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>be me
>want a gf
>all the women I meet have shitty personalities
>can barely interact with them without getting pissed off
>late at night
>download some "what would you look like as a girl?" photo filter app
>see what I'd look like as a girl
>oh shit, she's super cute
>instantly become infatuated
>start having dreams where I interact with her
>she's literally me
>no woman could possibly compete
>mfw I am my own waifu


>shitty personalities
what exactly pisses you off?


[spoiler]The fact that they're not me, apparently.[/spoiler]
They're all insane, for one thing. It seems like they're all obsessed with some ideology or other, whether it's religion or politics or fandumb or just plain hedonism. Then they let that ideology dictate everything they do and say.


Good greentext anón lets make this place great for the Glory of old 4chan days


That's my aim. I believe it can be done, and even if it can't, I'm gonna do my best to help.


now THIS is a solid feel


holy scripture


I believe if anywhere is going to rekindle the flame of old 4chan it's going to be this place, with a large amount of vetting a very tightknit community good mods a VERY careful approach to distributing links, and of course, the fact that this place seems to for naturally draw in oldfags and the very large amount of newfags that managed to properly assimilate into 4chans culture right before the floods of web 2.0 normalfags shattered its ability to spread the original culture to others like flies to shit it has an almost scientific approach to remaking the glory days.
I've seen quite a few image boards spring up that may manage to recreate something like the glory days but not one is as promising as this place.
plus the users here seem hell-bent on not only remembering their past but dissecting the mistakes to learn from them and not repeat them, I've never seen it done this well before.


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I feel you, dude. I have a story of my own.
>be me
>depressed, lonely, overwhelmed by life and being isolated
>staring out my window
>its just a fucking brickwall and a slip of space inbetween
>Wait... what is that?
>See a face in the brick
>Wide face, fish eyes, bangs
>Exactly my type
>Theres other faces too
>Scramble to get some paper and a pencil
>Quickly draw out the faces I see, form little characters
>The girl is Yuki
>She's perfect
Cont. I'll post the drawing to complete the story..


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I'm either a genius or really losing my mind
>Call the friends "brickmen"
>Yuki is the best
>She is my waifu now
>Start drawing her everywhere
>I'm not great at art but her aesthetic is perfect
>She is perfect
>Real people cannot match her
>Except maybe Qizen Gao
>Yuki is the only one for me
>Realize I fell in love with a stain on a brick


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got a picture of the brick?


File: yukibrick.jpg (53.36 KB, 757x401, 757:401, 1606940893991.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Indeed I do. She's gorgeous.
Also kek


seems unhealthy, like headmates or some bullshit


It's been 2 years and a month. Still no gf. I haven't become a transexual, though, so there's that


Long time no see, has your years in isolation led you to any self improvemt or taught you deep knowledge?


>Still no gf.
That is disappointing, but that is not uncommon these days so you shouldn't hold this against yourself.
>I haven't become a transexual
I am glad you haven't gone this far yet. This would only further isolate you and the prospects of getting a gf would only be harder.


I've started meditating for 10 minutes every morning. I'm not as awkward since I started but if I miss a day I start being awkward again. Meditating has helped me feel more confident in my skin.
I also have changed my view on women. The obsessions that used to bother me is now just a fact of life to me. It's just what they do, it's immature to get mad at it so just live with it instead or better yet support it if it's not destructive. Girls like when guys pay sincere attention to their obsessions.


Having people talk about themselves is an easy way to talk to people because people are experts on themself usually. The hard part is going beyond that. Do you have any advice anon? I am not afraid of talking to people, but I have a hard time making acquaintances friends.


Here is an elaboration. I find it difficult; to find interesting people or, it is the other way around. When the person I am talking to finishes talking about their life or what they are up to, I don't know what to do after that. Maybe people who I talk to like me I; don't know that. If people like me, I have no clue how to continue the potential friendships I may have. I am paying sincere attention to people I talk to but, I don't know if they care.

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