/yu/ - >supposed to be better than 4chan >still allows tripfaggots way to fuck it up

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>supposed to be better than 4chan
>still allows tripfaggots
way to fuck it up


trips have always been part of imageboard culture. whiny cancerous fucks like you are much newer, and are a big part of why 4chan sucks now


>tripfags immediately gets defensive
Sorry but nobody actually gives a shit about your hot opinions.


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>faggot that got perma banned talking about why 4chan sucks


yeah, I got banned for trying to make it suck a little less, because the mods there are jealous whiny pricks like you


Yeah sure thing bro, totally because you were tryig to add so much with your wonderous personality and not because you were breakingh rules and shitposting. Faggot b



go annoy someone else


>taking off your trip to samefag
kek, get fucked faggot.


Trips were meant as ways for a person to help another person or give advice, without others coming along and pretending to be them to give fake or bad info/advice. It was NOT so retards could attention whore and destroy the very purpose of posting on an anonymous image board.

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