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Anyone here believe in God?

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I don't think I ever could believe in God, but there are definitely some positive aspects of religion, and some people really need that. the problem is that many religions (Abrahamic ones especially) tend to make infringing the rights of others a requirement, and in a free society that can't be tolerated. also, there are many hucksters who use the credulity of the faithful to acquire power and tax free wealth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZCVTcnoyzk


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and here is a pic of this down to earth pastor's humble abode


if I had more charisma, I might get into religion
>tfw will never be able to crowdfund 2 jets


That's a problem with those individual pastors not Christianity itself your not suppose to make money of the name of God it says so in the bible Jesus even flips out when he finds people using the house of God to practice their business.



I belive in Science… Who is with me?



Isnt that the point of Catholics and Protestants?



There is no god

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No, but I'm agnostic so I'm not opposed to it altogether. I appreciate religious values like being kind and stuff though because they really should just be normal practices honestly.



Your religion's retarded


Cult ramblings



Even the idea mate?
nice dubs
I like to occur naturally, anxious to know any pics
you cant delete my cursor over his


I am an agnostic, but I have no problem with the concept of a religion. Maybe I will make up my mind one way or the other as I gain more experience.



There's no substance in religion for me. I don't really get anything out of it so why try?


no, well i don't


no, hadnt in a long time


not in a bearded god, but something more along the lines of the One of neoplatonism or the Brahman of vedanta. Probably because i think seeing a difference between self and others is the root of all suffering.


What created religions anon?
Mostly the fear of death.
Religion gives you the idea that death is not a gruesome end and that its going to be daijoobouu, so you dont get panic attacks when realising that this is your only time on earth ever.


Religion is for weak peoples only.


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Then why was Samson so strong?

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