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Poor Possum-Chan. She was locked in the bathroom while she was taking a bath! Who could've done such a thing?
Unfortunately, she is home alone and no one will be back for hours. She is frightened and the water is getting cold. What should she do? Can you anons help her?
Take steps one at a time, as she is easily confused.
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>6 items
okay buddy


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Oh come on, she can take 1, can she not? It's not like you walk into a store and pick up 20 bottles of coke just because they have 20 available, you get 1 like a sane person would.


true but it's also a question of why would you even pickup one of each of them that makes no sense, pickup the important shit priority.


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Share what you think of as a great thread/thread idea


Something that makes anons want to talk is a good element of a thread. If the anons are interested in discussing the thing you just brought up, your thread will get the attention your thread deserves. For example if you talk in /vg/ about what your currently doing in gaming it would be interesting personally to see what other anons are doing in the games ie what they are playing. These subjects are thing you and your frens in real life may talk about. There are exceptions to interesting threads being good. Bait threads is pure garbage that only exists to be annoying or subversive. Another element of a thread that is good is being well thought out. If you have a more intelligent initial thought there will be fewer people who will complain within the thread which can derail the conversation. >>10158


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hello i need help to draw things to look correct... its either contour, silhoueete, perspectie or curve..

either way no mtter what i do i just cant make it look correct and i have practiced awhile it doesnt seem im understanding anything

basically draw object shape (the blue lines) correctlt in position to each other so that the image looks coreect in foreshorting? pls assist tx

low angle views r usually the worse especially for various objects


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A thread to talk about how your day went. Venting, talking about future hopes/dreams, or just chatting is all okay.
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>I've been concerned that I'm pushing my friends away.
While I haven't been in that situation mainly due to not having a stable friend group I must ask you a few questions. Have you asked your friends if they have noticed you acting different? If they answer yes could you ask them to explain themselves? Did they do anything that bothered you? Also the pandemic has totally pulled the rug out on everyone. Without getting into politics I must say that it is important to examine your goals in life seriously.


That's good. Let me know of any personal finance tips you learn, I could probably use them myself.
Have you ever thought that instead of pushing friends away, you could set some kind of boundary or "time" for them? For example, you call your friend Steve on a friday every 2 weeks to chat for a bit. You still get some interaction but you also get plenty of alone time, too.
If you decide to travel, you could always just occasionally send a text to someone updating them on how you are, ect. I think it's a nice dream to have, but it's a form of escapism in a way. Maybe there is something inside troubling you instead. Another thing is maybe you just haven't found the right friends.


I just purchased the textbook today and will be having the class tomorrow. Did you want to hear about my classes yesterday?


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Why are you locked in the bathroom?


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I got stuck in the bathtub and, I locked myself in when I entered.


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Post your Topsters. recommend other albums, guess personalities, whatever. Have fun.
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I'm not really into rap all that much, but Beatles and Pink Floyd are based


It is really difficult for me to post my definitive top albums. What do you mean recommend other albums?


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I've been told I have a pretty bad, or at least strange, taste in music. I decided to give this a whirl anyway, enjoy.
It's majorly because I have an affinity for really awful, whiny emo/goth/punk music and amatuer stuff. Makes me laff and it can be groovy. Lucky for my sorry ass, my parents were both very into (good) music so some of it rubbed off on me.

I'd guess you were a pretty chill guy, probably some kind of audiophile by the sheer enormity of how many albums you listen to. I myself struggled to find enough to fit this. I'd also assume you're kind of a hipster because a lot of this is relatively old or lesser known. Correct me if I'm wrong.
You seem to like psychadelic music quite a bit, which is supremely groovy. Do you have any good psychadelic-esq stuff to check out? I've been wanting to get more into it.

Based Pink Floyd, especially Animals. It tends to get underrated by fans/casual listeners.
As for personality, I'd guess you were kind of intense probably with good intentions. You really seem to like eminem. Really, really, really like him. Though I don't know much about rap, a good friend introduced me to him and I've heard some of his stuff.


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cmon gatorgang lets get some ice cream



Oracle says: Definetly no


gatorgangang gang


nice of him to carry his son


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Have you ever felt regret that you were born in this time period?
Did you want to be born in different era?
If you had to choose time to live in, which would it be?
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So I should have just killed myself back in 2010 like I was contemplating.


books are always comfy, easier to read physical books then digital desu.


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I do, I want to be my current age, perhaps a bit younger, in the 90s. I want to see the early internet, older animu and western cartoons of the era, the art and music scenes going on at the time, concerts, etc.
I think its a feeling thats not entirely unique to the past two generations, but one that is becoming more popular as time goes on. The past (1960s-1990s) have a energy so foreign and free to the time now. They were recorded enough to have a good grasp on what life was like but not so much that the information is suffocating like the endless stream of today seems to be. It seems simpler because we only see the important or enjoyable events, not the everyday mundaneness or casual sadness that was likely felt. We see woodstock, rock concerts, house parties, comfy simpleness that seems to be missing from today. Events where everyone was simply living one life, not two - nearly everyone in the developed world occupies themselves in two realities, the physical and the virtual. I think everyone seemed more present in the past for this reason.
Perhaps the epidemic of longing for the past and nostalgia for things one never experienced is not entitlement or taking our current time for granteed, but instead a yearning for a simpler time where everyone was more connected and the world was bigger. Something about those time periods makes me feel that almost childhood innocence of only knowing your local neighborhood and little else. The world is so globalized and digitized that you can know anything anytime. There's no air of mystery of comfort of not knowing every detail of tragedy overseas.
I think its a bit odd some make fun of those who want to be in bygone eras. There is an overwhelming sadness in the air to me, and I'm not sure if its a personal feeling but it seems pervasive across everyone I know. The flow of information is suffocating, everyone connects digitally, there is less and less humanity as we become descensitized by the constant barrage of sex, violence, and gore from everyone corner of the globe. The fact that you can find deposits of incredibly taboo subjects so easily, and that they are almost becoming normalized (ex. incest in porn) is worrying. I sound like a parent, but I think they had a point in saying technology would be harmful 2-some decades ago.
This isn't to say that degeneracy did not exist years ago, but this generaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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We hate them only as a joke right? haha

I wanted to discuss this actually.
1.Do you actually think black people are worse than white? Not just in one aspect or another (I think there are statistical differences, I mean black people do better at sports don't they, so why wouldn't there be other differences), but in *general*. Do you reckon it's a cultural issue, genetic, or both to some degree? How should society be in this regard?
2.Do you actually think jews are more inclined into tricking people? Do you believe people at the top (CEO's of big companies, banks and stuff) are mostly jewish? Is it gentic or cultural or both? How should society behave in this regard?
2 Bonus. What do you think of adolf hitler?
Actually I don't know if we can discuss this, 22 is hosted in germany where they are very strict about it. Maybe we shouldn't even have point two at all, mods feel free to edit this post and remove the second point if it's an issue
3. Lgbtqanlmnop, what are your thoughts? Would you really be upset with someone just because they're gay/transexual/whatever? Are transitions harmful?
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Honestly I refuse to partake in this argument further. Gems like
>The man in the video was willing to harm groups like the proud boys.
>Who of any power is threatening civil war?
Go to show that you just can't compute what the fuck I or the nigger says


>So telling that you wanna kill people on 4chan is ok while on instagram it's not?
Most of the time on (((instagram))) there is an actual identity attached to the post. I can yell on 4chan "kill every single nigger in the USA" while being European and even without having seen a nigger in my whole entire lifetime.
Same goes for the rest of 4chan, I hardly can imagine anyone on there being 1337 niggerkiller soldiers who are threatening an actual race/civil war, also considering that the vast majority of them are nogunz.
But in this matter we have an identifiable coon, who boasts about his past military service and threatens to use his training against people who don't wear a piece of fabric on their faces.
Anyhow, my point would be that political extremism is not advisable in any case, however, the consequences and perception vary between the platforms.
I didn't read all the posts so it turns out >>2045 already made that point but oh well.


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in reality...

Fuck niggers and kikes and also faggots.
Hitler was a hero who was taken out before he could save us all. IF he had succeeded in eliminating the Jews, the world would be a better, more peaceful place because no one would be around to push the Nigger agenda on us and they would all still be held down in society as the lower life form they are and always will be. the Niggers have no interest in becoming Civilized and bettering themselves. that is why the black on black murder is the highest.


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Post redpills nobody wants to swallow.


-Law enforcement is unnecessary, harmful & dysgenic to any Euro society

-Hitler was a mediocre "leader"

-There's no such thing as "Anarchism"

-Euros' problems stem from weakness in our makeup, not from the Jews, rather, they only take advantage of our weaknesses

-Genetics are far, far more influential than environment
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Care to explain why law enforcement is unnecessary? Theres been forms of law enforcement for quite literally a thousand years


Probably more than that, Mesopotamia had Hammurapi's laws at almost 2000 B.C., and you know sure as hell there was someone to enforce em.
Ancient Greece also had northern tribe barbarians filing in as policemen. This stuff's been going on for a very long time.


>-Euros' problems stem from weakness in our makeup, not from the Jews, rather, they only take advantage of our weaknesses

Nah, our "Weakness" is some faggots emotional response to feel bad for niggers and other shitstains of the world. because of that the kikes like to take advantage and overwhelm us with niggers and Pro nigger propaganda.


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And i mean absolutely anything, beginning from touhou and ending with mongolian throat singing techniques.
I want for you to participate actively!
Yes, i'm looking at you, anon.
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Yeah, I realized it was 2ot/twoot, not 2oot. Memory was a bit foggy but I am glad to have made an impact. Hopefully I can help continue along with everyone to make this place comfy and great. Thank you for the warm welcomes.
Surprise is the spice of life


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The purpose of this thread is to share music. I will try to post daily and encourage you to do the same, but you don't have to, if you just want to post a song or two every once in a while that's fine too
Today's song:
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A track highly influenced by the producer. You can really hear how different this song is from this band's usual sound especially the chorus.


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Post obscure music
If it has a vid on youtube it needs to be < 10.000 views
Bonus points if < 1000

Let me start:
Instrumental hip hop
prog rock?
"psycho-acoustic clarinet"
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This is not obscure but since you named metallica parodies...


Russian Death/Thrash
In case the autogenerated video does not work for you.



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Nichijou thread
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File: [Doki] Nichijou - 16 (1920….png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1611392394785.png) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I love wood cubes


File: wood cube.jpg (152.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1611393236629.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Wood cubes you say? You're welcome.

Sincerely, the CGI guy.


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Suggestions that don't deserve their own thread - thread
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You can discuss the ethics of banning homosexuals all you like, But much like the rules, They are static and will not change. (They can be refined, of cource.) And you have the choice of either dealing with it, Or leaving to find some other imageboard that suits your needs. No one needs to cater to every newfag., lurk moar op.
>The furry part is fine, but I'm pretty sure the lgbt ban violates all kinds of anti-discrimination laws. Even if you can technically get away with it, it's kind of a retarded thing to do.
You yourself admit that you understand why we ban furries, you should be able to stand in our footsteps then. If you had read the rules, you would also understand that The use of 22chan is a privilege, not a right. The 22chan moderation team reserves the right to revoke access and remove content for any reason without notice.
>There is nothing inherently pornographic or camwhorish about discussing being gay or trans or whatever. It's just a part of life.
LGBLT Is inherently sexual by default. (rule 21 breakers) anal sex, masturbation, pornography is common topics, although not all the times still happens. Then the memes, "femboi" "boi pussi" and others are both annoying, cancerous, and normalfaggy. "Traps" take pictures of themselves in womens clothing (sexual or otherwise) which is both doxxing, and not in-line with site culture. Homosexuals/Transgenders whine how they are getting discriminated, needing representation in everything, fight with and cry about "cis hetrosexual homophobes" and then cancel people if they even attempt to say anything to critqe. You know or have seen how furrys are, how they act. (Dramawhores, if you will.) Even if discussions are about their own relationships,you know, in a non sexual manner, Then what? "boo hoo x poster is a homophobe" "my boyfriends dad is a homophobe and fuck you for agreeing" and then tumblr teir discussions being rampant on all the boards (thus changing site culture to be less comfy) I'm sort of reminded of the whole "femanon" nonsense. It doesnt matter who you are, but no, they have to act narcissistic and insert the fact that their gay or whatever everywhere. Places like Forums, boards like r9k, They've taken over everything, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.