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Kaleido Star Thread
Mon 17/04/2023 12:05:14 PM
1 year ago
No. 96
(3.73 KB 67x98 )
Yesterday I started Kaleido Star, and it has a lot of promise. Some of the scenes were ridiculous, like how Sora joined the show without knowing much about the show. It was pretty and cute. That blonde guy and the police officer seem to agree, and it feels as if Sora's cuteness will be a theme. The bullying seemed to end quickly. I hope to see how this show develops.
Wed 19/04/2023 3:33:13 PM
1 year ago
No. 98
(8.25 KB 300x168 )
So far Kaleido Star has been really enjoyable. I enjoy the wide variety of outfits Sora wears because they are cute. The clown outfit in episode 3 charmed me. I am glad Sora is taking Layla's tough love seriously and improving. Seeing Sora's plight from a narrative viewpoint is also satisfying. Episode 4 felt more like an introduction to the show. Sora's team is not horrible right now, but they don't have Sora's personality. The triple illusion was also cool. Episode 5 felt slightly off based on how early in the series it was. I don't know how long Sora has been in America, but it was strange how her father visited her this early in the series. I liked how Sora was serious because it gave the series realness. Episode 6 was my least favorite episode so far because I don't really see the point of a mascot. Why would it be a Seal and not a cat?
Thu 20/04/2023 12:18:54 PM
1 year ago
No. 99
(337.81 KB 354x704 )
6 episodes and it's impossible for Sora to stop fucking up
Sat 22/04/2023 12:33:01 PM
1 year ago
No. 101
My favorite part of Sora failing is knowing the other characters will back her up. It's also cute to see her fail or almost fail because it makes the following scenes seem wholesome.
Sun 21/05/2023 2:55:08 PM
1 year ago
No. 141
(7.42 KB )
Episode 7 of Kaleido Star taught me Sora has a super persuasive ability for whatever reason. I found it funny how they were talking about getting rid of Rosetta after one boring performance. The reasoning for getting rid of Rosetta made sense, but it was stone-cold for PG 13 show lole. Sora is getting good at entertaining the crowd, and it only makes sense because Sora is a natural-born entertainer. The duel at the end was entertaining too. Episode 8 was weaker because it felt more cliqued and not in a way most shows can counteract. Episodes like this go something along the lines of "Oh no, my dad cares more about work than me T_T. Should I care more about my hobby than my dad?". Kaleido Star in this episode distracted me from this annoying episode type by introducing Layla. What I liked about this episode is that they explained why Layla gets irritable so much of the time, and gave her a backstory that explains what she does. I would be mad if my parents paid people to come to my party. If my parents did that I would be mad for them inviting uncaring normalfags to distract from my peace. There wasn't a happy ending for some reason. I wonder why?
Wed 31/05/2023 5:25:44 PM
1 year ago
No. 146
(1.38 MB )
Episode 9 of Kaleido Star wasn't the most memorable, but what stood out to me was how willing the owners were to abuse Sora. Sora abuse is funny I am not going to lie but to what end? Episode 10 is when the show gets really good. Sora as the Little Mermaid is quite funny because she doesn't know what she is doing and somehow lucks her way into winning. Like the last episode when it looked like she was going to fall, but her feet reached the rope magically. It was also funny how they played into Anna's tomboy look. Them changing the little mermaid story was silly, but that is something Sora would do.

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