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Twoot, Our LORD and SAVIOR, Creator of 22Chan slaved and worked years for us to enjoy this wholsome and finely crafted 2D gardening game. In this thread let's talk about and play Steve's Garden. I myself have playtested this game and and personally my life is forever changed. Shit Was So Cash.
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niniba looks high

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Steam     The official 22chan Steam group.
Discord     The official 22chan Discord Server.
Server Website     The official 22chan Minecraft Server.
No griefing/killing/stealing allowed in the minecraft server.

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ITT: Tell us what you're emulating and discuss emulation.

A good site to find games to emulate.

These are the best (in my opinion) PS1 and PS2 emulators.
PS1: https://github.com/stenzek/duckstation (Make sure to up the quality in the enhancement settings.)
PS2: https://pcsx2.net

I'm currently playing through the Legacy of Kain series. I recently finished Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and it's such a good game. The soundtrack, level design, gameplay, everything is great. The writing really blew me away, I loved hearing Kain speak. His lines are like straight out of some old gothic horror novel.
I'm playing Soul Reaver now. I don't think it's as good but I'm still enjoying my time with it. Raziel is a bit too angsty for me at times. The game still has a cool neo-gothic vibe and the music and writing holds up.


ton of good games on that site, some i've been itching to play
i need to get into emulation since it's near impossible to get a playstation/find those games.


I believe emulation is the best way to play vidya today. No one cares if you pirate these games cause they're all old as fuck, they don't take up much space and there are SO many games to play. It's literally enough to last you a lifetime. Just download one of those emulators and pick a game!

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ITT: Post any link/info on games that have gone free for a limited amount of time(or permanently for that matter) and games that are on sale for dirt cheap, sites like humble bundle and steam are good places to look.


[spoiler]unrelated sort of, but walmart doesnt really give a shit on the pricing of games, or sometimes old games will just reach the point where they just want it out so you can get games for as little as 6 cents or several dollar on clearance[/spoiler]



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>be this fucking stupid piece of shit WASTE OF SPACE FUCKING PENGUIN
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This should have been posted to /b/ or simpily /sewers/


Best game with a killer soundtrack that hit the feels every time i hear it. I am addicted to the water level for some reason. Dont know about you guys but this is a perfect example of a game where i just lounge around in.. kill all the bad guys and explore or generally listen to the music for a bit before i leave the level.
fuck toad
i had to go to another castle because he wasnt clear where peach was


The ds version was also kewl because it gave you the option to play as several characters
being yoshi and wario
Also those minigames are nice time killers

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Post games (and other similar forms of amusement) that you want to recommend to other Anons. I will start.

Halo Custom Edition (Halo CE) is a official expansion for the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo PC). What makes Halo CE different from Halo PC is that players can create custom levels (and weapons, etc.) for the game. Pls note that you need Halo PC product key to install it (but you can just search YouTube for Halo PC keygen and copy the key from the video). You don't need to have the CD, if you install the patch.

You can get Halo CE here: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=410
You also need the official V1.0.10 patch: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6798
You will probably also want to install the Halo Anti-Cheat (HAC2). It's not required but it makes your life easier. It enables things like automatic map downloads when joining a server. You can download it here: http://client.haloanticheat.com/release.zip
To install it, just copy the "loader.dll" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\controls" folder.
If you want to create custom levels and other content, you will also need the Halo Editing Kit (HEK): http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=411
AND the bug-free tags: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6690

To play custom single player maps, create a new shortcut for "haloce.exe" and add "-devmode -console" as launch options (without quotes). (I think the Halo CE installer adds Halo Custom Edition Developer Mode in your start menu by default.) Use that shortcut to launch the game. Then you need to open the console (press the key under ESC), and type "map_name map_name_goes_here" (without quotes and the file extension) and press ENTER.
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I am now playing halo 5, i'm not exactly a fan of it, and spartan locke is pretty bland of a character.
great graphics and controls, and you get floodlights but you can't toggle them, also no armor abilities. health systems kewl, english speaking aliens is great. i get that the story's a direct sequil but it's just kinda bland for me


Cool free game I found via JewTube. It's a sandbox physics game with from what I can tell a lot of kewl stuff.


Did anyone play PlayersUnknownBattleGrounds?
is it any good?

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ITT:Share your favourite vidya from the old times.
Mafia 1 is one of my favourite games from the early 2000s.
The GTA series (vc,sa) were great aswell of course
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First mafia on pc was bretty gud.


love me some splinter cell, heard it's backwards compatible on the xbox one x, and it'll automatically remaster it, improve the framerate and graphics so it's time to dust off my game and replay for some good old fashioned nostalga


what game is it?
totally plan on playing it since i got a copy recently.

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It seems that /vg/ is dead lets revive it with a game review thread.

You guys can post whatever games you have been playing and how you feel about them.
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Could anyone give me an actual review (preferably without spoilers) about Death Stranding? The gameloop seems appealing to me but no one seems to be able to explain to me how the story is good or bad.


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Because of the current steam sale I bought far cry 4. I really enjoyed the previous game, so I thought this one would be somewhat the same, but I feel like they missed the mark quite a bit. What I didn't like most of all, in the short playthrough that I did, was the setting itself. FC3 had a stunning location, 2 tropical islands, which people have called "a natural museum of technological savagery." FC4 went away from that and put the player in a mountainous zone which alltogether looks really bland and uninspired, and I had no interest in carrying on with doing missions in a place where it feels like the game itself has no interest on keeping the player motivated to continue on with any quests.


Ocarina of time for the 3DS
Played a bit of it before i encountered a game breaking bug that caused me to rage-quit. Lighting's too bright so it takes away the mood, (think of the xbox 360 remaster of Halo CE) they got rid of blood and either downright removed it or changed the color of blood to green. Frame rates still shit since they wanted it for nostalga reasons, they got rid of the muslum chanting in the fire temple and also the muslum gurdo logo. 3D affect and the ability to move the 3DS around is kewl. Will try to play again and complete soon.

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>pirate game
>scandal inevitably emerges involving the developer
>feel no guilt because I am not financially supportive of the dev's immorality
Remember, piracy is the only way to keep a clean conscience during these trying times.
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anyway this is all in reply to >>213. Piracy is it's own game. It's changed a lot since those days, it's a lot harder, but it has a definite thrill and charm to it.


The only reason not to pirate something is if you are worried of getting viruses


I don't see a problem with piracy besides the issue that it's hard to pull off, and of course, viruses. But really though, Why would i pay 90 bucks for a shitty game that also might force politics or whatever bullshit down my throat? Why would i give my money to jackasses who dont want to make good content? And hey, if i enjoy it, i'll pay full price for a legit copy. Works for everything really. Why would i pay 7 bucks for a shitty comic book from marvel that'll only piss me off and also give them money that they dont deserve where i can honestly just read that bullshit online for free? Why would i watch some shitty movie and pay the faggots who will only use my money to make more shit movies?
If i really had no choise in the matter i'll hopfully try to start some trend or do some bullshit where i buy the shit game for retail (unless it goes on clearance or theres a coupon i can use) and sell the fucker for two cents and put a warning that says "this is a shit game which is why it's priced so low, re sell it for a buck so other retards know it's shit instead if paying full price." Did it before at a yard sale and i'll do it again.
Watched a bit of youtube videos on the matter and its really a crapshoot, like the old spyro game is uncrackable due to the amount of crap they threw at it, the more you played, the more difficult the game became to the point where it got bricked. I can only imagine what they do to games now. Although i've seen people pirate fallout 76 and port shit from skyrim in the game so i guess it depends how retarded the game devs are.

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ITT: Favourite rts vidya/vidya series you have ever played.
>The C&C games(including red alert.).
>Age Of Empires 2
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The best one I've played is Age of Mythology. It's such a good game and the soundtrack is great. The campaign is really fun to play with some awesome level design.


I used to play rts more as a kid
I think I played some age of empires 3, which I barely remember
One I played a lot, where you start from ancient greek units and develop to nukes, all in one game, is rise of nations
I also played briefly Reign: Conflict of Nations. I remember it as a pretty difficult game, but it fascinated me. The real-time aspect was daunting
Oh wait, I also played Fate of Hellas! I really liked it as a kid


I got Age of Empires 2 HD a while ago and have only just started playing it recently. It's hard to get the hang of it, but I managed to beat the moderate AI. If there are enough people here, maybe we should arrange some matches.

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I'm not sure if this thread is going to fit in with this board but I was wondering if people are interested in these types of videos, and if some would be willing to create their own Gunsync videos. I might create my own ones and post them here if people take interest in this thread.
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the anime gurls make everything better tbh


Hahaha this is fucking awesome

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ITT:Talk about your what your currently doing gaming wise. Please post screenshots of the game you are talking about for context. Feel free to talk about what you think about the story.
I am currently playing CrossCode which is an action RPG. It is pretty interesting so far. The combat is fun and the pixel art is very cool looking to me pic related. What is odd to me is that the developers seem to love diversity and have npcs of all different races. It hasn't affected the quality of the game so far but it is obvious what the developers politics are. Currently, I am doing a dungeon that involves a puzzle. I haven't had the energy to do it but I will definitely complete it to talk about it in this thread.
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I've made significant progress since I last made a post here. Clearing that dungeon now allows me to have classes on my characters. Here are the classes I gave my characters: Luneth-Warrior, Arc-Red Mage, Refia-Thief, and Ingus-Monk. Now that my party has classes I have to procure specific items that work with the said class. Thiefs can only use knives and daggers and monks can't have heavy armor for example. After figuring that out, I talked to the airship NPC in order to progress in the story. I think went up the mountain and got abducted by a dragon. Pic related. I ended my progress escaping the nest with a new character. I wonder what his role in the story will be.


File: ff3.png (3.2 MB, 1480x833, 1480:833, 1621747792230.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

After I got past the mountain, I got to the area that shrinking your team is required. I then went into a village and was told I smelled funny. Passing through the village was required to get to the cave. The cave was scary because you could not unshrink yourself and, I remember I was helpless without magic when facing enemies. Luckily this time I, was able to avoid mobs. Once I finished the cave I, reached a cave with Vikings. They promised to give me a ship if I put a dragon to sleep. To put the dragon to sleep, I had to procure the eye to the dragon statue. Unfortunately, I had to shrink and, this made attacks with swords useless. Because swords were very ineffective I had to change everyone's classes to some kind of mage which was very inconvenient. After this was finished, I got the ship and finally, I have caught up to where I was before the data was wiped.


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Langrisser 1 came to a sudden end. All in all, it is a great game. The difficulty for Langrisser wasn't too hard but, it was not easy at the same time. As you got further in the game, it became progressively more difficult which is good. I like how the game respects the player's ability to play the game. Like I previously stated the magic became more aggressive and, that was cool. The lengths of the level became longer which, was very satisfying. There were some constraints due to the budget. The story was harder to follow as an English speaker because there was only Japanese voice acting. The cutscenes consisted of the image and text of the character, which reminds me of Fire Emblem Awakening from the 3ds. The cutscenes leave more to be desired on this front because cutscenes make the story easier to follow. The issues were because of budget likely which, is excusable. I cannot follow recommend this game yet because this game comes with the sequel but this a solid game 8/10.

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Thread theme's kinda obvious, (spoopy games, weird shit, horror, ect) but it can also expand to horror elements in games you wouldnt exactly expect to see it in. Like say in pokemon red and blue, How team rocket slaughtered all the pokemon in lavander town. leaving you to even fight against a vengeful spirit. The creepy music didnt help make it any less spookyer. Or in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
There's a boss fight where you see all the the ghosts of the people you killed in game (all of them) and they even yell at you about how you killed them! Shoot a guy in the head, he'll cry out and say
>"my head!"
as he attempts to strangle you. also what's funny is if you shoot a guy in the crotch, he'll say how you "took his manhood" away from him.
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Hellnight is an obscure Playstation game from 1998, one of my favorite games! In Hellnight, you're forced to traverse a huge, maze-like underground city called The Mesh while a monstrous creature stalks the player through the tunnels. You can't fight it, you have to run from it whenever it shows up. You can meet many characters throughout the game and some of them can be recruited as companions. If the creature catches up to you, it'll kill whatever companion you have and once they're dead it's permadeath. Then it kills you if you're not fast enough lol.

The game gets progressively weirder towards the end. Very recommended if you're into weird shit!


dont know why they gave it low ratings, it sound very cool.
i like how you can only run, and you have to let others fight for you.


Yes! It's very spooky. I think most critics are retarded, I guess the game was too hard for normies to get into.

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I miss game manuals. You know, like when you buy a game and you see a little booklet in the corner. If you dont know how to play a game, they explain it, and they even go as far as to add goodies like a mini comic book, or even make the manual some meta thing, like if it was a vital part of the story! I miss when games where just plug in and play, where it was the full game without having to wait a day or two to update, or worse! i hate when i play the master chief collection and the whole damn game crashes because you lost connection to wifi even though it's on single player mode. Old game servers are still running for multi-player (like ps2 starwars battlefront) but its like a damn ghost town and its so sad! it would be cool to play metal gear solid PW co-op and have people online but i honestly doubt it'll happen. Games like halo CE used to be by the people, and for the people made by geeks and for geeks who just wanted to have fun and everything changed to where you have to grind for gear, and compete in a more formal manner instead of bullshitting like those old xbox live COD lobbies. Also its now more toxic, like political or plain labrat teir propaganda instead of a nice escape. (somethimes made to be addictive on purpose) Like in the last of us II where you are forced to shoot a dog, and then everyone in the game hates you for doing it, making you feel ashamed although you literally had no choice to do it.
I also miss those cheat codes like getting more in game money or god mode and you either have to pay close attention to discover it (writing tons of codes down on a single sheet of paper lol) or go online or buy a book to get some
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For me it was nintendo power, they had the best game reviews and tons of goodies in every issue. They also had a bbs and they'd show off funny posts from there.
Pretty sad that they stopped making them around 2013 or so, will be missed!


My family collected Nintendo Power too. Nintendo power made me excited for the releases Nintendo had coming up at the time. I remember looking back at a Nintendo Power issue when it was discontinued and, it was satisfying to read articles on games I liked.


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QuakeJS — play Quake 3 in your browser again! (https://quakejs.com)

Badplace.eu — find QW lobbies (https://badplace.eu)

Sorry if the upper links are only focused on Quake, they're just what I could think of at the time. Add more if you can.

Anyways, I don't see this genre upon itself get talked about much in wider gamer circles, in part due to the kind of COD-shooter or milsim that's more popular these days, or just general indifference. I'd like to change that with this thread. Post Arena shooters, retro or modern, that impress, inspire, or just warm you.


I think halo is an arena shooter game, right?

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