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The Christmas season is great, but it can be stressful. I am unsure why it is but, it is. A source of stress may be one's desire to possess something that one does not yet possess. I am unsure why but it feels like this happens to everyone. I've noticed at work that the managers have been taking their stress out on me and others more often. Personally, I am stressed out about my future prospects in college. I took a challenging class this semester, and I will have more challenges next semester. My work and school have restrictive policies, so I do not know whether I will remain employed or continue to go to school. There has been no sign of the most extreme outcome yet, however, its probability of being higher than 0 percent still concerns me. I wish I had better relationships with the people I talk to, and I hope I can have more quality relationships. That is about all of the concerns I can think about at the moment. What are your concerns this Christmas season?


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I don't really have any concerns for Christmas this year. I've bought a single gift which is for my best friend. I don't have any other people to give gifts to. Since my family are dysfunctional dipshits I'll be spending Christmas alone. That doesn't really bother me since I'm used to being alone and have grown to appreciate it. I plan to stuff myself with smoked salmon on toast and chocolate. Maybe I'll find some Christmas-y video games to play, since I like Christmas and I want to do something for the occasion.
One concern I do have is that some Christmas decorations I bought turned out to be pretty shit, they eat up their batteries in a single day. Let this be a reminder to only buy stuff you can plug in.


I was honestly worried that this month amd christmas, i wouldn't have time to appreciate it, and be way to busy to even relax for a bit. Turns out its actually not too bad and i even got some free time to do whatever and unwind. Now the next thing i'm worried about is not knowing what gift to get my family since they dont use christmas or wish lists and i have to guess as to what they want.


I don't know if any of you believe in seasonal depression, even I thought it was a joke at first, but it's real. Christmas with all its joyful spirit can definitely feel forced down your throat, unavoidable, more so if you were feeling shitty to begin with. Not to mention how spending any holiday alone sucks, let alone the biggest, most widely emphasized one of all. With that said, I feel the upcoming new year plays a much more crucial part in depressing folks. Foregoing the celebrations and spending time with those you love, the end of the year has always been a time of reflection for me. You think about how a FULL YEAR has passed since then and now, what you were doing then, where you were in life, where you are now, and how little has changed. That's real stress. I can't remember just how many new year's eves I've spent alone just watching the minutes tick by with melancholy until the clock rolls over.


It's always possible to enjoy your own company, anon. Staring at the clock being sad sounds boring as hell, as well as a total pity party. You choose how you spend your time, my man.


Nice dubs, anon! I also recommend Ctuhlu Save Christmas if you are into RPGs. I'll be starting that game in a week myself. It is nice that you have friends.
I have free time myself but, I do not know how to use it effectively. I know I shouldn't be stressing myself out with this but I want to enjoy my time off.
Seasonal depression definitely exists for some people. I am lucky that I am not prone to depression. I can definitely understand how annoying the forced happy mood of the season is. That is kind of what inspired me to make this thread. At work and, in life you expected to take all the negatives and turn them into a positive is retarded. Listening to Christmas music like the song I'll link below is annoying. Just remember you are not alone, anon.


Cthulhu Saves Christmas seems really cool, thanks.


Its also dumb how commercialised christmas is, it isn't about giving "gifts" or buying shit. You dont need to decorate your house with shit. There's much more to christmas then dumb music or material goods It's hard to explain, it's a kind of feeling, Even if you dont have any family to enjoy christmas with you can still celebrate it.


>You dont need to decorate your house with shit.
You don't need to paint the walls of your house either.


>You don't need to paint the walls of your house either.
No point to do it unless you love, and look forward to doing it. People paint the walls of their house for a reason. Because something needs to be covered up or better yet, they love the color or it even means something special to them. Like those bonding moments in movies they even paint It togeather as families. That has soul. it should only should be done for fun like those people who do the lights o'rama or like the "christmas tree lane" for event in california, like those grandparents who set up some neat, home-made handcolored woodcut things of christmas or disney characters or like decorating the inside of your house for that holiday feel for everyone or just your cat to relax
Without soul, there is nothing but the abyss.


Ironically, I think it's the forced positivity that removes the negative feelings. Most people are not celebrating Christmas for the right reasons. Christmas for those people is just a time to be conceited and a time of reminding themselves they are amazing. I don't understand why people with lower self-esteem listen to those people. That only hurts them.
Christmas lacks soul for a lot of people and, it sucks. The holiday season often shows how distant many families are. If that weren't the case, seasonal depression wouldn't exist.


i like the jazzy christmas music for that exact reason lol



What about Christmas soul music?


Do you have any examples?


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>Used to have the whole family gather at grandparents place for Christmas
>Would get gifts, be around much younger siblings, eat good grandma food
>Eventually, mother starts to go insane
>Have to cut her off, my siblings with her
>That means no more family Christmas
>Have to do it either after or before, which just means exchanging gifts hurriedly in a cold desert on the side of the highway
>No more stockings to fill for my siblings
>No more warm nights with the fireplace heating the house
>No more decorating a bright tree in the living room
>No more Christmas

So many people have no idea how good they have it


What happened with your mom?


She's just got a million things wrong with her. She's a weird unwashed hippy with BPD and probably some other shit too. She smokes weed on the regular and also drinks. She would spam texts to me every day and overall constantly act a bit extra loony for some reason around me.
I feel so bad about my siblings, mainly. The oldest is only 11 and she's never known anything better but her crazy mom and equally as crazy father. That's where the real guilt lies. I left them behind to drown in whatever misery they're stuck in. That was too long ago to fix now, and I'm doing alright personally, so it's not all bad


Gotta do what's best for yourself, anon. When your siblings are old enough you can explain the situation to them.
I bailed on my family too. They're abusive, dysfunctional cowards who act like it's strange that I don't want to be around them anymore. This will be my first Christmas without them. I'll miss my mom's cooking, even though she's a passive-aggressive bitch. Your mom sounds like a basked case and a drug addict to boot, I understand why you left.


you can probably have christmas with your siblings right?


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