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lol u tk him 2da bar|?
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where is the bar?


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let's go to one of those jazz bars with pool tables


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sounds comfy

Oracle says: Yes, definetly


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Continuation of >>2527

Talk about absolutely anything, beginning from 2hu and ending with Mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, I'm looking at you, anon.
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Break the law, anon. Fuck the government.


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A bread for the discussion of all things cinema. Films, animated films, short films, TV series, animated series. As long as it's film-related it belongs here!

I watched this film the other day. It was my second viewing and it was even better the second time.
It's a feel-good movie set in the 1980s about college baseball players and the dumb shid they get up to. Drinking, partying and stupid contests. The cast was great and they all had really good chemistry together, the movie is full of great characters. Blake Jenner, the main actor, was very good in it. He gave a very natural and believable performance. Tyler Hoechlin and Glen Powell too. I always like to see Powell in a film, he's such a fun actor.
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[spoiler]that part where the predator just started laughing with a human voice when the bomb was counting down[/spoiler] [spoiler]the guy with the cowboyhat who called everyone faggots for not sharing some chewing tobacco, hes my favorite[/spoiler]


[spoiler]I through the Predator laughing was dumb until I realized it was playing back the recording of the Indian guy laughing. At least I think that is what happened.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Yeah, He did copy billy's laugh[/spoiler]


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Post in this thread every time you check 22chan and can't think of a worthwhile thing to post!
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The watermelon addicts.



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You deserve death


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[spoiler]shid, i had my hands on a chicken once, should've tried this[/spoiler]


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the tribal dance of my people


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>What is this?
It started a while back in 2019 after a suggention of a "22Chan movie night" was mentioned, Anons complaining of nothing much to talk about, And the idea of a "22chan radio".
Multimedia club. The genre doesnt really matter, nor the format. Book club, movies, animu, documenterys, cartoons, and even music. The list goes on.
>Why does this exist?
The main goal for /mmc/ is to aid discussion on the site and breadmaking. (not to take it away) hence the name "club" i.e like a book club format where we watch/read/listen to something, and then discuss it. Either in this bread, or where the appropriate bread exists. (Like watching cowboy bebop, then discussing it in a cowboy bebop bread) The only exception is during the holidays (christmas, halloween, made up 22chan holidays or probably when twoot randomly decides to watch some movie) and it can also be used as a "22chan radio" in the times where no one is watching anything. You can actually join in and submit content to watch/listen anonymously without needing to make an ((account)) too.
Pic related is us
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Our music stream for today is happening right now. Feel free to show up if you are interested. If you are unable to attend feel free to drop us a song in livechan if you are interested.


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We watched Episodes 19 and 20 of Blue Gender and 9 and 10 of Jigoku Sensei Nube. The music stream lasted for a staggering three hours. I had fun and I hope you had fun.


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Today we will start Alien 9. If you are interested we will be live in about three hours.


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ITT share your most favourite vidyas/vidya you have ever played.
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>spyro the dragon
Played the hell out of it, and after repairing the airship and traveling to the second area, i had to put my ps2 away forever R.I.P


>Katana Zero
Perfect music. Perfect graphics. Amazing story. Flawless gameplay, level design, and game flow. Best game ever.
Perfect music. Good, satisfying graphics. Orgasm inducing sound effects. Level Design is a bit cramped for the amount of movement options you have but it's great. Shooting is great. The tech is great. Moving is great. It's great


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Silent Hill is one of my favorite games. It has such a special style of horror. The general vibe is more sad than scary. Don't get me wrong, there are many terrifying moments in the game but the overall feeling is one of melancholia, you could even say depression. Every time I play it I find myself empathizing with the scenario of the game and that makes it all the more uncomfortable. And the ominous, looming scenery in some parts of the game makes it feel so hopeless. Same can be said for SH 2, 3 and 4. They're all great games.


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Subject related, Which do you like better? Have you noticed any noticable diffrences?
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I think sub is superior because it retains the original voice acting. Voice actors are cast for a reason because that is how the creators of the anime intend for the characters to sound. Even though you are absolutely correct in there being good and bad subtitles, they still retain a degree of quality translation does not.
Another good reason is that Japanese is vastly different from English. Sometimes in order to fit the timeframe the dialog is altered. Or the English translation is spoken very fast. Altering the work from how it was originally presented makes it unnatural.


Japanese to english translations aren't too perfect either, one word can have several meanings and if the translator fucks up, (some times there are things you just can't translate) it changes everything. A character thanking his friend for always being there for him, can be translated wrong to make it seem like he's actually a fag and wanted to tell his friend he want's to date him. Mishearings are a popular jap meme and it's really hard to translate it to an american audience unless you want to have a little wall of text in the corner elaborating the joke. (someone feel free to correct me because i'm a filthy gaijin)


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I caught this yesterday while watching Angel Heart. I just had to post the screenshot here because it's exactly the kind of thing you're talking about.


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He's still cute, Look at that smile!


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There is objectively nothing funnier in the history of human development than the man's early attempts at flight.
Use this thread to post images and discuss ridiculous early aircraft or perhaps also post unusual planes from later periods
This video is a fantastic summary
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Kalinin K-7
Its so retarded
>"ivan pls listen to me, just add more propellers it will still fly no i'm not drunk


This pisses me off because if they wheren't high they could have thought "gosh gee, lets add 4 props at each corner to balance it out, and so if the pilot has to abandon ship he wont get sliced to bits!" and then they could have invented the modern quad copter drone


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India why


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Post songs you could consider "2000s-core". Shit like Linkin Park, Hoobstabank, The Fray, Evanesence, any edgy old things you can find.
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For me this song echoes memories of school dances. Flashing lights, the whole place smells like sweat and too much cologne as teenagers dance to the beat with not a care in the world, their only worries homework and high school drama.



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A thread to talk about how your day went. Venting, talking about future hopes/dreams, or just chatting is all okay.
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Win some, lose some. Do your best at understanding it. Right now you should leave it alone, because focusing on some task while frustrated is never a good idea. Pick it up later and have a look at it. If it still troubles you ask your teacher for help next time you see him/her.


solid advice


My thought is that I should go to work even though I am not usually scheduled today. I asked a coworker and, he said it was ok. I think working would be the most preferable thing to do because it doesn't require a lot of thinking while at the same time being productive.
>your teacher for help
Tutoring is unavailable for this course. What I can do is work ahead so I can understand more what my teacher is talking about. So far, I've just done my homework the night it is due.


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Ragamuffin muffin cat
does whatever muffins cant


ragamuffins is truily powerful


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Keep this bread alive until
22nd February 2022
No sticky
It'll be THE day
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belly rub


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Sometimes I feel a bit apathetic. For the last few years I've been spending most of my free time on entertainment. I really enjoy it, find it fun and funny (thanks to the fact that I've learnt the importance of being selective)
Sometimes I want to do "projects", and entertainment can be a big distraction from that, but that's not what I wanna talk about
I feel like I don't feel much feelings. Maybe it's because of routine, with everything becoming so typical and as such unsurprising, uninteresting. But I also think that entertainment plays a role. Maybe 10-20 minute videos can rarely make me feel anything substantial. Maybe generally I don't often think thoughts and do actions that aren't superficial/trivial, so I don't get to care for something. I don't know
What about you anons?
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Shit are you saying apathy is kinda like an addiction or escapism? Fuck man, that explains alot. I used to be 'hurt' or feel sorry or empathy for others when I saw them being hurt or sad, especially dogs and animals. But now to I feel nothing or just brain fog is ampfied (focus less unable to think straight). When you think of it apathy is a form of escapism trying to deny whatever is bothering you. I'll take your advice on being healthy though, thanks.
I recommend anyone coming by to watch this as it seemed to be revelant to me somewhat;


My house got fugged and it didn't bother me too much, and family members died (some of which i've had close bonds with) and it hasn't really bothered me. I'm not sure if that type of feeling is natural or not.


I mostly feel indifferent. Every now and then I'll have a spark of emotion but it never lasts. I often have to force myself to do things. I rarely feel like I want to do something.