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i think yeah but im certain there's things im missing that i should know/ will find out
anecdote first
>be myself a couple years ago
>just go through breakup in senior year
>friend tells me about a girl he knows that he thinks i would vibe with extremely well
>im feeling the post-breakup shivers where you arent used to being alone again so at this point ill take anything
>also still in peak puberty and extremely horny
>meet her in my lonely insecurity and try to initiate a date with her
>jumbo fail lmao gitgud lad
>fast forward, this past june
>girl in question starts hanging out with aforementioned friend more
>im with them a lot of the time
>they're totally cool with each other and there is no tension between them... but they're just friends? is it possible?
>start talking with her in post-pubescent coolness and take a liking to her and her company
>she feels the same way
we've been talking and hanging out more as friends and i feel content with just being her friend, she says she's not looking for a relationship at the moment so i dont intend to try anything on her. i honestly feel an intimate connection with her just because she's a girl who doesn't act like she's interviewing ted bundy whenever she's around me, and that on top of the fact she's comfortable sharing details of her life with me and spending time with me feels very rewarding- it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and i feel more confident in my ability to talk to other women.
but am i leading myself on? or being lead on? the mgtow/ fuck women/ blackpill/ etc shit seems overzealous to me but there has to be a grain of truth in it somewhere. it could be my naivety allowing me to be in a platonic friendship with a girl instead of just going full send and trying to smash whoever i can but im content with waiting for someone who's worth that kind of intimacy- the idea of being just friends with a girl doesnt perturb me really at all, assuming there's a mutual understanding between the parties involved.
point is, am i a dork for this one or is it less gay than the voice in my head is telling me?


You sound like a goddamn teenager. Of course men and women can be friends, since women are human fucking beings and not some alien robots. That said, if a woman has multiple guy friends you can be sure that she's an attention whore. Casual friendship between the two sexes is normal, such as meeting as part of a friend group, but if a man and a woman meet up by themselves there is definitely something stronger between them than simple friendship.
Your post reeks of normie.


^. I don't understand why op, who is a faggot made this thread in the first place. Idk how he knows of black pill and MGTOW content because language is extremely normalnigger language. I don't care about your girl who; is your friend you; should embrace your life as OP the faggot.


[spoiler]>your post reeks of normie[/spoiler]
[spoiler]^this lol[/spoiler]


[spoiler]taking a serious look overall, what's with the they/them pronouns? is "she" transniggered? or is that some type of misunderstanding by my end? also if she doesn't want to date you then she doesn't. the friendzone shit is gay and fake and its possible for any friendship to change. infact that's literally how 90% of relationships start in the first place. i think in your situation, you are just friends unless you didnt try hard enough[/spoiler]
also this lole


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faggot op here
i cringe upon this post now but it will serve as a reminder of a very little-dicked time in my life. myself and the gril in question are better acquainted now, and my stark insecurity about "oh noes is she being real" is gone now, honestly don't even quite remember why i felt that but whatever man im chillin out now
im done with the gay ass shit for now but if im ever acting like a puss cake i can count on you lads to tell me, god knows i needed some guidance


TLDR OP shiggy diggied

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