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Have you ever doubted if there is value in spending time on internet conversations with strangers?
Do you really feel like it's worthwhile?
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For much of my life, I have spent it on the internet. In the last few years, I got a bit sick of being a recluse and being depressed, so I decided to attempt to be normal. I made friends, I had social hobbies, I learned to have interesting conversations, I make myself look nice. For the first time in my life, people liked me.
But I missed it. I missed my online friends, the forumns, the inside jokes, the edgyness that people don't like to touch. The lockdown brought me back to my former days, reading manga and surfing through link after link. Chatting with strangers and drawing not for money, but just for fun.
I love to make content for this site, I feel whole doing so. Some people are mentally meant for this sort of thing. Imageboards are places where I can talk about keeping dead things in jars and spending 3 days watching an obscure cartoon not moving and drawing weird garbage all day without people thinking thats weird. I can talk about whatever. really, and no one takes in my image or identity.
It's good stuff, its not wasted at all, fren. I think I was meant for sites like these, and so were many people who come here.


>Those conversations I have never feel meaningful
Same in a way. I really value my irl friends, however with one exception the conversations we have are often a bit empty. I enjoy my time with them, but sometimes I feel like I wish for more
I'm a creative type. Being part of a band or something like that would be my dream, but that requires skill, which requires effort and dedication; I don't have that
I'm happy for you anon! This place is nice
That's interesting, thanks. Personally I had the luck to meet irl people who could appreciate an edgy meme
Anonymity helps me with posting but it doesn't prevent all my mental-social problems. I guess sometimes I grow tired of interactions, even in this form, and yet my loneliness and boredom push me to it over my limit
I'm not sure, I'm a bit sleepy now
>I love to make content for this site
Same. Making stuff is fun. When other people get involved it gets even funner. That's what I like the most about imageboards in fact

Well, I guess I'll put limits on my time spent on online forums for now. I've done it before but I somehow always end up breaking them


No way in hell i could carry out a normal conversation irl, too autistic and other issues, the internet and therefore 22chan's perfect to me.


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Post games (and other similar forms of amusement) that you want to recommend to other Anons. I will start.

Halo Custom Edition (Halo CE) is a official expansion for the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo PC). What makes Halo CE different from Halo PC is that players can create custom levels (and weapons, etc.) for the game. Pls note that you need Halo PC product key to install it (but you can just search YouTube for Halo PC keygen and copy the key from the video). You don't need to have the CD, if you install the patch.

You can get Halo CE here:
You also need the official V1.0.10 patch:
You will probably also want to install the Halo Anti-Cheat (HAC2). It's not required but it makes your life easier. It enables things like automatic map downloads when joining a server. You can download it here:
To install it, just copy the "loader.dll" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\controls" folder.
If you want to create custom levels and other content, you will also need the Halo Editing Kit (HEK):
AND the bug-free tags:

To play custom single player maps, create a new shortcut for "haloce.exe" and add "-devmode -console" as launch options (without quotes). (I think the Halo CE installer adds Halo Custom Edition Developer Mode in your start menu by default.) Use that shortcut to launch the game. Then you need to open the console (press the key under ESC), and type "map_name map_name_goes_here" (without quotes and the file extension) and press ENTER.
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Halo 2 is badass, it's just..
1 : Gotta read the books in order to understand the story, there's a gap of time between the first game and how john made it back safe when the game begins. (i think its called Halo : First Contact)
2 : Retarded health system
Remember the first game where you had the energy shield, then the health meter to fall back on?
Well in this game its gone so have fun dying several times.
Amazing story hands down, in the master chief collection there's these hidden terminals that feeds you secret lore (like saying how the events in the halo anime is canon) and i love that transition between john and the arbiter, seeing both of their perspective is quite refreshing.
(Haven't finished playing it yet, but i still recommend)


What's wrong with halo 4?


Completed halo 3 and started playing halo 4. I see what happened, that got shit from reach and merged it with halo 3, and fixed the graphics. still no health system :(
It does remind me of call of duty. also, no floodlight. what i like also is cheif has more of a talking role, instead of him just talking in cutscenes, so we can all get to know him better. also they got rid of duel weild which is quite sad.


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Would it be considered a form of wit to perform an action (like texting, knocking on a bedroom door, using the bathroom, etc) at a specific time? Times like: 1:45, 5:02, 11:35 (or the inverses of these numbers). Does anyone else find that numbers can have a meaning? Especially when it's related to something in pop culture, like 42, the meaning of life, or 007, license to kill. Furthermore, some numbers sound like parts of words, like the number 8 sort of sounds like the word "Hate", it also sounds exactly like the word "Ate". One more example is the number 9, which is a lot like the German word for "No" ("Nein").

Would it be far fetched to think people try to communicate something by doing this? Same goes for how someone decides to dress, what they wear for the day (what it may resemble).


Culture does assign meaning to numbers. Then, if you think about stuff like religion it gets even more intense.
7, 3, 2, 1, 5, 10, 12, 24, 13, 17...
They are all more than just numbers to us at this point. I'm not sure about the assonance part, at least personally I haven't noticed it much (except on the internet with stuff like "m8" or 1337)
I don't think most people will perform actions at a specific times in order to communicate something. That sounds like something from a spy movie
But numbers, and our feelings for them is something fascinating if you think about it. My little brother assigns a color to each number


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> Pic realted

It's my first time posting here, hoping this board is kind of active.
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All that shit your talking about is taken out of context. its paranoia. (besides the posts talking about your dick uncle, and the robbery, and you being a jerk to everybody)
Your most recent thread actually proves your paranoia.

>But until then, I will be holding vigils and watching my back. It's necessary, I ditched my pocket knife at the airport, but I have a machete. It won't stop a bullet, but I think I need it tonight.

>carrying around weapons everywhere like a madman

wonder how that looks to people and how that would look to your family.

>I don't know what to do. Whenever I talk to my dad or my mom about running away again, they simple say that I can't. That it's just not gonna happen. I think it's possible, but I still have my concerns. My family has this influence, and it could be my downfall.

They dont want you to run away because
1 they love you
2 you can seriously hurt someone and yourself
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I mean it's good and all that you actually reached out to talk with outsiders like us, but you really gotta think about this
did anyone even hurt you yet at all? you need serious help, and diagnosed properly before you do anything rash, and if you iron that out, at least you'll be able to talk it out and prove that someone's actually going to kill you.


Okay, I'll think of this next time I decide to make a post related to all this

It's not just being a jerk or being a dick to people. I mean not even my own mother seems to care for me. She keeps saying things like "you need it" and shit.

Cars keep speeding past my house, non stop, revving their engines. I feel like people have my address.

I don't know, anon, my dad called me to say that he would rather me go to Mexico instead of to his place in California. That I'd probably feel the same as I do here.

I feel as if I'll die before the end of the month or I'll be killed by someone in Mexico.

I don't know what to do anymore.

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Todays a sleepy caturday.


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the last picture of longcat ever taken pic related :(
also a nice song

You rolled the number 705030928 (no dubs or higher)


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I still feel like I'm going to die in this place.

But until then, I will be holding vigils and watching my back. It's necessary, I ditched my pocket knife at the airport, but I have a machete. It won't stop a bullet, but I think I need it tonight.

I don't know what to do. Whenever I talk to my dad or my mom about running away again, they simple say that I can't. That it's just not gonna happen. I think it's possible, but I still have my concerns. My family has this influence, and it could be my downfall.

I feel as if my doctors, my family, this entire town, knows about me.

They say it takes a village, it's likely that many people know where I live.

I'm not able to freely eat, sleep, shid, or shower. It's just a waiting game.

Waiting for the one who puts a bullet into my head.

It could happen tonight, or a month from now.
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Dude chill your suffering from extreme paranoia, also your cat needs protection because apparently you feel the neet to carry weapons 24/7. that or it got injured.
also, either post in the threads you've aready made, or go to >>>/yu/
its a board for these types of threads. lurk moar.


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for formatting and... whatever. Move me to trash pls
: ‌​‌‌​​‌‌‍‌​​‌​​​​‍‌​​‌​​‌‌‍‌​​‌‌​‌‌‍‌​​‌​‌‌​‍‌​​‌‌‌​​‍‌​​‌​‌​​T
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large hadron collider
1. yes
2. no
*this is better
is this cool yet?
no? ok
>watermelon addict
OP҉ is҉ gay

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Post and discuss spooky stuff
If you want to discuss politics go to >>>/pol/
No larping or or shilling your args (i'm looking at you fleshfags)
No debunkers plz

Related threads :

>Paranormal general


>Halloween thread

You rolled the number 439592546 (no dubs or higher)
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I am not sure how this fits into this thread, but whenever I jump on the trampoline in the dark my mind conjures an ostrich down the hill standing with two trees.


standing between two trees?


I found a really cool lovecraft choose your own adventure type game
i mean look at that, they went as far to get an actor wearing make-up to make him look like a zombie! (depending if you made the choice i made at the begining lol)


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Generic student council prez


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Aha she's literally me *0*


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>no grill from the lagoon to dress up in cute outfits
why even live


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What's your biggest wish, anon? Is it something that would completely change your life? Something material or something spiritual?
My family mentioned to me today how they haven't heard me laugh in a very long time, this hit me quite starkly. From that, I guess, what I would wish for is to be happy. Whether my wish will get fulfilled in this lifetime remains a mystery.
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>trying to make the best of what they got
hell yeah man


>any friends I've had have always been the real social type
That really sucks anon. Those types tend to see you as another notch in their belts from my experience. Sure they are nice in the moment but they could care less about what you want to do. Do you appreciate the friends you have?


>do you appreciate the friends you have?

Of course, they're good people it's just I feel like I get left in the dust a bit, it doesn't help that I'm an actual autist that can barely understand things like empathy


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Original, hand-crafted copypasta; The perfect present for a wedding, christening, new baby, birthday, anniversary, retirement, mother’s day, thank you, school reunion - any occasion you can think of! Our copypastas are each individually handcrafted by a skilled and dedicated chef and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
These beautiful and decorative copypastas are hand-crafted from crushed and powered words bound up with only the finest pasta. Every copypasta is completely hand made, from the basic raw materials through to the finished product every process is carried out by hand. The only exception is a cleaning and polishing process in which the copypasta is put through special machines. Even these machines have been developed for particular use in the preparation of the copypasta, for, although the copypasta is quite durable, fine details such as noses, horses ear's, swords, daggers and flag staffs could be snapped of if treated too roughly.
The National Association of Copypasta Chefs (NACC) is dedicated to protecting artists and crafters - their work, creativity and intellectual properties and marketing rights. I believe to keep the true work of the artist and copypasta chef alive we must act to promote and protect our art and craft.

Your Fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
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Oh yes, i think this is needed in order for me to live

1 : go in a populated area

2: hide near a bush or something

3: (a little while beforehand, train the local crows to follow me, and when i play a tune on the flute they swarm around me)

4 : jump out with the flute and play

5 : as the crows start swarming yell

Those normalfags will regret the day they where born


I habeeb it


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Your Fortune: Very Bad Luck
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>atomikkk bomb
kek. Would fit in a moonman song


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I hope roody-poos become fascists, it would be glorious.


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Anons that eat your feelings, what do you eat/drink to cope when the ride gets too bumpy, also what tends to make you eat.


-ice cream
- bread
-snything really


-wine, cider, most spirits

reason: literally having to emotionally support my entire family of retards whilst ignoring my own problems
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I don't drink regular soda anymore because I don't like drinking my calories anymore. It makes me gain weight.


I've recently started to eat rice cakes because they are somewhat tasty and low calorie at the same time. It helps me from snacking too much.


OP here, with an update I guess

>cheap meat

>instant coffee
>inhuman amounts of cheap soda
>energy drinks(when I can afford them)

Still the same reasons except the main source of income is now a worse druggie loser than ever before so we Rarely have what we need to live


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Every time when you are visiting this magnificent place, you are obliged to create an album cover, because, this is 22 fucking better chan GODDAMMIT!
Explained instructions;
- go to wikipedia (random article), this is your band name
- go to wikiquote, (random quote), the last 3 - 5 words of the first quote is your album title
- go to wikimedia commons, random file is your cover album
- combine in photoshop and post the results!
>picrel is an example
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hi im new


welcome anon! i hope you'll enjoy your stay


That looks like something out of a folk band