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Steam     The official 22chan Steam group.
Discord     The official 22chan Discord Server.
twoot.mchost.pro     The official 22chan Minecraft Server.
No griefing/killing/stealing allowed in the minecraft server.1

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Since this gem is getting a remake, and sources (SHiFT) say that THQNortic is doing their best in polishing the gameplay out, what other Spongebob/NickToons related titles is /vg/ interested in getting a remake?


holy shit i loved playing that game on my ps2.
i also had spongebob:the movie the game so i guess that's the one i would like to see remade again too.


I loved the first movie game too, but logically speaking, THQN would never remake it, especially when the third movie is about to release around the same time this game is going to launch, as I'm told


damn, you probably are right.
still, a man can dream, can he not?
maybe one day we'll get it.
i also remember one game called Creature from the Krusty Krab but i wasnt really a fan of that one


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CFTKK was a fun title, it's one downfall was that it was too linear, especially compared to BFBB. But what really sold it to me was its charm, how it used character is different, un-spongebob scenarios but made them work.
And the music, dear god the music, they were fucking bangers
>Diesel Dreaming
>Super Sized Patty
>Hypnotic Highway
I would even say that most of THQ's Spongebob/NickToons games had the best gaming soundtracks of all time, at least my favorites


yeah, the way that it was far too linear was what's keeping me from fully enjoying it, but the soundtrack indeed was amazing

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Specifically the first two. New Vegas also welcome. No bethestrash.
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>1 and 2
great games
absolute fucking ass. stupid piece of shit
just a really good 3 expansion
try teaching DnD to a blind autistic with 3 fingers on each hand and then make them DM a game


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New Vegas is probably my favorite game. Currently planning on starting my first Fallout 2 playthrough. Got any hints? I already have downloaded the unofficial patch ( https://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/fallout-2-restoration-project-2-3-3-unofficial-expansion.202265/ )

See that mountain? You can go jump from top of it.
Oblivion and Morrowind are simply better games (lol Bethesda and Toddy have been dumbing the games down since Daggerfall) BUT it's true that Skyrim has a lot of mods (i.e. Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Undeath) that are better in terms of quality (or less "rough around the edges", I guess) than the mods from Morrowind/Oblivion era.


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I've been playing fallout 2 lately I dont know if I'll complete it but I'm at the part where I'm at vault city now>>100


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>1 and 2
Great RPGs with a western post-apocalyptic setting but unplayable for zoomers and late millennials
>BoS and Tactics
>3 and NV
Baste and Redpilled
Cringe and Bluepilled
Not even an RPG so its hard to classify it as a fallout game other than it bearing the fallout name and using 4 assets

Gif related is you playing fallout in 2019 btw


I love that image

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>he bought Pokemon Sword and Shield
>not just waiting a year for the real version to come out that's basically the same game but with more content
After all those years of swindles, especially Ultra sun and moon, how the fuck do people still fall for Gamefreak's tricks?


I never fell for the jews tricks.
The only game i have is everything up to soul silver.


I haven't touched anything made by Nintendo after 2012. And I wish that year was a little earlier tbh.

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A thread to talk about tf2 and other tf2 related things!
Feel free to post your main and favourite loadout(s)!
>Pyro (Yeah, I know, you don't need to remind me I'm a cunt)
>Backburner + Thermal Thruster + Powerjack


I like to play as Sniper or Heavy


Lole I’m a shitty steel roamer and medic for ugc 6’s


>be me
>playing TF2 would always suck because computer was shit and there would be a lot of stuttering
>got a new computer recently
>tried out some Steam games to see how fast it was
>TF2 now runs perfectly
>start getting really good
I might actually start getting addicted to it again.

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"Gas the youkai, danmaku war now" edition.
When was the last time you played 2hu, anon?
Which game was it and what did you think about it?
As for myself, just beat 11 and that was one hell of a ride.
But overall-How does ZUN create all those iconic pieces of music?


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Good thread. Just beat WBaWC on normal mode 5 days ago with all of Reimu's shot types. Was pretty great. His music is indeed soulful as hell. I think it's because he focuses on making it as catchy (videogame-y) as possible.


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I can't seem to get a 1cc on any of the games.
Is there something I'm missing?
Is this normal for ppl who have only been playing 4about a few months~?
Am I just shit?

The games I've been playing are 6,7,13 and fairy wars.

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go buy it for 0.00$


Its a buy-and-keep. you keep forever.


should this be a thread for free vidya?


Yes, also, THE MESSENGER IS FREE ON forknit gaem, i mean... EPIC GAMES


Yeah i guess so.
DCU online is pretty fun, and free
BUT the download time is unbearable

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As one of the replies says:
Shitposting in Pokemon Mainline games its the absolute.

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sorry LCG, having trouble with the launcher and discord staff lock all the accounts i make now. trying to work around it.


Why is this in /vg/


because it's related to minecraft?


good luck on getting stuff workin' man


Whats LGC?


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The official unofficial 22chan minecraft server!
Hacked clients are allowed!
IP: 22craftNQzD.aternos.me
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Some Nigerian Prince on the 22Chan discord has access to over 40 accounts, I don't know how he got them. But he's handing them out like candy. Go in the Minecraft channel and ask for an account.
Should we establish some rules for the server? For example, no griefing, or if pvp is allowed?


nah its going to be anarchy.


>why 1.12.2
Because it's 1.1[2.2] or some other dumb shit


/: it down


that's the old one, new is twoot.mchost.pro

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>brony nigger
>stain to the tf2 community
>ddosed the voice actor of scout and swipez
>causes the voice actor of scout to "quit tf2"
>has used lmaobox in older videos
this brony should be fucking hanged

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If your Tetris high score is under 25,000 don't even talk to me about video games. This is without holding, btw. I ain't into that pussy shit.
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I personally killed 2.8 million people.
Including faggots
Higher score than tetris god lol


Beat my high score lol


>how do we worship you
Beats me. I don't need worship to be fucking awesome. Besides, where were you BEFORE I performed my miracle? Pretty weak follower tbh, just jumping on the bandwagon. All the same, I will be merciful and accept your prayers.
>favorite tetris game
uhhh... Tetris? Duh.
>if your Tetris score is under 25,000 don't even talk to me about video games
why the hell should I give two z-pieces about this Jesus nerd if he only got a 0?
Score is not inversely proportional to skill. It's about finding balance. Getting more than 153,992 isn't possible unless you basically beat the game with a stick. It's disrespectful to the art form.
That's barbaric. Tetris is a game beyond life and death; a true master walks the thin line between the two. Any goon with a charming smile and a decent clump of brain cells can kill well over 2.8 million people. But none of that will help them lay down a single combo in the world of Tetris.


True score is not proportional to skill however the level you reach shows how good you are showing what level of skill you are on. and if we look at your score you only got up to level 14 while 187 reached level 21.


this is honestly one of the easiest versions of Tetris. not only can you hold, but it it extremely generous with how much you can move around after hitting the ground

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>pirate game
>scandal inevitably emerges involving the developer
>feel no guilt because I am not financially supportive of the dev's immorality
Remember, piracy is the only way to keep a clean conscience during these trying times.
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I can agree on this though.
And I can imagine that people who pay for games also play them more since they want to get the most bang out of their buck.


a classic work from the early days of piracy
His eyes are bloodshot; he doesn't sleep. His wife and children used to know him; they no longer do. At one time, he was a fairly nice, easy-going guy.He liked to tinker, so he bought a computer. His life will never be the same.

At night, he lurks in the shadows, seeking bad sectors, tearing them apart bit by bit, knowing that, soon, he will have broken the code and will have the world's first illegal copy of that diskette. He will keep his old car three more years, won't get his plumbing fixed, and will only survive on coffee and TV dinners, so that he may afford a third or fourth disk drive or the memory expansion he needs.

Decryption and un-protection are his only goals. He does not care what the disk contains or how useful the program may be; breaking the code is far more challenging to him that completing ZORK III. He broke the ZORK series, but never played them. His purpose in life has become all-encompassing. He will get sick from lack of rest; he will have marathon sessions trying to undo the last protection check in the program, and, when he finally has reached his goal, he will experience post-partum depression.


He is not after money, he is not after fame. He just wants to prove to himself that he is more intelligent that the one who devised the protection scheme in the first place. He will relate his exploits to a very close circle of friends at the club, and, because they listened, he will give them copies.
His energy and imagination, if harnessed, could be used to create another LOTUS or WordStar. His mind, unfortunately, is single-tracked and lacks the visionary and creative qualities required. He is not unlike a counterfeiter; an electronic safe-craker who has amassed a wealth of technical knowledge and has invested thousands in tools, only to satisfy that one consuming obsession.

He knows he will never get caught. He knows that, in reality, the ever-increasing complaints of software manufacturers, and programmers whose wealth and luxury are threatened by his actions, are but a reflection on their inability to effectively protect their treasures. He knows that if one man can do it, another man can undo it. He knows that computers have rules that must be obeyed, and that all bootable disks must start the same way. That is enough of a crack for him to get through.
He hates unprotected disks; they offer no challenge. He will save enough to buy a new piece of software whose code hasn't been cracked, and sell it to the highest bidder at the first club meeting which follows his success.


In his public life, he is likely to be non-descript; an underdog who doesn't shine much at anyhting he does or says. He probably doesn't dress well, his physical appearance is of no importance to him. He doesn't have the charisma and moral fiber of a Long John Silver. His opinions aren't sought, his advice isn't followed. He isn't respected much, except by the freeloaders who depend on him. After all, he is giving something for nothing.

His darkest secret, however, is that he lives in constant fear that, some day, he will fail. He will not crack the code. He will realize that other club members were fair-weather friends and that he lost, in a single stroke of fate, the attention he was so eagerly seeking.

Like the rest of us, he will grow old, his priorities will change, his eagerness will die down. As he looks around him, he may realize that the best times of life have passed him by, and that there is no making up for the lost time. He will be bitter, having left an insignificant mark on the world, having wasted his time in pointless pursuits. No one will miss him.

To him, I dedicate this epitaph:
Here Lies a Pirate
Who Never Sailed.


anyway this is all in reply to >>213. Piracy is it's own game. It's changed a lot since those days, it's a lot harder, but it has a definite thrill and charm to it.

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>be 10 yr old me
>secretly steal my cousins gta vcs game
>play it every single day at home and at school at recess
>10 years had gone by
>i'm now 20
>got no psp anymore cause i sold it for a 3ds back in 2012
>bought gta vcs ps2 version on ebay
>fell in love with vic vance and vice city all over again
yup, it was a good game
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File: 6d81602e0e951e303357b191be….jpg (63.17 KB, 413x550, 413:550, 1565392613102.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>>be 10 yr old me
Let me do some math here.
Bro you're like 11 years old.


> 10 y/o at 2009 = 11 y/o today
No, Anon you are bad at Maths or something


No, my friend! Anon >>158 is just pretending to be retarded!
It's totally not the same as actually being retarded! Trust me!


If Mortal Kombat for the SNES counts then it was that. Otherwise it would have been Die Hard Trilogy


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Mafia 1. My dad took the game away from me because he knew my mother would start complaining about the sex scene that was in it. That mission where you had to race to one side of the map to the other is bullshit.

File: I HATE THIS GODDAMN PENGUI….PNG (347.31 KB, 505x377, 505:377, 1569476303475.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


>be this fucking stupid piece of shit WASTE OF SPACE FUCKING PENGUIN


File: Mario.png (365.57 KB, 801x413, 801:413, 1569476837617.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

His son deserved it.


File: boggy.jpg (124.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1569516812794.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

>a challenger approaches


This should have been posted to /b/ or simpily /sewers/

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