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anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.
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>moot's thread
I don't see any proof that this is moot, anon


My mistake, i didn't wrote (possible) moots thread.


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Unironically, he's a fag, and there's at least one known photo of him naked


For a time he did pornography shoots, and pictures of him naked and having sex was posted on 4chan, and he responded to the anon who posted the pics "oh, shit. You found them? Or something along those lines. Deep lore. I beleve this information is posted on the lurkmoar wiki.
Twoot = no naked pics just general bluepilled normalfaggotry back in the day and he quickly grew out of that stage in his life
Moot = naked pics big gay glow nigger sellout retard


Damn. I wanted to link to the article and i and beleve it was on ED not lurkmore.
Oh well.


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Report on what's new in your country and discuss news on other people's countries! And make sure to post sauce aswell!
And let's begin with news from Latvia:
In the past year there have been registered 400'000 attempts to access cheese pizza related content in Latvia.
Gambling sites are now banned in the capital, excluding casinos in 4 and 5 star hotels. (Pretty much just like uncle Adolf did in the 30s)
Wagecuck teachers are threatening to go on a strike because of low wages (these fuckers do this like twice a year).

>inb4 what kind of nigger language are these news in?

For all foreign news: Post sauce, and be sure to write a tl;dr in english.
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Well lads, if you are a degenerate like me that uses windows, update right now.
Military base that i work at is kicking people off, or downright firing people who didn't update windows rn.


didnt microsoft issue a new update on the same day?




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Andrew Yang's wife and 31 other women are suing obstetrician Robert Hadden for alleged sexual misconduct.
A former member of the Canadian reserve (who also illegally crossed the border) and two other men were arrested by the FBI. These men were alleged White Supremacists and allegedly had intentions of committing terrorist actions based on some chat logs.
A guns right group in Virginia is appealing the governor's ban on guns.
A Californian man (Charles “Chase” Merritt allegedly) will be sentenced for killing a family of four with a sledgehammer and burying them in the Californian desert.
US industrial production fell by 0.3% in December.
North Dakota woman (Amber Barett) has been charged with neglect for leaving six kids with a dead man.
The man who attacked a Hanukkah celebration in New York is pleading not guilty.
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Three more alleged White Supremacists who are linked with the same group (The Base) has been arrested.
Virginia's supreme court has upheld the gun ban at gun rally's
The Sentencing of Charles Merritt has been delayed.
A recently released sex offender has been arrested again for sexual assault.
Trump has canceled Michelle Obama's lunch program on her birthday.
South Dakota Governor has made an executive order that will prohibit state offices from doing business with anti companies (((Israel)))
Ukrainian president (((Zelenskiy))) has rejected Ukrainian prime resignation.
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I'm going to draw something every day in this new year. Feel free to join me. Let's get super good and make /i/ the most active board on 22chan.
Day 1: odd little squatting creature
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It was a random pic from google images


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16: a cute loli roberta


I figured, but what's with the eyes? I don't remember that ever happening


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Been a while since I drew something. Combination of being busy and lack of motivation. Just a very quick low effort sketch.
This here ALMOST became Mario, but I just couldn't figure out the hat, so it's just a guy.


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Day 17: a happy little boat


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use fortune to know the truth
ask oracle any questions and she shall answer you

Your Fortune: Outlook good
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just name it 22chan, no need for some gay meme name that draws in 15 year olds.

Your Fortune: Outlook good


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I have an IBM eServer xSeries 345. It's been gathering dust in the basement for awhile now and I'd like to turn it into a data storage server running linux.

However, the drives are only 18GB each. Are there terabyte-sized drives compatible with a system this old (made around 2001) that I can buy for a reasonable price? If so, what would make a drive compatible? Anything besides the connector?




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(^The old rules of the internet)
"to help make OUR interwebz great again"
"Typed in the year of our LORD XI.XVII.MMXIX"
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>he sneaked in the bach rule


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updated because the faggot forgot to add other newer rules.


you forgot rule 37 you absolute moron


Well shit now we got two versions


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heres another


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Welcome to the sewers of youtube, here are the links:
PetitTube, show videos with zero views
this shows videos with less than 100 views
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Find the most interesting ones and make memes out of them. Like flashes, or ytp or whatever. This way you also have an active part plus have this unique mematic references which no-one else has



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So, I found this channel after encountering several videos of him on petit, it has houndreds of videos, I haven't watched any in which he speaks, but it seems like he always tests technologycal gadgets or something, sometimes he even do unboxings of them. Also, he has these GOOD/BAD signs which is also strange. I adore this kind of mysteries.
This section i like to call it: Random cool music
Interesting, but fake nonetheless


forgot to bump this >.<


282 Anonymous [Chens errand eng.swf][Embed][J]9.72 MB0[Reply]


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I'm about to finish chrono trigger, and this game's awesome. I dig the music, I dig the plot, the graphics really surprised me for a snes game (even if it looks a bit dated today)
And it's just fun to play

Share your favourite snes games. [spoiler]Other retro games are ok too. Sega genesis, game boy (advance), stuff like that[/spoiler]


I've been slowly making my way through Final Fantasy 6. I haven't played in a very long time though because I'm stuck. I think I left off after beating that steampunk factory city. Then it sent me back to the hideout and now it's telling me to go east somewhere, but I just have no idea where.
I've made it pretty far, and there are definately a lot of things to like, but I just don't think I'll ever finish it.


I plan on playing some final fantasy too sooner or later
Anyway can't you look use a guide? I mean it's not cool but it's better than getting stuck to the point of not finishing it imo
Unless of course you got bored of it


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Chrono Trigger is an amazing game with a great soundtrack. I don't believe it looks outdated at all myself personally.

Some of my other favorite games on SNES with great soundtracks are as followed
>Super Mario RPG
>Donkey Kong Country 1 - 3
Especially DKC2 which has one of my favorite video game soundtracks of all time.
>Super Castlevania IV
>SMW2 Yoshi's Island

I could go on about SNES games all day so I'll limit myself there. There's also a ton of great JRPGs that were on the console along with this anon mentioning Final Fantasy VI/III >>276

I may come back and post more as the thread progresses. But I also really like some of the "Run and Gun" games such as Sunset Riders and Contra III.


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Don't get me wrong, the graphics were really good. But some things were a bit low res. Like pic related. That's not a pretty face. It looked a bit weird to me through all the game.
Obviously it would be stupid to complain about this, they had heavy hardware limitations and still did a really good job.
Regarding the game and music I fully agree. Btw I've finished it (however I don't wanna do "new game +"... at least yet)
I might check out some of the games you mentioned


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Post motivational quotes


Everyone has mistakes, some might live in it and deal with it by doing the mistakes of their family’s dark past or even worse. But, I believe we can grow out of it if we have a person who shows true care for us, and if we understand how we can grow from it and the past that can forever be a weight on us, causes to me, we gotten carry our weight, and adopt with it. I believe anyone can grow, though culture and beliefs of unhappiness have to be pick out the window, since it did hold me back for a while, but playing a twist on the whole thing feels more better to me, since the culture around me grows on me for a while, so it’s best to take what is of how I grow, and do it your way, if it’s helping you. I wish you the best Anon.


"Pay attention to everything, as everything in this life is a scam but life can be better if you motivate beyond society in a whole."
-Anonymous, 2020


>If you don't nut, your balls will empty themselves anyway
-Anon of /sewers/, 2020


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Another one


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Fuck all you vim faggots, nano is best editor
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this whole board is dead.
anyway, i don't use vim often at all - only when there's no nano on the server i use at that time. when i'm programming i use whatever. it's not like you spend a lot of time using a text editor when i develop shit anyway.


When are they gonna release the Emacs kernel written in lisp?


That's lisp machines anon, been done a while ago


thanks nigga bread


AHAHAHAHAHAH fucking namefagging
I always forget to remove the name on the next post


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Does anybody here play "I wanna be the guy" fangames? Maybe even the original. They are quite fun, i am currently playing "I wanna kill the Kamilia 2" and at the end of stage 6. Share your progress if you do play them here.


Never played, but I have seen let’s plays. Super hard platformers like this or kaizo mario make for really comfy lets plays. Just watching them struggle and almost lose hope, only to persist and succeed is really satisfying.


That is pretty much my biggest reason to play. Its very comfy and i really recommend it.


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>They are quite fun


>kaizo mario
It's been a LONG ass time since I've played that.


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WHAT are YOU listening to?? Urgent need to know.
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I just like to listen to videogames soundtracks


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Wallows - these days
Wallows - are you bored yet
Easy life - Dead celebrities
Mac Miller - Good news



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Sitting listening to some vidya OSTs.


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post bread goddamnit


File: BREADBREADBREADBREADBREADB….jpg (376.64 KB, 2701x1944, 2701:1944, 1579218978328.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]


Your Fortune: Reply hazy, try again



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Nigga bread


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The official unofficial 22chan minecraft server!
Hacked clients are allowed!
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pls turn the server on


server is finally online.
it turns off if it is empty for 10 minutes, so i will stay in there as a placeholder.


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rip waffles haus
do not make your home so close to the lava room


Why would he even make his house out of wood in the first place?


Not him but it's cheaper than brick, comfier than stone and has more dignity than dirt