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anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.


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he works at Google right now
>b-but why?
good question.
no answer.

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail



dubs lol


A fact: m00t is a fag

Your fortune: Better not tell you now


moot invented pic related and he's a fag that's all i really know, i don't know more about him


he gave it away that's why he's a fag

Your fortune: Average Luck


Let's see if my memory is correct.
m00t, aka Christopher Poole, created 4chan when he was 15 as a place to anonymously discuss anime. It was essentially a ripoff of the Japanese Futaba Channel. He advertised 4chan on Something Awful, where most of the original users came from. 4chan quickly blew up way larger than m00t had anticipated. As the userbase grew, people inevitably went off-topic more and more, so m00t created /b/ and the rest of the boards. m00t came to hate what 4chan became, and was very vocal about this. 4chan was a load of trouble that he hadn't asked for. He just wanted a little corner of the internet where he could talk about asian cartoons with like-minded individuals, but of course it mutated into the cesspool we all know. How would you feel? I'd imagine that m00t jumped at the opportunity to sell the site when it got as bad as it was. I can't really blame him, honestly. There are rumors that he was forced to give up his site because of the SJWs or the FBI, but I don't think he needed any incentive. He was tired of it, and had been for many years. He was ready to live his own life. m00t's abandonment of 4chan definitely led to a decrease in quality on the management side of the site, but it was only in response to the decline of the anons. I don't know where m00t is now. I doubt anybody does, or it'd be common knowledge. But I'd wager that he's a lot happier now. And I'd bet that he wishes he'd never made 4chan in the first place.
I can't imagine carrying a site like 4chan from the age of 15. It's astounding m00t did it for as long as he did. But he had his limits, like anyone. If 22chan ever does pick up, I hope Twoot is ready. I don't mean to be a downer, but he could be in for a long and difficult ride.


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he WAS god.


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He registered 4chan for bragging rights. He wanted to show off his email domain to all the otaku from somethingawful who were obsessed with 2chan. He probably wasn't planning on actually creating a 2chan alternative and was peer pressured by his IRC friends to do it.
Also fun fact, <n0> predicted 8chan more than a decade before the concept of it was even a fragment of hotwheel's brain cells.


>what is the difference between 4chan and 2chan?
>4chan is twice as good
And 22chan is 5.5 times as good as 4chan


He actually got picked up by Google to work on the Hangouts Feature since it was kind of dead and they assumed him some kind of magicman for bringing people online together.

Different drawfags from /ic/, /a/, (And /jp/ by extension since they're mostly the same people.) /tg/ and even /mlp/ hopped on that ride and we'd often draw together. Sometimes we brought /soc/ in to pose for us in a side hangout in return for free portraits, but I never saw anyone from other board drawthreads. Anyways before I go too off topic we used it because of it's privacy (compared to streaming on Twitch or something) and group screensharing feature where we would spot others and watch each other draw. Also teach others new things if we picked it up. It also completely free where you had to bend over backwards or shill money to do it anywhere else. You'd just follow a link and you'd be good to go. It was great, but not perfect. We asked for a noise gate and a way to ban people and in return they took out features. Including volume control. There was a textchat but we were drawing so voice was kind of necessary. That plus the new shittier UI was the straw on the camel's back. Hangouts was announced to be closed soon. This year or early next year. All I have from the ride are some caps of old funposts.

I'd wager Moot also got the boot, unless he had the sense to move onto other things in the company.


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2 days ago he was with us


got any screenshots?


this was his thread. When thread started developing itself by other users, everyone have realized that it was him. That day he made some influence on whole /b/, and showed the oldfags how are they in fact lazy to create some of the interesting shitpost stories, OC memes, greentext . . . anyway here is link from that day.


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This was written by him for the jannies and mods


He was in google's area 120 first (a sort of startup incubator within google). Then he got moved to hangouts, and now he's part of google maps in tokyo.

>Got the boot

No he's still there. Google's becoming an increasing shitshow though
(https://www.wired.com/story/inside-google-three-years-misery-happiest-company-tech/) so I have no idea what the fuck he's doing in there or why google hired him in the first place.


moots thread at this moment...



>moot's thread
I don't see any proof that this is moot, anon


My mistake, i didn't wrote (possible) moots thread.


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Unironically, he's a fag, and there's at least one known photo of him naked


For a time he did pornography shoots, and pictures of him naked and having sex was posted on 4chan, and he responded to the anon who posted the pics "oh, shit. You found them? Or something along those lines. Deep lore. I beleve this information is posted on the lurkmoar wiki.
Twoot = no naked pics just general bluepilled normalfaggotry back in the day and he quickly grew out of that stage in his life
Moot = naked pics big gay glow nigger sellout retard


Damn. I wanted to link to the article and i and beleve it was on ED not lurkmore.
Oh well.


The pics are very hot, it's completely understandable. I wonder if he aged well, being the big gay he is I doubt it.


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yes yes i am very gud


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Bestest of Nekos
[spoiler]Also my official neko[/spoiler]>>1488


twoot 1488 GET


hahahahaha yesss


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Our wholesome lad


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This is my child, all nekos must be my children


Rena :d


fucking legendary post and number


thanks for giving me a fucking autobiography


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From what I've heard from other people on 4chan he actually got a girlfriend/wife after moving to Japan and now just lives a plain normalfaggot life, but I doubt all that. Probably still just diddles kiddies.


around 2014 4channers discovered a tumblr of some lady moot was dating and she was left leaning and stuff.
did he have a child? no proof of that. he's just a normalfag sellout.


...you're welcome?


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> A0693125-C1C4-430A-AD37-F….jpeg
is this what twoot looks like irl?


yes he is the small kitten


I wouldn't exactly call him a sellout, he did what pretty much anyone in his shoes would. I mean, after losing touch with 4chan's userbase first and then generally abstaining from video games/anime/etc. there was little point for him to keep running the site, so I guess it was only natural that he quit.


The problem then becomes the person he sold 4chink to, that being gookmoot. Not to mention moot's general fuckery with the users.


didnt moot step down as an admin in 2012 already,? he left the admin-ing to some other mod and it was relatively "fine" until the clucking of 2014 and 4chinz being sold to gooknigger


>Yes These People are upset that a subset of users feel that the rules of 4chan don't apply to them, and constantly shit up every board, ban evade, etc. They relish the negative attention that comes from flagrant rulebreaking.
fuck shitposting and fucking meme culture on every damm board even though it off-topic. the mods and janitors clean shit up then all of a sudden people scream "fuck mods fuck jannitors my freedom of speach fuck u mot" or THE JEEWWWWWSWSZZZSSSSSS DID THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
an anon
>I propose that the community should be encouraged to actively berate and chastise all who do the following
>People already do this. 4chan's culture shifts distinctly every few years. It's that dynamism that's kept it interesting. I agree the mainstream meme culture crowd is pretty obnoxious now, but this period will pass just as the others have.
>god i feel like old 4chan culture is dying out. i miss the oc and the cool flashes and i made an archive here for you guys to see.
>I imagine 4chan has lost a bulk of its old users.
>/pol/ isn't a problem in itself. /pol/ bullshit spilling out into the other boards is.
>I wouldn't go that far. It can be quite great. It's just obnoxious that it spills onto other boards and permeates the "culture" these days.
yuki.la has thousands of post of moots from 2008 to 2014 when he left. the userbase turned against him in 2010 and it became a downhill slope from there. he talked about hating all the shit we hate, and he couldnt exactly do anything about it. then late 2010 he got contacted by the fbi and he had to let them monitor the site, then he made 4chan passes because people ASKED for that exact thing: a way to pay moot (even though he really didnt need or want the money, and get something better then 4chanX) they literally asked for it word for word and he built it that way, and people went nuts "FUCK YOU MOOT JEW JEW KIKE MONEY HUNGRY NIGGER FUCK YOU"
>I keep seeing A Wyatt Man cartoons everywhere in your threads and outside them, why the double standard?
>Because of morons who cry "OMG MUH FREE SPEECH ON UR PRIVATE WEBSIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R CENSORING ME!!!!!!!!!!" It's just as much of a problem as the bronies though. /mlp/ shit spilling out of /mlp/ and /pol/ shit spilling out of /pol/ -- what's the difference? The same could be said about any other board.
His personal life degraded, and he did hemorage alot of money, and still stayed afloat somegow. he met nice 4channers irl, but every time he did it turns out they where ex users, and left because it was "becoming dissapointing''. people wanted porn in the non porn board constantly, they thought "/b/ was for shitposting (even though it was against the rules as far back as 2008) and when they got banned they went nut. and yes, /b/ became shit around 2012 when the same fbgf porn, ylyl threads became reposted and ghe really coyldnt do anything about it. ironic how the random board stopped becoming random. only one time a janitor was power hungry and got kicked because of it, but it left the perception that "all jannies abuse power mods are lazy fucks" and next thing you know, well you get the idea.
moot didnt realise the issues with underage b&s, redditors, newfags and normalfags but he really hated 9gag and shitposters.
and no, he liked pol, but it became annoying when it generated too much drama, and culture it's hemmoraging on to other boards. he wanted it to not be moderated too much but users kept posting too much porn, and le dank maymays
shit fell apart around 2009 from the looks of it, but its more accurate to say
>R.I.P 4Chan, Borne October 1, 2003. Died 2011

it just tumbled down from there, and will never stop.


oh shid i forgot
>With all the ungrateful, whining fucks on here; how the fuck do you do it man? I would have pulled the plug long ago.
>4chan has been my home for almost 10 years. Just because a bunch of idiots shit in my tomato garden doesn't mean I want to give it up.
time of post
fucking 2013-03-13


>I'll be sad when 4chan dies, but we'll all be better off for it, and we'll spread out onto many smaller websites that won't be nearly as soul devouring.
>Indeed. We will truly be free, Anon.


File: 1-6-21.JPG (238.81 KB, 3420x955, 684:191, 1610002077650.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Found your post through the thread this screenshot is from. Pretty accurate description of moot. All rich white hipster normalfags treat Japan like it's the new Williamsburg. Guaranteed he's smugly sipping boba in a cafe right now carefree, while users of his imageboard are suiciding by cop to "defend" a government puppet that doesn't care about them


I wonder if he's still with his gf. Snacks is still active as a dj for years now which i guess is quite nice.


>The problem then becomes the person he sold 4chink to, that being gookmoot
To give credit where credit's due, if it wasn't for goot moving servers to France, 4chinz would probably be dead right now. As an owner he's doing just fine. There'd also be a lot more attacks and hit pieces wrote on 4chan if the owner wasn't Asian, so that's why the media tends to shift their attention to pseudo groups like "the alt right" or the "anonymous" LARP kirtaner and his IRC goons started on a whim. It's easy to start an imageboard with preexisting software written for it, but actually treating it daily so it can withstand the test of time is an entirely different ballgame. What makes 4chan unique is that it's size and impressionable userbase makes spreading new memes incredibly easy. All it takes is either a.) a friend group to help spam or b.) set up a few proxies and go ham until your meme catches on, ironically or not. 4chan users pin the sites general shittiness on gookmoot too much. The fact that so many trolls and actual moralfags post on 4chan makes the site that much worse. If you have a site with no filter, it becomes so desensitized that the users of the site actually have to come up with new, weird ways to shock people, and in general the inhabitants of the board mutate, and go deeper down the rabbit hole.


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moot was a cute girl and also a jew.


mot is kil


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Double Dubs Checkem


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