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I like this website. I was looking for anonymous imageboard websites with good content, and I think i found it. There doesnt seem to be that much wierd shit here. I think this is it. This is the website i was meant to use to be anonymous.


hope you enjoy your stay


I am, thank you anon. :)


I'm more of a lurker than a poster but still I agree. I visit this site daily, might be addicted, but then again the userbase here gives me most of my social contact with other humans. Thanks for that.


No problem anon, this actauly one of my new favorite websites. I like it alot. it deserves alot more attention.


been here for 2 years and i havent even regret it


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Me too anon. I am just not made for the social dynamics that became common on other boards years ago.
You might want to check out the different styles too, I like the jungle theme. 8)


windows 98 frame + futaba = heaven

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