/sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan

/sewers/ - The sewers of 22chan


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use fortune to know the truth
ask oracle any questions and she shall answer you

Your Fortune: Outlook good
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just name it 22chan, no need for some gay meme name that draws in 15 year olds.

Your Fortune: Outlook good

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This board is for posts that are even more random as posts on /b/.

If your post has no meaning/ makes no sense at all, then /sewers/ is the right board for you.

Normal random posts belong on /b/.

Rule breaks may cause ban/deletion.

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Post motivational quotes
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>If you don't nut, your balls will empty themselves anyway
-Anon of /sewers/, 2020


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Another one


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"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not."
-Andre Gide


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Roman 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world: but be your transformed by the rewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

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I’ve been permabanned since October for CP, WHICH I DIDN’T FUCKING POST AT ALL, but the mods refuse to read my appeals.
My ISP are assholes who make it absolutely impossible to change your IP no matter how hard you try, so there’s nothing I can do until I move out.


Yeah, jannies are trannies, not a surprise, really

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post bread goddamnit


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Your Fortune: Reply hazy, try again



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Nigga bread




bread bread bread bread

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Gator Gang Discussion time,
whats going on with you gators?

Your Fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
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I guess that's what happens when you leave the sewers. f


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Ottergang :)


Spidergang reporting in
How are you gators doing?

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the perfect houseanimal
you can use its tail for collecting dust and its snout to suck crumbs


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ret, wassin


So this is a thread about animals?



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All ravens are pretty cool, but i do like the african white neck

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Is there any objectivity in art?
I used to think that there was "good" and "bad" music, because some things like innovation, quality and originality seemed like really solid on their own and not based on biased views of someone, rather they are intrinsic and true. But recently I've encountered an interesting point of view I'd like to share:
The things I mentioned above about music (and other art) could be considered "objectively something" only as from the point of view of a specific group, but there is no real *absolute* objectivity. For example, a painting could be "objectively good" for 22chan and at the same time "objectively bad" for 4chan.
Doesn't make much sense? Here's a better example: maybe 200 years ago people valued virtuosity on instruments very highly, while today most people value emotion behind the music as much if not more than being skilled at the instrument. Of course skills are still respected, but the perspective changed a lot. Keep in mind that at the time the importance of virtuosity probably seemed immutable and objective. So maybe there really are no actual real and absolute parameters. There is no "truth", no song is "good" or "bad". It's good or bad for a certain community.
Btw this applies to all arts (not sciences), music is just an example.
This really collided with the point of view I had before, but with time I'm starting to think this does make some sense.
What are your opinions on the subject anon? Sit by the fire and have some grilled rat, we gotta warm up our blood sometimes. These /sewers/ really are the best place to have a comfy conversation

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In exchange, I might just tell you where the hideout of your enemy is


The hideout of my enemy? I can find that out for myself. Once they start panicking, I'll know I'm close. The real question I would like answered is why the stars keep coming back night after night even though the sun always comes back to eat them in the morning.


>why the stars keep coming back night after night even though the sun always comes back to eat them in the morning.
The universe is stuck on a selective time loop. The truth is the sun isn't supposed to ever come back up, because it's the projectile of a magical catapult built to destroy the universe. However in self defense the universe is always able, just a moment before the collision, to go back 24 hours. Ever wonder why a day is exactly 24 hours? not 23, not 25? That's because 24 is the magical number of the universe spell.
Sadly 24 hours before collision is the moment the catapult was activated to shoot, when it started gaining energy to build the projectile (sun). It takes some time, and we call that time night. Then the catapult fires again, and we have the day. Ages ago there was only night, as the universe-destroying force didn't have the catapult yet. No sun existed.
When the sun reaches the sky it eats the stars to gain more power, that's correct. But when time rolls back the stars appear again.
>The hideout of my enemy? I can find that out for myself. Once they start panicking, I'll know I'm close.
I'll give you only a hint then. /otter/ - Otter Zone

Your Fortune: Godly Luck

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Here he returns,The Leader of the sewers,
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indisputably whom'st?



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Chapter 135
Page 3
>Literally who?

Your Fortune: Outlook good


Literally "who"


Has he risen like jesus

Your Fortune: Good Luck

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Dubs are great in general, but I think that we should celebrate even higher specifically the "22" dubs
C'mon, this place is _22_chan after all
lets give them a name, something like "magic dubs", "two two", "mystical mirror numbers of ancient power" or something you come up with, I dunno
And lets hold them of higher regard than usual dubs. They're rare like trips, but trips don't give the warm feeling of comfyness that the 22 has, the feeling of home

Your Fortune: Better not tell you now
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dumb frogposter,
check em


yu got 'em twoots, twoonies
gz man


Anon got the twoots from the normalfag frogposter menace using dark sorcery
A wise wisard indeed

Your Fortune: Better not tell you now



I really like term twoonies
Probably because it sounds like toonies, which is what us leafs call our two dollar coin

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ITT: post Os
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Screw you its zero time




N0 y0u

Your Fortune: Better not tell you now



Your Fortune: Reply hazy, try again



Your Fortune: Outlook good

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He is risen.
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See even otterfaggots eat trumpetcarp


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Carp is the one true god. Trumpetman is a pagan redditfag. They are separate entities.


Nope they are definetly not


both of them were made by underaged niggerfaggots and at least one of them was a plebbit kike


Marf/trumpetman was the redditfag.

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How do you call it when the poop goes out of the anus ?
A shitty escape

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I can just imagine it, a 395 pound, 34-year-old man with more hair in his neckbeard than on top of his head sitting in his decaying decade-old computer chair, with countless bottles of piss littered at his feet. He browses his favorite knockoff of an old faux-japanese forum that used to be kind of good. He thinks to himself, through a mind addled by months of constant end-to-end masturbation sessions, that this forum is much too slow. It does not contain nearly enough material to distract him from his pitiful living conditions. Eventually, the behemoth comes to the conclusion that, in order to solve this problem, he must take the responsibility of posting into his own hands. But wait! He is not smart enough, nor creative enough, to create an engaging thread on a board of discussion such as /b/ or /yu/ or /pol/ or even /vg/. And so he descends into the /sewers/, where his mind is free to work to it's greatest capacity, free from such manufactured social restraints as "quality" and "value." His neurons click and whir at relativistic speeds, conducting a symphony of multifaceted wit and tact. After what seems like ages, the beast is finally ready to put his flawless keikaku into action. His phenomenally efficient mind has managed to craft a work of art, a masterpiece, his magnum opus, out of a mere 5 letters. It could be seen as the end result of over a decade of anonymity. Every anon, across time and space, waits with baited breath as the creature hits the "post" button. His work is done. He drops to the earth, dead, and is quickly consumed by the gators. His sacrifice will nourish them for days to come.



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