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Making scrambled eggs
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Was it good OP?


It was not what I envisioned.


What will you cook next?




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egg nice. egg
very goood.
please, take e


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When making a site there are always trade-offs when it comes to number of users, quality of content, moderation, etc...
It's hard finding places on the internet that aren't infected with Reddit. And it's nearly impossible to have an at-least semi-popular website which doesn't have Reddit users browsing it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you are average Reddit users.
But I have a dream. A dream that one day there would be a place with good discussion, a large user base and is free of Redditors!
And it is not impossible; I'll use image boards for example. To mostly deflect Redditors, or at-least a Redditor mentality is by deflecting the bugman mentality (Here's the definition I use for "bugman" Because all Reddit really is, is a bugman circle jerk. That's why I've always been opposed to 8chan. Is because the user can make their own boards, "bugman" boards, circle-jerk boards, /leftypol/. You need to combine topics that still contain different opinions. Because that's where the real discussion comes in. /pol/ should never be /leftpol/ or /rightpol/, /a/ should never be /shounen/ or /elite/, /g/ should never be /windows/ or /openbsd/...
Maybe if something like this becomes big bugmen will start second guessing things like Reddit, instagram, Zoomerapp2000. And (at the risk of sounding like that 300iq Rick and Morty meme) better internet will arise of intellectuals seeking understanding and new ideas.

tldr; The final fronteir is not in the stars or at the end of technological research, but within our selves.
Lets explore new ideas, new possibilities. Boldly go where no man has gone before!
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Unless someone made their own version of 64chan.


Why is there so many grandiose ideas about a site that is 1 year old, and has about 20 (more or less) visitors every few days, with gaps of around 2-3 days of pure silence?
Man, i love 22chan as much as everybody else, but we need to slow down. There is no reason to do anything yet. Because there isn't a large userbase yet.
Perhaps we need to ask these questions:
How are we gonna deal with the mole?
How are we gonna get more people here, in a responcible manner?
Also, whats the point in having a discord?
Or am i just retarded?
Also, lolico, why did you really need to talk to twoot in private?


>some copypasta-tier thread gets posted
>almost immediately focuses on Anonymous's existential crisis
Oh jesus its happining again


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>p h l o s o p h y t i m e
let us debate like gentlemen


>>3820 intensifies


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A great source of free soundfonts


Javascript tool that secretly allows you to draw on web pages. The only way to see the art you drew is to use the tool.


I hope people remember this.

Pretty useful tool.
>Lets say you're on youtube.
>Being an anonyfag like me,
>you don't have a youtube account.
>Still want to watch vidya.
>But for some reason, you need to log in
>Using this, you can bypass the login.


I've used that to jack off so many times


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Here he returns,The Leader of the sewers,
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literally (((who)))


>literally (((who)))


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indisputably whom'st?



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Alright so to make sure you are informed stay away from these six imageboards on this website
This site is ran by people who are trying to destroy all the other competition. Basically a common enemy for all true imageboard surfers.
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>place is full of cheese pizza
welp fuck


Pretty much just as bad as 4cuck. The only reason the place seams better is because people can make their own circle jerk boards


If you look at desu archive, somone did advertize us again on 4chan
How would we make the mole stop?


>filled with cheese pizza
Report it to the fbi
Its not even the real 8chan.
Its supposed to be "8kun", but the servers are down for some reason. Just some fbi honeypot.


ITT : The next topic should be, "How do we stop a mole?"
Did you notice that this "8chan" uses the same terrible alt-chan layout? Do you think that he is a alt-channer? He did mention freech, which is a member of alt-ch. If the mole is seeing this PLEASE stop.


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I was browsing the internet and I came across an archive of media from the early 2000's ( In there was a file "The 4chan v5 bible" ( I have a converted PDF mirrored at After reading it I had a realization. 4chan never got where it is today by pure luck and memes. There is a highly organized structure keeping everything in check. Nowadays they obviously hardly follow this document.
I study the design of websites. I know how they work technically, programmatically, and psychologically. Imageboards are by far the best form of online social network when done right. The anonymous nature of these sites allow users to be themselves without fear of judgement. Because of this new outspoken ideas are posted. The way threads are promoted through bumps promotes conversation on these ideas. The problem is when the board has too many users (such as most of the boards on 4chan). When threads are made every few minutes, people have to make more outrageous, troll, edgy posts for their thread to survive or just create a "general" (remind you of somewhere). The way to solve this is simply by adding new boards when a specific board gets to popular. For example: split tech into hardware and software systems.
Many imageboards die by making the wrong decisions don't let this be one. If things are done right, 22chan could become the next big thing, maybe even surpass 4chan.
I have much more things to say but would prefer to explain interactively... Twoot, we should talk, privately, in Discord.

Just to note I most likely made mistakes in this post.
tldr; 22chan could become the next roman empire, a digital nation!

PS. I only namefag on my important posts.
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I just spent a day going through the archives and rereading about chan culture
And lemme tell you, moralfagging didn't help anything.
That was one of the great cataclysms that led it to its downfall. So if you see any here, please strongly discourage it.
It (like the scintology raids) also brought the wrong attention that 4chan didn't need.


>moralfagging like the Scientology raids will led to 22chan's downfall
Sorry, but raids that big and going outside is not ever going to happen unless the members here grow very big and have the courage to go outside. Moralfagging only works if it stays in the site and discourage trying to increase too much members here by keeping this as limited as possible. It's just me on how I view how a "comfy" website should be but do whatever you want, I would still allow less moral fagging if I were a mod but would still follow the rules that is more base on moralfags because of Twoot.


I could make a system that only allows one thread every X minutes. That would prevent thread spamming and would increase the life of other threads.


That may not be a good idea, it may discourage users from making threads. Instead 4chan has a limit on 3 active threads a user could have at a time. I say decrease this to 1thread/day.
For now, no restrictions like that are needed.


>For now, no restrictions like that are needed.
we hardly get any new threads at all


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Post decorations ideas or draw them


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post sage


unbased and bluepilled. wasted dubs. #cancelled. saged.


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vic sage




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Fun fact, it's pronounced sa gey


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I think it's about time for this, Post any you made or know here! Have fun and be creative!
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Now that you said it, yeah
awesome westernized ninaba


yeah i just wanted to make a design based off of the 22chan logo, but it does look like niniba :s


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I was trying to figure out what 22chanon/younganon would wear, and i think i got it
If you don't like it, then ignore my faggotry.
Remember when you where young?
I used to wear jumpsuit pajamas alot in my younger days, and they were pretty comfy
Easy to clean, and comfy to lounge in.
Probably moar easy to draw too.
A major staple in american culture
They wear jumpsuits in the navy and the airforce, blue collar jobs, a lot of the characters in fallout wore jump suits too.
It dosn't have to be the same color or layout as picured above, and i think the fawx tux seems like a neet idea.
What everybody agrees that he wears so far/common themes
Guy with light green skin
Red natzi armband
Military boots
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spidergang-tan is best girl
prove me wrong faggots


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Another point i forgot to add is
The natzi reptillans from V (1984 television series) wore a very nice red jumpsuit
Jumpsuits has been ingrained in american culture probably untill the end of time


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go buy it for 0.00$


Its a buy-and-keep. you keep forever.


should this be a thread for free vidya?


Yes, also, THE MESSENGER IS FREE ON forknit gaem, i mean... EPIC GAMES


Yeah i guess so.
DCU online is pretty fun, and free
BUT the download time is unbearable


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Shitter sandwich, ZOOP? Zooowaaakalimaaaaayababa oop my poop itches. Somebody came to fuck the boys. Looks like we got to fuck the boys! Diavolo. Viavolo. Ooololo. GHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now stop right there and ask myself, "Who the fuck am I here for?" Your MOM! Xavier Renegade Angel Analysis Youtube Poop Stop Right There Criminal Scum Baby Shark Poop Feces Shuckle Nuts. Hamashibai. Hamashibai. Mama shit bye. Eeewwooooooo hello everyone welcome to the penis channel where we post dicks in ass all day every day for the entire day of the day! Come on and slam, and welcome to Vietnam. Vietnam. Vietnam. Pam, Pam, Bam Your Ma'am! Time to go to sex a lamb. Aaaaa piss me off chiabidaaaaa chiumbyyyyyyyeeeeedaaaaaaa (chiumbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy). I have to piss, too.


me chinese
me make joke
me go pee-pee in your coke


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Let's try to find for each day of the week a song dedicated to it (positive or negative)
Let me start stealing the most common day: Sunday





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 No.1950[Reply][Last 50 Posts][D]

Post in this thread every time you check 22chan and can't think of a worthwhile thing to post!
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I wonder what time it is in the core of the earth


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Whatever time it is, you KNOW it's a fucking party


I don't know why i'm saying this, but we need to not give a shit here. Moralfagging, and "starting causes" is one of the major things that made 4chan fall from grace. (Also) what is the oldest dice ever made?


The oldest dice are from a dig site in turkey that dates to around 3000BC


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a true classic


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As one of the replies says:
Shitposting in Pokemon Mainline games its the absolute.


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And thus spidergang survived the carpgang wars and now lurk benigth thy webs of shadows untill called apon by the oracle herself or in an autistic rage. sleep tight, spidergang, and then rise like a phenox from the ashes


the carp gang wars ended because of gators and the discord all you guys did was sit around


Screeching autisticly is an exelent battle strategy thank you very much.


Spödergang stays here to protect the fätherland sombois