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Too gay?



Pretty fucking epic



Can it be used as a banner? I could make it so the banner is always a random banner…(Kinda like 4chan)


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Sure, but I think it'd be better as the site's logo. The current one is pretty ugly desu (the background gradient of the logo and website don't line up).



You're right


Looks fucking epic


Nice logo but I liked the original more tbqh. It was really cute
Also we probably shouldn't make the site look like a carbon copy of 4chin. We already have 8chan for that.


make em' shamrocks

Your fortune: Outlook good



What if i do it like that: >>369 ?

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger


That sounds good

Also check out this 8

You rolled the number 147280973 (no dubs or higher)


I haven't been able to post anon for a while. Welp, back in the saddle I suppose.



What do you think now?


Quality logo desu

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

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