on unless you want to try your hand and make irl friends.
(This is old and it took me an hour to type out just now so obviously people already said similar stuff)


engage people where tho


I think you have to let it go for it to come to you. It's kind of like when you spend a lot of time looking for something you lost and you give up searching only to stumble upon it later.


Keep talking to people, and don't be a boring person. You're half the reason why your interactions with people are limited to empty chit-chat. Insert urself into a group of people (preferably with n<80 active users) that share your 1 specific interest, so you have a point of reference and start interacting with them on a regular basis.


Some of my strongest online relationships started on Discord (sic). I never managed to form a strong bond with randoms in vg, but my irl friend found his long-time gf on a terraria server. Obviously, the deeper on the internet you go, the better is your chance at finding not-absolutely-retarded people to talk to, but you can find friends anywhere.


^ This. Half of the reason it is hard for me to meet people is that the other one doesn't engage half of the time. If he/she does engage, it is half-hearted responses or less than five words.


A lot of Discord servers turn into kindergarten where insults are thrown around and; rules are disregarded. I am glad you were able to find friends because it is tough out there.


The only discord servers where I was able to form any lasting relationships were run by anarchists pretty much. Rn I'm on a server with ~400 users, where anything goes (other than stuff that would take the server down, like cp). No one is dumb enough to post degenerate shit that no one wants to see, so that's not a problem and if they are, they get locked in the filipino channel. People call each other slurls, but who cares, everyone is an adult. If you're just spamming n-word without context, you're gonna be called a fed and nobody will treat you seriously. Anyway, it's the only place on this platform where I can talk daily about whatever and play comfortably play vg with ppl.


[spoiler]Normalfag thread and posts which can pretty much be answered with: "If you want to not be a normalfag, go to imageboards. If you want to be a normalfag, be in relationships and have some form of social contact go and find some other form of social media[/spoiler]
[spoiler]reminder to sage/ignore threads like these[/spoiler]


imagine feeling superior, because you browse imageboards

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